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					   July/August 2011 HAZARDOUS CARGO BULLETIN
                                                                                                 hoses and loading arms

Hoses with the mostest
EQUIPMENT It is all very well having shiny vehicles and well managed
storage tanks, but the link between the two is vital in terms of maintaining
safety. Here we take a look at what’s new in the world of hoses, loading
arms and couplings
Every day they are in operation, oil refineries and
terminals face the risks of spilling their precious
products into the environment, potentially
damaging their bottom line, with the added
risks of not only harming those working in the
vicinity but also permanently damaging the
surrounding ecological systems, not to mention
‘taps on the wrists’ in the form of big fines from
the local authority or government who usually
takes a rather dim view of such incidents.
    To counter such risks, OPW Engineered
Systems has introduced a new range of
Kamvalok® dry-disconnect couplings designed
to provide for total closed-loop loading. Total
closed-loop loading capabilities help virtually
eliminate product spillage and protect people and
property from dangerous and costly exposure by
keeping hazardous liquids and vapors in the line
and out of the environment.
    Specifically manufactured to automatically            OPW’s latest Kamvalok
shut off in the event of an accidental disconnection
of the coupling and adaptor, the new 1700D             during paint, lacquers, inks, adhesives, fatty
Series couplers feature a unique spring-loaded         acids, pharmaceuticals, liquid soaps, and many
poppet action design to virtually eliminate spillage   other liquid products applications.
of any residual liquid contained in transfer lines
after disconnection. Reliable and easy to operate,     That’s not all
these couplers have been manufactured in               OPW commits itself to enabling safer, cleaner
compliance with the highest quality standards of       and faster storage terminal operators. As part of
design, materials and construction. They feature       that commitment, OPW has also just launched
a cam-and-groove design that makes connection          its new 890 Series ‘High Load’ Counterbalance.
and disconnection smooth and easy and an open/         This extension of OPW’s industry-leading
close lever action to ensure that liquid flow can       counterbalance product line has been designed
only begin once the coupling and adaptor are           for loading arms that are required to handle
securely coupled. This lever action also provides      extremely heavy loads.
for smooth opening and closing even during high-           A great deal of thought has gone into the new
pressure applications.                                 kit. The 890 Series Counterbalance is easy to
    Additional features of this particular series      calibrate because its spring-tension adjustments
of couplers include locking operating handle           can be completed with one bolt and one socket
and cam arms, and a 360-degree orientation so          wrench, making it a true ‘one man, one arm’
the coupler can be connected in any orientation        operation. It is also ideal for extreme operating
onto the adaptor and a dual protection design,         conditions, thanks to its ability to achieve
which provides automatic closure from both             motion from 55˚ above horizontal to 25˚ below
directions – the coupler and the adaptor. Due          horizontal, with a torque rating of 19,000 inch-
to its many ‘protective’ features, the 1700D           pounds. An innovative halo bracket ensures
Series couplers are very adaptable for use across      this versatile operational ability, which allows
different types of industries: they are particularly   the operator to dial in the appropriate range of
well suited for handling petroleum products,           motion needed for a specific application. This
solvents, agricultural chemicals, vegetable oils,      high-load spring technology also gives the 890
detergents and many acids and caustics. In             the ability to handle a 50 per cent higher load
addition, the couplers are used at transfer points     capacity without any of the potentially dangerous
where product loss is unacceptable, including          drift that can compromise load stability.

                                                                                                 hoses and loading arms

    The design of the 890 Series also makes it       with the new Drytyt models designed for the safe
a money-saver since it does not require the          transfer of odorous or hazardous liquids. The
pneumatic system that is typical for loading arms    tank end of the coupling is fire-safe designed
that have a longer reach or additional weight        with a non-protruding poppet that does not
from attachments. The absence of a pneumatic         impede the secondary valve. This enables it to
system means that there is no need for costly air    be fitted to a ball valve or butterfly valve without
lines or the need to maintain an air supply at the   the need for a spacer, reducing tare weight. The
loading platform.                                    hose unit is designed with an integral PTFE
    To guarantee the viability of the 890 Series     insert which enables smooth operation, without
in high-load applications, OPW put the               the need for lubricants.
counterbalance through more than 100,000 load            Maintenance of the units is particularly
cycles with a fully loaded arm - approximating       easy since there are only two moving parts and
decades of hard duty - with zero degradation in      only standard tools are needed. The Drytyt
performance.                                         tank units and hose units are manufactured in
                                                     industry standard sizes – 70 mm, 105 mm, 119
Into the fray                                        mm and 164 mm - and are fully compatible
Sweden-based couplings specialist Mann Tek is        and interchangeable with Todo, Mann Tek and
bringing its safety breakaway couplings to the       Avery Hardoll couplings. Both ends can be
European market, more than a year after they         laser-etched with a customer logo and/or text
were introduced to the US and Asian markets.         identifying the dedicated product. For added
The couplings are available in sizes from 1 to       security, units can be supplied with a ‘selective’
12 inches and in two basic designs for industrial    connection. All units are manufactured in
and marine applications. All necessary approvals     316-grade stainless steel and a wide choice of
and certifications have now been received for         seal materials is available, depending on cargo
operations in Europe, explains Tony Mann,            compatibility. Both threaded and flanged
managing director of Mann Tek.                       connections are available.
    The breakaway coupling design is well                To up the safety level, the Lancashire-based
proven, using breaking pins sp that in the event     company has also made available a compatible
of a pull-away/drive-away accident, the breaking     fire-safe pressure-tight cap as a secondary or
pins will sheer at a pre-set force, releasing the    tertiary closure. It is designed to safely release
two halves of the coupling and closing flow lines     any build-up of pressure from the tank unit. The
at both ends. This will ensure that no liquids       cap seals metal-to-metal when locked onto the
or gases are released in to the atmosphere and       tank unit and the integral gasket ensures a gas-
surroundings.                                        tight and liquid-tight seal.
    Mann continues: “The breakaway product               Fort Vale couplings have been used and tested
programme complements our existing product           for many years throughout chemical, oil and
ranges of dry disconnect couplings, swivels and      gas industries and are a proven design. Drytyt
ball valves very well. The range of Mann Tek         couplings are ideal for use in many different
dry disconnect couplings is today the widest in      applications and improve efficiency and safety
the world, ranging from ¾” to 8” sizes and in a      with minimal residual losses, the company says.
wide range of materials to be used in almost any
application.”                                        Pledge to perform
    To bring safety, environmental concerns and      Earlier this year, Fort Vale made news in the
efficiency to a new level Mann Tek also offers        industry by offering an unprecedented three-
a solution where safety breakaway coupling can       year warranty on its MK3 Safeload coupler.
be integrated with the dry disconnect couplings      Since its launch in January 2007, the MK3
in a ‘one piece solution’. This gives the end user   Safeload bottom loading coupler has enjoyed
the advantages of a dry disconnect coupling - no     major success with road loading fuel terminals
product losses and spills, easy and quick to use -   both in the UK and in Europe. Four years on,
in combination with the high safety thinking of      the company felt that a product review would be
a safety breakaway coupling. “We are today the       both timely and meaningful.
only manufacturer in the world that offers this          Rigorous testing and a review of sales of spare
engineered product,” says Tony Mann.                 parts had concluded that the MK3 Safeload
                                                     coupler is so reliable that Fort Vale felt secure in
Safety first and last                                 offering the three-year warranty for wear and tear
Manufacturers are constantly on the lookout for      of all metal parts under standard environmental
ways of improving their products, to help users      conditions.
ensure even safer and more environmentally               In line with of BS EN13083 for bottom
responsible operations. Fort Vale, for instance,     loading & unloading adaptors and BS EN12266-
has enhanced its dry disconnect couplings range      1, BS EN12266-2, Fort Vale designed an in-

                                                                                                   hoses and loading arms

  Fort Vale’s new Drytyt dry disconnect couplings

house 250,000-cycle endurance test programme,             The latest addition to ARTA’s emergency
which represents 10 times the number of cycles        release coupler family is the NTS-PU, a non-
called for. Using a specially designed pneumatic      destructive breakaway coupler that is used in
test rig, the MK3 Safeload coupler was connected,     loading arms, hoses and pipelines to safeguard
opened, pressurised with fluid for a set period of     the operator, environment and loading
time, closed and then disconnected. A counter         infrastructure, as well as the valuable product
was affixed to the coupler to automatically record     being transferred.
the number of connections. The amount of liquid           A typical application is the unintended drive-
loss was been measured at regular intervals and       away of a rail car or road tanker, or the drifting
was found to be, on average, 75 per cent less         away of a barge or ship. The separation is primarily
than the permitted 5 cc. On completion of the         triggered by a pull force to the hose or loading arm.
test, the coupler was found to be leak-free at the    Additionally, an excessive pressure surge can also
maximum allowable working pressure (MAWP)             result in a controlled separation of the emergency
with no significant wear or damage to any of the       NTS, preventing loss of product, damage to
parts.                                                loading equipment and expensive cleanup. The
    To replicate the rigours of daily service, Fort   separation force is individually preset for maximum
Vale went on to perform Impact Testing on             protection of the product or gas line.
the MK3 Safeload coupler with repeated side               The NTS-PU follows ARTA’s other
impact and drop tests based on the requirements       industry-leading breakaway couplers in that it
of BS EN13463. Following these tests, the             is non-destructive in design, meaning no costly
coupler remained in the closed position with the      spare parts (no shear pins) are required. After
interlock fully engaged.                              triggering, the breakaway unit can be back in
    In true Fort Vale style, the company has also     service quickly without the need for parts or
taken the testing of its vales to the extreme – by    special tools.
separately testing and applying for the approval          According to ARTA, the primary advantages
of each valve configuration that has a significantly    of the NTS-PU are:
different geometry or construction method, for        G minimised operational cost
example a cast rather than fabricated body or         G wide variety of working temperatures
a different shear groove location rather than to          (-40°C to +232°C)
apply for approval on a generic range of valves.      G variants suitable for a wide range of media
                                                          and applications
More couplings to go                                  G actuated in any direction (angle) including
Germany-based ARTA is one of the most                     straight pull
experienced companies in the industry,                G no external power source required
specialising in developing high quality fluid/         G assembled in either flow direction
gas transfer systems and claiming to truly            G cable-free activation, no shear pins involved
understand the paramount importance of the            G non-destructive separation
safe and secure transfer of fluid and gas media        G easy reassembly after separation without
at storage/manufacturing facilities, refinery              special tools or spare parts.
plants and loading docks. For more than 35                ARTA operates internationally and has
years ARTA products have proven themselves            become the supplier of choice at many global
reliable and dependable in the most demanding         organisations, mainly due to the company’s ability
applications, the company says.                       to design and manufacture to high standards

                                                                                                     hoses and loading arms

that meet global standards and regulations. Jon
Quy-Verlander, international sales manager, says:
“ARTA’s philosophy is to listen to the voice of
the customer and then respond to their needs
with real tangible product solutions, enhanced
service support and delivery performance. These
continuous improvements are being recognised in
the field and we would like to thank our customers
for their continued support and trust in us.”

Under pressure
Though based in Romeoville, Illinois and Houston,
Texas, US Hose Corporation is a company with a
truly international flavor. With its sister companies
AmniTec Limited (UK), AmniTec BV (The
Netherlands) and Habia Teknofluor (Sweden), this
group of companies, long known for its innovative
engineering capabilities, continues to introduce         US Hose focuses on high pressure hoses
new higher pressure products.
    The latest product to come out of US Hose          weeks of negotiation he and the Esso engineers
is the new 3-inch diameter 403XM-I, an all             designed a loading arm system with vapour return
metallic multi-braided hose capable of a working       line that would meet Esso’s long-term functional and
pressure of 124 bar (1,800 psi) into custom            logistics needs.
assemblies for oil, chemical and cryogenic                 Those weeks of work certainly paid off: it was
service. Their use of a heavy walled corrugated        another 26 years before ExxonMobil came back
tube of Inconel 625 provides for high strength,        to Keeler – by now managing director of Loadtec
temperature and corrosion resistance.                  Engineered Systems – to discuss the replacement of
    The company has gone yet further and developed     those 1984 arms. The first LPG replacement loading
a 3-inch diameter RF67-XFC corrugated hose             stations were ordered last year and have recently
with heavy walled stainless steel pipe and multiple    been installed. The old arms had been in continuous
layers of stainless steel braid to provide a MAWP      use for more than a quarter of a century, with regular
of 207 bar (3,000 psi). Andy Harrington, director      maintenance and a one-off replacement of the 30-
for international sales at US Hose Corp, says the      year old swing joints in 2000.
entire RF67-XFC product range has been providing           This month marks 10 years since Loadtec
reliable and high performance for the oil and gas      began representing Emco Wheaton in the UK
industry for several decades and the introduction      and Ireland. According to Keeler, over that time
of the 3-inch hose, with a 4-inch version under        it has not had to supply a replacement bearing
development, has strengthened its position further.    module to any of its customers, and only a
    Group company Habia Teknofluor is                   handful of seal kits for the D2000 swing joints.
offering high pressure fluoropolymer hoses              “Such has been the integrity of the swing joint
in 1⁄4”, 3⁄8” and 1⁄2” diameters with a standard       and the care taken by the design team to ensure
working pressure of 414 bar (6,000 psi). This          that loading arms are designed for longevity and
‘ultra’ hose uses a fluoropolymer smooth-bore           safety,” says Keeler.
tube with a braided layer of high tensile aramid           Loadtec is increasingly being called upon to
and stainless steel, all encased within a Hytrel       provide packaged solutions to give customers a
jacket for protection and excellent appearance.        one-stop-shop for tanker loading and unloading
    Also in the high pressure market is AmniTec        issues, Keeler says. Fall protection, tanker access,
Ltd’s Cryoflex® range of cryogenic composite hose,      metering skids and terminal automation systems
which has recently been upgraded to offer high         are an everyday feature of Loadtec’s work these
pressure versions of up to 25 bar (363 psi) MAWP  .    days. Recent contracts have involved chocolate
                                                       in Amsterdam, syrup in Israel and Ireland,
Once upon a time                                       ethanol in the UK and bitumen in Sweden.
Product transfer equipment has to work consistently                            
well and continuously in order to preserve safety,                             
and so do the personnel who work in the business.                              
Alec Keeler reminisces about the days when he was                             
a young and enthusiastic sales engineer working                            
for Emco Wheaton in Margate, UK. In 1984 he                             
was sent off to Esso to discuss replacement of the                           
LPG tanker hose arrangement at the Fawley refinery                      
with something more modern and substantial. After                             


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