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									ALWAYS FREE	                                                      	                           ISSUE NO.1


           From the desk of
          the Vice - Principal
I am pleased to have this opportunity to introduce myself and
share some personal information about my background.  I
presently live in Burlington after having a number of "home"
towns such as: London, Prescott, Pickering, Belleville, and
Summerside, PEI.  My friends call me Janice with a name sign,
“I” from non-dominant shoulder across to dominant shoulder. 
I was born in Exeter, Ontario (north of London). I attended
O.S.D. (now named Sir James  Whitney School) in Belleville.
After graduation, I attended Gallaudet University and
received a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education.  Then I
went to the University of British Columbia for a diploma in Deaf
Education. Receiving a Masters of Education from the University of
the Western Ontario in London was a highlight of my education, so
far; and it was the incentive to attain my Principal Qualifications. I
have had a variety of experiences teaching in both elementary and
secondary programs at Robarts School for 15 years. My most recent
position of responsibility was as Educational Coordinator in Robarts
School and then the ECD elementary program.

My education philosophy:  Believing that all students can learn, with the support
and encouragement from ECD staff, I will provide opportunities to ensure that all students
experience a happy, caring and stimulating environment where they will recognize and
achieve their full potential. Learning is celebrated in all forms - through challenge,
engagement and accomplishment - so that each individual will gain knowledge of their rights
and responsibilities as a contributing bilingual citizen in our society. 

My newest challenge is as vice-principal.   I am pleased and
proud of the many accomplishments of our students and staff.
You, as parents/guardians, should be infinitely proud that
your child is part of this wonderful school. Thank you for
your high expectations and endless encouragement.  Please
support your child to develop, practice and improve their
work habits.  This will help now and in the academic and
work worlds when your child has graduated from ECD. I
look forward to meeting you possibly during Parents/
Teacher Interviews.

In closing I would like you to keep in your mind that your
child will thrive and succeed with your love, commitment
and caring as we work together to provide our on-going
support and bilingual approach.

            From the desk of the Principal
  by Antony A.L. McLetchie          1) Criteria for
              •••                      Achievement         REMINDER:
                                       expectations and
Dear ECD students/                     Learning Skills are
families….                             outlined.           The E.C.D. school council is
                                                           hosting the Annual Family
                                    2) If your child’s
                                                           Holiday Dinner this year on
Hard to believe December is            teachers have
                                                           Thursday December 16,
here now. In the last three            requested an
                                                           2010. Order form for ticket
months many things have                interview with
                                                           is enclosed with this
been happening here at                 you, they have
school. (Food drive,                   “checked” the
assisting the Toronto Food             interview box
bank, soccer tournament in             located in the      Remind you all December
Rome, NY, Class of 2010                course comment      17th is the last day of school
Graduation, spirit week,               section of the      before the holiday.
field trips, and studying!)             report card.

                                                             On behalf of staff of Ernest
You should have received     We hope that you and your       C. Drury School of the Deaf-
your child’s report card by  child will discuss his/her      Secondary School, I would
now. Remember this           report card achievement         like to wish your family a
reporting period only cover and reflections. Please sign      restful holiday break and a
the first half of semester    the “Parent’s/Guardian’s        healthy New Year!
one. If you are concerned    Response” section and have
about your child’s mark,     your son/daughter return
                                                             Antony A.L. McLetchie
please make time to meet or this part of the report card
discuss with your child’s    to the office by December 6,
teacher. There are many      2010.
ways your child can
improve their marks before
                             Hopefully, the achievement
semester ends on Jan. You
                             information and teacher
may notice there are some
                             comments/next steps,
minor changes in the report
                             provided on the mid-term
card format. The Ministry of
                             report, will assist your son/
Education has made few
                             daughter in attaining
changes to the Provincial
                             successful, semester
Report Cards.
       ECD                               hand how important it is to donate
                                         good quality food to people who
                                                                                 expressed how impressed they
                                                                                 were with the attitude,

    Secondary                            may only get one box of food for an
                                         entire month.     In addition, we
                                                                                 cooperation and work ethic of our
                                                                                 students, who actually had to be
                                         learned to sort the products            coaxed into taking breaks!
   Experiences                           according to the established
                                         classification system used by Daily      The entire experience was exactly
    The Gift Of                          Bread.      This highly effective       what our school needed to get a
                                         system gets food out to families        better understanding of why our
   Volunteering                          and individuals in a speedy
                                                                                 food drive at ECD and those in the
                                                                                 GTA communities are so very
       by Trish Doyle                                                            important.     Now the students
                 •••                     After working at our respective         know exactly what happens to the
For the students and staff at E.C.       stations for a couple of hours,         food they donate, and how to give
Drury Secondary, a trip to Daily         everyone got to enjoy a break and       dignity and respect by donating
Bread Food Bank was a chance to          relax; then it was back to work         quality food.
o f fe r o u r t i m e a n d s h o w a   until lunch time.     Daily Bread
compassionate and collective             provided a wonderfully healthy          ECD would like to thank the staff
spirit.      During the month of         meal, with no shortage of food for      at Daily Bread Food Bank for this
October, the entire school body got      even the hungriest of volunteers.       unique opportunity. As well, we
to dig in and get busy. We helped                                                thank each and every student and
sort the tons of food which Daily        Next it was on to a tour of the         staff member who came along to
Bread deals with on a regular            large warehouse facility. Students      give the gift of volunteering.
basis in servicing needy families        and staff were surprised to learn       Thanks to Tony McLetchie, our
and individuals in Toronto.              that frozen and fresh food items        Principal, for his support, and
                                         were donated to Daily Bread in          finally we thank everyone who
ECD had three separate trips to          addition to dry goods. Items such       donated food items to Daily Bread.
Daily Bread Food Bank. Each trip         as milk, bread and frozen
transported a third of the school        vegetables are either purchased T h e e x p e r i e n c e fo r a l l w h o
to the Toronto food bank for a full      through cash donations, or given participated was heart-warming
day of hands-on volunteering.            by restaurants and businesses.               and inspiring. It is our hope that
Upon our arrival, students and                                                        this wonderful opportunity will
staff were given various jobs at         After the tour we returned to our encourage more support for our
separate sorting stations.      We       stations and worked for an upcoming annual food drive at
were shown how to carefully              additional hour or so before ECD.
check food items for expiration          boarding the bus back to school.
dates and damage. We saw first            S u p e r v i s o r s a t D a i ly B r e a d Trish Doyle

  Donations made by staff & students to the
             2010 Food Drive
                       STAFF        BROWN             BLUE           ORANGE           BURGUNDY           PURPLE
Nov. 1 - 5
Nov. 8 – 12             55               24             12               12                16               33

                        111              24             12              31                16                33
Nov. 15 – 19
                        166              99             33              5                 38                47
Last year by
this time we
Nov. 22 – 26
                                                                                      There is still time
Nov. 29 – Dec 1                                                                          to donate!
Spartan Parliament                                                   Healthy Nook
  Message Board                         
       We will be opening a Healthy Nook in our school beginning on
                                        January 4, 2011. We will provide HEALTHY food only to the students
	       Hello Everyone! My name is      and we will encourage them to eat healthy food from our school’s
Isabel Lainez and I am one of the       cafeteria. Junk food will be no longer be provided at our school
Student Parliament Presidents. I        because of the new governmental rules. We are very aware of nut
wanted to do this job this year         allergies here and there will be NO nuts in our Healthy Nook. We
because I wanted to encourage to        hope that our parents will be pleased about our students eating
the students and staff to value         healthy food instead of junk food. It is very important for our
education. I want to improve our        students to learn about healthy food to make better choices. We need
cooperation with each other here at     your help for suggestions of food that is HEALTHY for our Healthy
E. C. Drury. I also hope to improve     Nook. Please let me or Rimsan Jawfer know of any ideas that you
our school activities and give you      have. We’re looking forward to doing this in January.
more educational activities outside     By: Chris Grundy
of class this year. It should be a
great year!                                     Should the                        most “private” schools, or
                                                                                  schools that have dorms for
 	Hello! My name is          Joey       Government command                        students to sleep in. Those
Wilkins and I am one of the Student        all schools to only                    schools will be providing healthy
                                                                                  food, but the schools that have
Parliament Presidents. I wanted          provide healthy food,                    d ay - t o - d ay s t u d e n t s w o n ’ t
this job this year because there's           not junk food?                       provide as much food, because
not a lot of fun activities here at                                               those students will bring over
E.C.D. I think that we can make this                                              their own food. Those students
a great year by cooperating with                In my opinion, I disagree         could bring as much junk food as
                                        because if the government                 they want and then obesity will
each other and doing our best with      orders healthy food only and not          get worse, and then the
everything. I also wanted to help       include junk food then all the            government could decide to boot
educate students about bullying and     students in the school will not           junk food out of local stores. This
to change things here at this school.   eat the healthy food because              is simply not fair for other
I am ready to do my best this year.     they will want junk food for              students.
                                        awhile. That make both healthy            By: Kari McMinn
Upcoming Events –                       and junk food equal. I have a few
                                        reasons for wanting both junk                            •••
Mark your calendars!!                   and healthy food. If we eat the           My opinion is the government
More information will be given on       healthy food all the time without         command the schools to provide
                                        junk food, we will feel that we           healthy food, not junk foods
the announcements.                                                                because the government is
                                        are tasting nothing special with
December 6-10 - Winter Activities       the healthy food. Most students           worried about the children who
                                        want to eat the junk food                 are obese with low activity
and Spirit Week                                                                   levels. I disag ree with the
                                        because it tastes cool to them. If
December 15 – Dessert Auction           the students sit on chairs                government wanting us to have
                                        without exercising then it will           healthy food in all of the schools.
January 6 – New Year’s Game Night       continue to make them to fat.             I think the students will go to
                                        They want to have both healthy            restaurants for fast food during
February 10 – Valentine's Dance         food and junk food. I want to be          lunch time. They look at other
                                        fair by having both healthy and           people who are allowed to choose
                                        junk food so students can learn           if they have junk food or healthy
Pizza Days:                             h ow t o b a l a n c e t h e i r fo o d   food and that is not fair because
                                        choices.                                  they don't get to choose. I think
December 9, 2010                        By: Alyssa Brown                          the Char ter of Rights and
                                                        •••                       Freedom allows equal rights to
January 12, 2011                                                                  choose our food in Canada. I
                                        In my opinion, I COMPLETELY
                                        disagree. I have several reasons          think the government wanted to
February 16, 2011                                                                 see us be more active and eat
                                        for this statement. First reason
Survey Question: Let us know your       is, Junk food isn’t completely to         more healthy meals in Canada.
                                        blame for the teen’s increasing           They want to encourage us to
opinion on our bulletin board near                                                have higher fitness levels and be
the lobby.                              obesity. Our lack of movement,
                                        sports, things like that is. Since        more active in the future. I want
                                        we don’t have any sports or daily         to allow people to control their
   1.	Do you want to see a student                                                meals because they have to take
       produced newsletter?             physical activities that we must
                                        do, we feel less needs to actually        care their body after they finish
                                        move around and just sit in front         school.
   2.	 Would you like this                                                        By: Lenesha Hall
       newsletter to be printed or      of a computer all day pretty
       online?                          much. Second, it is not fair for
Halloween Spirit Week Terry Fox Run for
  by Jeri Cripps
                 1 Place – BROWN TEAM Cancer Research
During the week of October                                  From
25th, students participated                                 Newfoundland to
in a door decorating                                        Thunder Bay,
contest and a pumpkin                                       Terry Fox ran
carving contest!                                            5,373 km,
                                                            approximately 7
Door Decorating Contest                                     million steps!
Points were rewarded to                                     During the week
the door that was the most                                  of September
creative and the door that                                  27th, we tried to
was the scariest.                                           reach that target
The Purple team won for                                     by adding up the steps of our staff and
the door that was most                                      students. We didn’t come close to our target
creative!                                                   but it helped us realize how far he actually

                                                            On September 30th at 9:45 a.m. our entire
                              2nd Place – ORANGE TEAM       school went for a run/walk to support the
                                                            Terry Fox Cancer Research Foundation. This
                                                            year we had quite an impressive outcome!
                                                                                                 With a
                                                                                                 goal of
The Brown team won for                                                                           raising
the door that was the                                                                            $1000,
scariest!                                                                                        we
                              3rd Place – BLUE TEAM                                              raising

                                                            From hat days to “coin week” and pledges, our
                                                            school showed great pride and spirit in
                              Everyone did such a great     raising funds towards a great cause. Let’s see
                              job and it was great to see   if we can double it next year.
                              such enthusiasm!              - Jeri Cripps

Pumpkin Carving Contest
Judging for the pumpkin
carving contest was based
on Teamwork and
                     Rome Soccer Tournament
       by David Sykes
The road to Rome is paved with
high expectations. It’s a five
hour drive back home to E.C.
Drury and without success, it’s
a miserable one! This year it
was miserable leaving Milton;
the weather was nice in Milton
but      overcast         skies
foreshadowed rain ahead (as
did the weather report), and
the athletic director at Rome
was predicting a MUD BOWL!
On Friday night the round
robin game saw ROME lose to
FAITH, meaning the only way                            In this game our Spartans made NO MISTAKES,
we would meet our old rivals would be to lose our      start to finish. ECD hammered their opponents,
first game.                                             producing several scoring attempts in the first and
                                                       second quarter, but no finish. At the half it was 0-0
It was a wet rainy afternoon when our E.C.D.           and our Spartans were frustrated by the FAITH
Spartans took the field. A mud bowl was in the          defence which was fearless, blocking shot after shot
works! Our first opponents were MESSIAH from            from big kicks off the foot of Brett, Henry, Jake,
Waterdown, N.Y., largely a hearing team. On the        Justina, and Stephanie. Our defence was also doing
opening play we had the ball and backed it towards     a fantastic job with Rimsan leading the core and
our own goal, the defence kicked the ball directly     shutting down clearing and attacking attempts by
into an oncoming attacker who conver ted               the FAITH mid fielders. Ultimately we only gave up
MESSIAH’s first goal within 10 seconds of the           about 4 scoring opportunities.
opening kick off.                                       
                                                       In the second half, Domenic Versace solved the
After that disaster of a start, MESSIAH continued to   FAITH defence two times! With a 2- 0 lead, Jake
press with the score moving as follows:                Morden iced the game with a third marker later in
1-0 (MESSIAH-ECD)                                      the 4th quarter.
1-2 (MESIAH-ECD)                                       E.C.D wins again! 3-0
2-3(MESIAH-ECD)                                        A very big thank you to our supporting staff, Kathie
2-4(MESIAH-ECD)                                        Russell, Genny Bresett, and Alan d’Eon. Their
3-4(MESIAH-ECD)                                        support, encouragement and timely assistance was
3-4(MESIAH-ECD)                                        greatly appreciated.
                                                         A very big thank you to James Baldwin for
With only five minutes left, HENRY AGGREY is            coaching them so well. Many thanks to residence
tripped in the penalty zone! On the penalty kick,      counsellors, parents and families who gave their
Henry is confident and elects to take the kick          time and support to ensure that we could get
himself, and his shot is money, calm and directly      together and enjoy soccer.
into the corner.
                                                        Asking the head referee after the game what he
4-6 ECD WINS!!                                         thought was the difference he replied, “Skills
                                                       prevailed”. Way to go team! You deserved the
SATURDAY sees the championship game match up           victory!
as ECD vs. FAITH
Waste Audit – What's in our school's Garbage?
 by Mike Watson, Jamal Green, Depinder Gill
             and Lauren Tosti

 	      On November 4th, our science class went
to the Junior school to weigh all of our
garbage and recycling with John
Watson and Kathy Lewis. Tomas
Garbor came to help us from
Lucia's class too. We had to empty
our garbage bags onto a tarp. We
looked for things that are not
supposed to be put in the garbage
and then we put them in the right
places. When we finished sorting
everything, we weighed all of the
different bins to see how good we are
doing with our recycling. We saw that
we have been doing well with our
recycling by not putting it in the
garbage, but there were a lot of brown
paper towels and paper coffee cups in the
garbage that should go in the GreenCart.
We also found a lot of clear clamshell
containers in our blue boxes that should go
in the garbage. We learned that we are
recycling 78% of all of our garbage! Great
job Everyone!!

	       We had some time left so we did
the garbage from the business office. We
saw a lot of things like food and paper
towels in the garbage. They should be
using green carts in their offices. We
were surprised by the amount of paper
we found in their garbage! There were
some confidential information that was
put in the garbage. Anyone can steal
the information so it needs to be
shredded. We weighed their garbage
and recycling. We learned that they
are only recycling 40% of their
garbage! John Watson, the man from
Halton Waste Management who
helped us with the weigh-in that
this amount of recycling is the
same as the residential program
before it started the Green Cart Program.

	Our next project will be finding out where
most of our germs can be found. We want to know
where you think they can be found. Tell us what
you think on the bulletin board across from room
220 (Genny's Science Lab).
    World of Coop
             by James Baldwin
  Our afternoon Cooperative Education
class has many interesting placements.
Isabel and Aaron have been getting a lot
of experience over at the elementary
school assisting Scott Garant’s grade 8
classes with Art and Drama exercises.
Pratheepan has been busy assisting
Kenny at the cafeteria while
N i c h o l a s h e l p s o u t Ke v i n a t
Spokes’n’Slopes. Featured in our
photos are Sally who has been
helping out at Rogers and Laura who
has been assisting sign production
over at Clarion Sign and Display. -J

                Information Alert
              from the SHS Team
          E.J. Thiel/Allison Nowickyj

   Peanut &
   Nut Alert
Just a reminder to
everyone, that there are
                                   NO NUTS
students in our school who have life
threatening allergies to peanuts and nuts.
Please do not send any food items with your
children that contain peanuts or nuts.

           Flu Season
Yes flu season has arrived! Protect yourself
and your loved ones by getting your flu
shot. Also remember to wash your hands
2010-2011…here we come!!!
        by Kelly Bodden
                                                              UPCOMING EVENTS
We’re back and well
underway!!!!! September and
                                                              Volleyball Tournament
October have been a busy time
                                                              December 1/10
and we feel great about our
start! We are participating in a
                                                              Annual Food Drive
wide variety of learning
                                                              December 4/10
activities that will develop
students’ academic, social,
                                                              Survivor Video Auditions Due
physical, and emotional
                                                              December 06/10
                                                              SAC Christmas Dinner
Keeping up our yearly
                                                              December 16/10
tradition, we entered our
classroom work into the
                                                              Christmas Holidays
competition at The Milton Fall                                December 18/10 -
Fair. We walked over and                                      January 4/11
visited the fair and were lucky
to learn about a variety of                                   P.D. Day
domestic as well as exotic                                    January 3/2011
animals. Next, we focused on
Terry Fox and his legacy. We                                  Survivor Begins
discussed the importance of the                               January 4/2011
run and why it is so crucial to
be involved and raise funds.                                  SHSM Portfolio Workshop
                                                              January 5/2011
We have celebrated birthdays in
class, explored certain                                       Review Week
businesses and attractions in                                 January 17 - 21 /11
our local community, are
swimming to maintain our                                      Exams
health, and have started up our                               January 24 - 28 /11
recycling program once again.
We work very hard and are                                     Start of Semester Two
looking forward to a great year.                              January 31/2011

                                   SCHOOL ADDRESS             SAC Christmas
                                   225 Ontario Street South
                                   Milton ON. L9T 2M5
                                                                 Dinner –
                                                              December 16/10
                                                                  GET YOUR
                                   905-878-7195                   TICKETS!
         Steps to Academic Success
  Parents As Active Partners in Your Child’s Education
School and learning are two of the most important things in a young
person’s life, and are essential for successful positive development. Because
it has such a great effect on your child’s future, it’s crucial that you get
involved in your child’s schooling and do what you can to help her/him
make the most of her/his education.

                     DEVELOP GOOD STUDY HABITS
-Set aside a quiet/private area to study and do homework.
-Develop a routine and timetable with your child that incorporates all
interests, clubs, teams, work, sports, lessons and school work.

-Make sure your child is using the school agenda to plan for assignments,
projects, quizzes and tests.
-Get in the habit of helping your child bring all the right books and
homework home and back to school again.
-While still providing your child with independence, check the binders to
make sure he/she is organized.

                      ENSURE GOOD ATTENDANCE
-Try to ensure that your child arrives to class on time and attends school
each day.
-If your child is missing school more than 10% of the time, contact teachers
to ensure missed work is completed.

                     HOMEWORK COMPLETION
-If you do not see your child doing homework, contact the teachers and
become informed on the expectations.
- Hand in homework in a timely manner.


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