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					     The Giver

Mr. Smith’s WaltonWorld
Benchmarks in the Giver Society

   At age one, children get assigned to their families. Children also receive their names.
   At age two, children can walk.
   At age three, children begin to tell dreams. They reach the same maturity level.
   At ages four, five and six, children wear back-buttoned jackets so that they can learn
    to depend upon others.
   At age seven, children get a front-buttoned jacket, which is the first sign of
   At age eight, children perform voluntary work. They give up their “comfort objects.”
    Children become more independent.
   At age nine, children receive bikes. Girls no longer have to wear hair ribbons.
   At age ten, children get hair cuts. Girls no longer wear braids. Boys had shorter hair
    which allowed for their ears to show.
   At age eleven, children get new clothes. Girls get different undergarments because
    they have undergone puberty. Boys gets pants with pockets designed to carry the
    calculators that they use in school.
   At age twelve, children learn their future professions. They become adults.
Benchmarks in the United States
 At age 5-6, children go to kindergarten.
 At age 13, children become teenagers.
 At age 16, children can get their driver’s
 At age 17-18, children graduate from high
  school. Children can vote.
 At age 21, people become adults.
Jobs in the Giver society
 Birthmothers provide children for married
 Nurturers raise newborn children until the children
  become Ones. Then, their parents can receive
   Ideal job in Giver Society: Instructor

        My ideal job in the Giver society is instructor. As an
instructor, I could work in an energetic environment with
friendly and entertaining students and employees. I could
help students learn interesting and important things. Also, I could
support the personal growth of people within the school. As an
instructor, I could positively impact students’ lives. The job of
instructor has many benefits.
Instructors at Work

 In WaltonWorld there is no crime. Also, there is
neither war nor bitter arguments. People come from
different ethnic and racial backgrounds, get along
with each other, and help each other. People are
joyful and are not bored.
These are some of the people in WaltonWorld!

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