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									   Down-To-Earth Methods In Workers Compensation Reno - The Latest Insights

 Workers' compensation insurance safeguards the employees, injured in the course of
employment. In many states of US, it is a mandatory policy and is required by every company with
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2) How much time did your injury cost you? Were you able to go back to work that same day or
the next, or were you required bed rest or a hospital stay to recuperate? If compensation for lost
wages is a factor, that may determine your final settlement.

If the injury affects the worker to the point that it does not allow the employee to return to work, the
employer's chosen workers' compensation physician will advise of the time frame that the
employee will be unable to work and when, if a time frame is known, the employee could return
safely to work. With some jobs, the risk and the possibility of an injury is much higher than normal.
These hazardous jobs include people who are policemen, oil rig team members, anyone who
deals with explosives or miners.

For instance, if a worker's job involves working with sharp objects like broken glass, rusty metals,
etc., his potential risks would be cuts and punctures on the skin. These risks could be avoided by
providing hand gloves, and by offering an effective training on how to handle such things safely.

Does this mean you could be fired while on Workers Compensation? It is not uncommon for an
employee to worry about being terminated because of on the job injuries. Legally an employer
cannot fire a worker for sustaining injuries or filing a claim. Doing so can open the door to a lawsuit
for wrongful termination. If you suspect your employers' attitude toward you has cooled following
your injury and you suspect they are looking for a way to edge you out of the company, you should
keep all paperwork related to your injury and claim and consult with your attorney about steps to
take if it comes to that.

1) What is the severity of your injury received at work? A cut on the hand vastly differs from an
injury that effects your mobility, and consequently your ability to walk. It is important to make sure
you have all your medical paperwork in order when you make your claim.

Employees working in industries, manufacturing plants, construction sites, etc., are often prone to
on-job injuries and accidents. Working with heavy equipment using hazardous material raises
employee safety concerns. Hence, every employer needs to follow a series of steps to improve
workplace safety. These steps include - risk identification, risk assessment and risk control.
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A comprehensive workers' compensation program always helps your organization do much more
than simply saving the claim costs. It makes your workplace safer, secures employees and finally
saves your organization from fraudulent claims.

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