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					AVID Microchips
Simple Steps to protect your pet(s)

Step 1 Ask the Doctors and Staff to insert an AVID Microchip in your pet

Step 2 Enroll your pet’s ID information with the AVID Animal Recovery Program using the pre-paid registration
form that comes with the microchip.

Step 3 Rest assured that if your pet is lost, scanning can help send your pet home again.

Step 4 Once a pet is scanned and determined to have an AVID microchip, AVID will be contacted to determine your
name and phone number

Step 5 You are contacted immediately and plans are made for you to be reunited with your pet!

Beale AFB Veterinary Treatment Facility believes in and practices preventative medicine for your pet. One aspect
of this is ensuring that if your pet runs away, gets lost, or is taken that he or she will be easily identified and

A company called AVID is using microchip technology to get your pet home to you where they belong. It involves a
small, bio-compatible microchip that is inserted under your pet’s skin. Now, virtually all veterinary hospitals,
animal shelters and humane societies have pet identity chip scanners. Once your pet has been identified you’ll be
back together in no time! Also if you may PCS overseas having a microchip is a requirement for England, Japan,
Hawaii, Germany and many other countries.

Advantages to this type of identification are many:
• The microchip that is implanted has an alphanumerical number that is unique to your pet. Just like your pet’s
having a nine-digit license plate number.
• Accident or injury will not interfere with reading the number.
• Once implanted the number is impossible to alter.
• No harmful power source (it uses radio waves).
• Shelters that scan for the microchips will be able to contact you immediately through the AVID database.
• If your pet becomes injured while lost and it is taken to a veterinary facility by a Good Samaritan, he or she is
more likely to receive prompt and comprehensive medical care while waiting to be reunited with you!

The Beale Veterinary Clinic implants the AVID ISO chip which is the international chip this is the standard for
international travel.

The price for implantation of the chip is $30, which is a significant cost savings for active duty military, and retired
military. Remember you must be enrolled in deers to receive services at the Beale VTF.

Ask us about AVID ISO Microchips – you will be so relieved!!!!

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