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									Group 1 Popcorn Kickoff

                 Activity Plan

•   Two Campouts          •   Holiday Party
•   Klub Kars             •   Ballgame
•   Pinewood Derby        •   Museum Overnight
•   Blue & Gold Banquet   •   Summer Camp
             Our Only Fundraiser

Trail’s End Popcorn
  • Our goal is to raise all the money we need to fund
    our ENTIRE Scouting Program.

  • No out-of-pocket expenses for parents!

  • Your Youth can enjoy the entire program for FREE
    as long as you achieve your goal.
     Our Goals
Group Sales Goal = $XX
Youth Sales Goal = $XX
                 Achieve Your Goal!
By reaching his sales goal, your Youth Member will pay for:
   •   All monthly activities
   •   Summer camp
   •   Registration fees
   •   Insurance
   •   Uniform
   •   Advancements
   •   Group expenses (leader training and equipment)
        Why Sell Trail’s End?

• Pay for your entire Scouting Program

• Learn important life lessons

• Earn awesome rewards!
                Key Dates
Show-n-Sell Orders Due:         September 9, 2011
Popcorn Pick-Up:                September 17, 2011
Moyer and Son’s Warehouse
Take Order/Rewards Order Due:   November 17, 2011
Popcorn Pick-Up:                December 3, 2011
Moyer and Son’s Warehouse
Robinson Terminal
Final Payment Due:              December 20, 2011
                  Better Than Ever
• Better flavor. Better for you.
   – 0g trans fat in all products
   – Microwave and cheese popcorn are made with canola oil
   – All chocolate products contain NO hydrogenated oils

• Better Packaging
   – Increased awareness of Scouting on every package
   – Resealable to keep products fresh

• Better Scout Rewards
   – Scouts earn gift cards so they can choose what they want, when
     they want it.
   – Endless options!
               Sweet & Savory Collection
Comes in decorative gift box.
                Cheese Lover’s Collection
Comes in decorative gift box.
           18-pk Microwave Popcorn
  All microwave products are made with canola oil,
     which has 0g trans fat and low saturated fat.
    Canola oil is sourced from North America and
        doesn’t contribute to deforestation.
Butter Light              Unbelievable Butter
           Individual Chocolate Items
            The two most popular chocolate
          products will be offered individually.
White Chocolatey Pretzels        Chocolatey Triple Delight
           Caramel Corn Items
Caramel Corn with     Butter Toffee
Almonds, Cashews      Caramel Corn
    & Pecans
       Popcorn For Our Troops
Popcorn For Our Troops allows people to purchase
  popcorn for the men and women serving our
 country and support Scouting at the same time.

   $30                               $50
 Military                          Military
 Donation                          Donation
Scouts earn gift cards, so they can get what they
           want, when they want it!
       Top 3 Sellers
Earn an electric Razor Scooter!
Earn a Zyclone and a $600 Club patch!
                Bonus Rewards
                   Funded by Trail’s End

• $1,500 Sellers
  – Earn a $75 Walmart gift card

• College Scholarship
  – For $2,500 Sellers
  – 6% of total sales each year is invested into a Youth’s
    own scholarship account.
  – A Youth needs to sell $2,500 just once to qualify
          Sell $600
Throw a PIE in your leader’s face!
 Group 1 Popcorn Kickoff

Thank You!

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