Mini Lesson - Summary by 1G1K5FB


									                                 Mini Lesson - Summary
Title: GIST

GIST involves helping students improve their comprehension by providing a step-by-step
approach to summarizing key ideas.

The steps for GIST involve reading several paragraphs and writing a short (20 words of less)
passage summarizing the passage. The procedure continues with readers reading additional
paragraphs and incorporating the new information into the existing GIST statement but still
using only 20 words.


1st Attempt

Tropical          rain              forests           are                lush

forests           near              the               equator            that

are               hot               and               get                a

lot               of                rain.

2ND Attempt

Tropical          rain              forests           are                hot,

rainy             and               important         because            of

the               many              species           of                 plants

and               animals           that              live               there.

From Teaching and Learning Strategies that Foster Comprehension compiled by Dr. Judy

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