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					                                         LINDSEY A. JOHNSON
                                               2937 Old Route 422
                                               Fenelton, PA 16034
                                       (724) 283-8198, (724) 355-0785 (C)

       Indiana University of PA, Indiana, PA             Master of Arts Degree:
       Graduation Date: May 2007                         Industrial & Labor Relations
       Cumulative Grade Point average: 4.0               Concentration: Human Resource Management
       Mercyhurst College, Erie, PA                      Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
       Graduation Date: May 21, 2006                     Cumulative Grade Point Average: 3.6
       Dispute Settlement                                HR Management in the Public Sector
       Collective Bargaining                             Labor Relations Practice & Administration
       Fundamentals of American ILR                      Development & Theories of the Labor Movement
       Contract Administration                           Discrimination in Employment
       Compensation Administration                       Employee Rights
       Research Methods                                  Negotiations
       Personality                  Macroeconomics             Social Psychology
       Research Methods I, II       Behavior Modification      Principles of Management
       Statistics for Psychology    Advanced Social Psychology Human Resource Management

       Dlubak Corporation, Blairsville, PA
       HR Intern                                                                      (November 2006-Current)
       * Attended and participated in weekly staff meetings.
       * Successfully staffed a reliable workforce.
       * Ordered background checks for new hires.
       * Reviewed confidential files of production employees.
       * Analyzed working conditions for salaried and production employees.
       * Developed a solid understanding of performing in a team environment.
       * Demonstrated the knowledge of company policies, procedures, and guidelines.
       * Assisted in the maintenance of employees’ health, eye, and dental insurance.
       * Effectively maintained quality for union employees.
       * Ability to interpret contract language in a union setting.
       * Educated in current labor laws (Workers Compensation, FMLA, Unemployment, etc.)
       * Successfully maintained an excellent relationship with union members.
       * Promptly documented employee attendance infractions.
       * Authorized and tracked employee vacation and personal days.

    GRADUATE ASSISTANT, Indiana, PA                                                   (Fall 2006- Current)
    * Proctored and graded exams for undergraduate students.
    * Researched outcomes assessment plans of academic programs in a postgraduate setting.
    * Effectively updated contact information for department alumni.
    *Assisted in research for professor’s dissertation on Business Process Reengineering.
                                                Lindsey A. Johnson
                                                      Page 2

      Mercyhurst College Residence Life Department
      Resident Assistant                                                                     (2004-2006)
      * Supervised college students in a residential setting.
      * Coordinated monthly community, social, and cultural activities.
      * Appointed to position upon completion of a rigorous selection process.
      * Received training in conflict resolution, crisis intervention, and active listening.
      * Served on the OTM Committee, which recognizes students, faculty and staff for their hard work.

      Butler Memorial Hospital Summer Treatment Program, Butler, PA
      Lead Counselor                                                                    (Summer 2006)
      * Delegated responsibilities to counselors.
      * Supervised 15 children on a weekly basis.
      * Trained new counselors during a one-week training session.
      Butler Memorial Hospital Summer Treatment Program, Butler, PA
      Counselor                                                                          (Summer, 2004/2005)
      * Attended and participated in weekly team meetings.
      * Developed specific daily and weekly goals with children.
      * Provided social skills training to promote positive outcomes.
      * Discussed children’s daily progress and behavior with parents.
      * Coordinated recreational and educational activities for campers.
      * Participated in a comprehensive Training and Procedure Seminar.
      * Supervised children ages 6-15 yrs. in an intensive summer program.
      * Documented children’s daily interactions, actions and behavioral tendencies.
      * Counseled children with emotional and behavioral disorders in a structured treatment program.
      * Ability to quickly learn and contribute.               * Excellent oral and written communication skills.
      * Excellent organizational and planning abilities.       * Leadership capabilities proven with assigned tasks.
      * Analyzed statistical results using Excel and SPSS.
      * Positive attitude and work ethic.                      * Conscientious, committed, and self-motivated.
      * Assertive, flexible, and adaptable.                    * Strong personal character and individual integrity.
      Mercyhurst College Dean’s List Scholar 2005-2006
      Psi Chi, National Psychology Honor Society 2005-2006       Mercyhurst Community Club, 2004-2006
      Mercyhurst College Presidential Scholarship, 2002-2006     Mercyhurst College Psychology Club, 2003-2006
      Mercyhurst Child Learning Center, Fall 2005               Mercyhurst College Circle K, 2003-2004
      Mercyhurst Christmas on Campus, 2005                      Boys & Girls Club of Erie, Fall 2002
      Emmaus Soup Kitchen, Winter 2003/2005                     Butler County Soccer, Volunteer Coach, 2001-2002
     Mercyhurst College Maintenance Dept., Erie, PA              Bath & Body Works, Butler and Erie, PA
     Student Assistant (2002-2006)                               Sales Associate (Summer/Fall, 2004)
      Available upon request.

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