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									                      The Best Way To Play Christmas Games
If you think that your Christmas celebrations have become routine and rather monotonous, why not add
some spice to it by playing some cool games? There are a lot of games you can play with your family and
not in the least do I mean the video games. Video games are certainly a no-no for any healthy family and
you don't need it either. In this article I will give you some cool game ideas that you can play with your
family and have a nice time with them.

First of all you need to decide with whom you want to play games. Do you want to play with your peers
(e.g., friends and relatives) or with your children? If you answered 'children', I won't be surprised in the
least because as a matter of fact, Christmas is mostly focused on children. It is they who decide most of
what to do and what not to do during the holidays. Now, you can play a variety of games with your
children. You can ask then to play some crossword puzzles or board games like bingo, scrap booking, etc.
As a matter of fact, crossword puzzles are good for the brain as they stimulate its thinking power. Or you
can even play some outdoor games as well.

Children love candies, and what better way to indulge them than asking them to make some for
themselves as well as for the family? Children are also very good at crafts, so why not enlist their help in
creating some snowflakes and snowmen? If you are not sure what type of crafts are best for the children
of the age you can read craft books from your local library. Or you can even read the information
published by the free online newsletters. You can find plenty of supplies for your crafts from discount
stores such as Wal-Mart. Be assured that you won't have to break your bank account in order to get
supplies for your crafts.

The point of making children indulge and involve themselves in Christmas games is not so much about
fun and enjoyment as about teaching them how to be creative and come up with new ideas. Believe it or
not, for every creative work they do, they continue to learn the finer nuances of art and creativity. It also
teaches them to indulge in unselfish activities by helping and cooperating with other members of the
family. It also solidifies the bond of unity among all the family members.

              Christmas Craft: Bead And Pipe Cleaner Ornaments

Christmas ornaments made from ordinary pipe cleaners and inexpensive acrylic beads are very pretty
and easy to make. They look quite impressive yet are easy enough for small children to make. This is one
Christmas craft idea to use again and again. Older people will enjoy making this Christmas craft, too,
which can be varied to make a number of different sparkling ornaments for your Christmas tree.

To make the bead and pipe cleaner ornaments, you need common pipe cleaners in desired colors and
acrylic beads. Two types of beads are particularly effective when strung on pipe cleaners. One type are
called sunburst beads, but are also known as paddlewheel beads, snowflake beads, or starburst beads.
These beads have six faceted paddles spaced equally around a center that contains the hole for
stringing. When several of these sunburst beads are strung consecutively, they fit against each other in
an interlocking pattern.

The other type of bead that is also effective for this Christmas craft is called the tri bead or propeller
bead. It has three rounded bumps arranged around the stringing hole. Like the sunburst beads, the tri
beads interlock when strung consecutively. For the most sparkly and attractive Christmas ornaments,
get tri beads and/or sunburst beads in translucent colors of red, green, and clear. The tri beads can also
be found in metallic gold and silver which can be used in this Christmas craft as well.

Pipe cleaners can be found in silver and gold tinsel as well as chenille of all colors. For the Christmas
craft, the best colors to use are the metallics and Christmas colors. The beads cover the pipe cleaners,
but the ends will need to be twisted together and made into hangers, so they show.

Anyone, even small children, can string these beads on pipe cleaners. Bend up the end of the pipe
cleaner so the beads don't fall off. The pipe cleaner works like a needle, making a needle unnecessary.
For best results, show the children how to alternate colors when stringing, or start a pattern of three
colors. When the beads are strung on the pipe cleaners, they can be bent into different Christmas
shapes. For instance, string red and clear beads alternately, then bend down one end of the pipe cleaner
for a candy cane shape. Or alternate red and green beads and form a circle for a wreath. Use red pipe
cleaner to form a small bow to decorate the wreath. Form a hanger for the Christmas craft or simply slip
the circle over a branch of the tree.

If you experiment with clear beads and silver pipe cleaners, you can make some beautiful snowflake or
star ornaments. Snowflake designs can be twisted of silver pipe cleaner only, without the beads for a
simple but pretty decoration. Bead and pipe cleaner ornaments are a Christmas craft you will find
yourself using every year. Children and their parents will both appreciate this simple yet pretty
Christmas craft.

                   The Absolute Way To Take Christmas Pictures

Along with celebrating Christmas, you should also make sure that you have the memory of these
celebrations with you. And what better way to remember the good old times than snapping some cool
pictures with your family? You can take a digital camera and snap some pictures and make your
Christmas as memorable as any other event!

Now, for starters, you don't need to use a large, bulky camera. They are really very cumbersome. On the
contrary, if you use a small point-and-shoot digital camera, you can carry it off quite easily as it is
portable as well as unobtrusive. In this article I will give you some tips on how to snap the Christmas
pictures perfectly. First of all, before you start using the digital camera, make sure its battery is fully
recharged and don't forget to take the battery recharger along with you as well, as you will be snapping
a lot of pictures. You should also make sure that there is plenty of space in the memory card of your
camera. There is no hard and fast rule that you would be the only one there for taking pictures. If you
get tired of snapping pictures let someone else handle the task. I would recommend you ask for help
from young people, as they are very smart at taking quick shots. Since digital cameras are very easy to
use, even very young people can learn to use it in minutes!

Don't take pictures from too far. Always make sure you are close to your family members before you
snap the picture. If you get an opportunity to snap a picture of the whole family gathering, don't miss
that opportunity at any cost! Also be sure to take at least two to three shots of each frame, because
more often than not the first shot goes wrong. Another type of picture you can take is a candlelight
picture. Make two people sit on the opposite ends of a candle. Make sure you have the flash turned off
before taking the shot. Then, if required, you may have to rest your elbow on the table to give your body
some support and then you can take the shot. Again, make sure you take two to three shots of this
frame. If there are old or infant members in your family, don't forget to take a shot of their smiling faces
as well! Very often, you will find that these pictures are the only surviving memory of your loved ones.

So there I have given you some hot tips on photography. Enjoy the holiday season and Merry Christmas
to you!

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