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Industrial Hydraulics by jennyyingdi


									Industrial Hydraulics
Systems & Controls
JIC, vertical, horizontal, L-shaped & custom
design hydraulic power units; pressure &
leak testing systems.
Order your power units with panel-mounted
motor starters, terminal strips & custom
programmable control packages as well as
valve-bank assemblies.

Electronically controlled pumps,
proportional & servo valves, cylinders
assemblies with LVDT feedback.

Hose & Fittings
A complete line of hose, tubing,
adapters, swivels, clamps, fabrication
equipment, equipment rentals.
Industrial hose products for the
transferring of all gases, fluids and
chemicals and material handling.

High Pressure Products
Air, hydraulic and electrically driven
pumps, intensifiers, valves, hose, stainless
tubing, fittings, accessories, custom and
specialty valves, custom test packages.
Capable up to 100,000PSI.

Water & air cooled heat exchangers, flow
dividers, gearboxes, gauges, ball valves,
winches, pressure, flow & temperature
monitoring equipment.

Service & Repairs
• Service ALL makes and models of servo
  and proportional valves
• Total design & support including power
  units & control panels
• 24/7 off-site troubleshooting & repairs
• In-house electrohydraulic repair

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                                                                                                                                           HYD ENG 2011.01 2M
Industrial Hydraulics
 Pumps & Motors
 Fixed and variable displacement open &
 closed loop pumps & motors
 • Gear
 • Vane
 • Piston type
 • Low speed high torque
 • Gerotor & geroler motors

 Electronic &
 Wireless Radio
 Remote Controls
 Wireless radio remote controls & electronic               
 control solutions for industrial, mobile and off
 highway equipment

 Valves & Controls
 Directional, pressure flow control valves,
 manifolds, joysticks & electronic controllers
 • Lever, mechanical, pilot & solenoid
   operated directional valves.
 • Relief, reducing, unloading,counterbalance,
   sequence, pressure controls.
 • Pressure & non-pressure compensated flow
   controls, needle valve.
 Available in supplate, manifold, inline
 mountings. Also in DIN & threaded cartridge

 Cylinders &
 Rotary Actuators
 NFPA, ISO, metric , mill, welded tube, jack
 & custom cylinders.
 Rack and pinion, vane style rotary

 Assemblies & Elements
 Pressure, return, spin-on, intank
 Cartridge, high collapse, water removal,
 spin-on elements, competitive interchange
 Strainers, offline systems, filter carts.

 Piston, bladder, diaphragm, repairable &
 non-repairable, shock suppression, gas
 bottles, kleen vent, reservoir isolators,
 pulse tones, surge cushions.

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