Lakewood, CO Chiropractor, Dr. Kevin Luck, Provides Natural Solutions For Back Pain

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					Lakewood, CO Chiropractor, Dr. Kevin Luck, Provides Natural Solutions For
Back Pain

Lakewood, CO, 17-JUL-2012 - Dr. Kevin Luck, Lakewood CO chiropractor, has
been recognized for his success in providing safe and natural solutions
to individuals suffering from back pain. The doctor uses a combination of
chiropractic care and other therapies to address the pain and improve the
mobility and function of the individual. Through a comprehensive program
of care, education and support, Dr. Luck helps patients achieve greater
health and wellness.

When interviewed recently Dr. Luck stated, "There can be many
contributing factors when a person suffers from back pain and it is
important that all of these be addressed in order to achieve long-term
relief. I work very closely with my patients to make sure that the
immediate pain is addressed and they are given the solutions needed to
increase the body's ability to heal and become more active participants
in achieving and maintaining the greatest quality of life."

An individual who visits Dr. Luck will receive an examination that
includes x-rays to identify any herniated discs, compressions, damage, or
injuries that may be pinching nerves. The doctor will discuss the
person's lifestyle, normal activities, diet and exercise regimen as well
as triggers for the pain. He also conducts tests to determine the
mobility and flexibility of the spine and talks about your past medical
history and any injuries that you may have experienced that may have
impacted your spine.

After reviewing all of the information collected the doctor creates an
individualized program to address the immediate pain and provide the
long-term solutions that will help the body to heal and regenerate more
quickly. Dr. Luck will use gentle, low-force manipulation to realign the
discs and relieve pressure on pinched nerves that may be causing the
pain. In addition, he will use other therapies such as massage and
hot/cold therapy to relieve inflammation and stimulate oxygen and
circulation to the tissues and cells surrounding the damaged area.

The doctor may recommend changes in diet to increase the vitamins and
nutrients that will increase the body's ability to heal, improve stamina
and increase the metabolism. He will also recommend exercises that are
designed to strengthen the muscle groups supporting the spine and neck.
In addition, Dr. Luck will provide education and training on steps that
the patient can take to proactively address triggers for the pain.

To get more information on the methods and techniques used by Dr. Kevin
Luck, Lakewood CO chiropractor, to address back pain safely and naturally
visit today. Individuals and members of
the press wishing to get more details about this press release will find
contact information below.

Dr. Kevin Luck

A Better Back Clinic
3600 South Wadsworth Boulevard

Lakewood, CO 80235

Telephone: 303.985.0646

Fax: 303.985.3834



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