12 Golden Rules to Leadership by HC120717165852


									12 Golden Rules to Leadership

• Be a good listener
        – If you both start to talk let them speak first
        – Don’t give them the impression that you are tuning them

• Criticize constructively
        – Make sure you know what is actually happening

• Criticize in private (if possible)
        – Especially if you are dealing with one individual
• Praise in public
        – Doesn’t hurt to say “good job” so others can hear

• Give credit where credit is due
• Always tell people why you want them to
  do something
• Never forget that you as the leaader set
  the style for your people
        – If you are careless they will be too
        – If you are late they will be too

• Be consistent
        – Don’t be a moody leader
• If you make a mistake admit it
• Be careful what you say and how you say
• Don’t be upset with moderate griping
• Keep your people informed on matters
  affecting them

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