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                                                HOSE COUPLINGS, FITTINGS, CLAMPS AND ACCESSORIES
                                                 Summary Information
Cam & Groove                        Boss                                 Holedall                             Fire Hose Fittings

“Andrews”, “Boss-Lock”,             “Boss” and “EZ-Boss” Ground          Holedall Externally Swaged and       Swing Wall Reels, Fire Hose,
“EZ Boss-Lock”, Swaged-on           Joint and Washer Type Couplings,     Internally Expanded Fittings, Food   Expansion Ring Couplings,
and Phonograph Finish,              Male and LP Stems, Boss              Grade Fittings, Holedall Petroleum   Wrenches, Adapters, Swivels,
Polypropylene, Reducing             Clamps, Air Hammer Fittings,         Fittings, Rams, Petroleum            Nipples, Valves, Thermoplastic
Couplers, Adapters, Gaskets,        Mining Fittings, “Boss”/Holedall     Coupling Expanders                   and Brass Nozzles, Flat Seal
Replacement Handles,                Fittings, Steam Quick Disconnects                                         Couplings
Accessories, “Strap-Grip”

Air Fittings                        Shank Fittings                       Valves                               Pipe & Welding Fittings

Air Receiver Manifold, “Air King”   Menders, Nipples, Suction            Ball Valves, Locking Ball Valves,    Weld End Fittings, Welding
Universal Couplings, Whipchek,      Couplings, Foot Valves, Strainers,   Steam Valves, Mini Valves, Non-      Nipples, Flanges, Turned Back
“Dix-Lock”, “Dual-Lock”, Aluminum   Long and Short Shank Fittings,       Metallic Ball Valves, Strainers,     Fittings, NPT Threaded Fittings,
Manifolds, “Air Chief” Quick        Spray Hose Couplings, Stainless      Gate Valves, Butterfly Valves, Air   Sight Flow Indicators, Grooved
Connects, Blow Guns, Tube           Steel Fittings                       Valves, Safety Check Valves          Pipe Fittings
Fittings, FRLs, Gauges, Bi-Metal

Brass Fittings                      Plastic Fittings                     Tank Truck Fittings                  Maintenance & Repair

Hose Stations, Garden Hose          Quick Disconnect Fittings,           Tight and Loose Fill Couplers and    Sealants and Lubricants, Thread
Fittings, Brass Shank Fittings,     PVC Tubing, Tuff-Lite Nylon,         Adapters, Shank Couplings, Pipe      Tape, Test Pumps, Coupling
Brass Fittings, Ferrules,           Polypropylene and Kynar Hose         Caps, Loose Fill Tubes, Sight Flow   Inserter, Lockouts, Hose Mallet,
Crimping Tools                      Fittings                             Indicators, Reducers and             Hose Knife, Hose Tags, Hose
                                                                         Adapters for Tank Trucks             Ties, Hose Tape, Hose Racks,
                                                                                                              Hose Reels

Clamps                              Hydraulic Fittings                   Swivel Joints                        Miscellaneous

Pinch-On, Worm Gear, Band           Straight Thru’s, Mold Coolant        V-ring Type and O-ring Type          Expansion Joints, Control Rods
Clamps, “Strap-Grip”, Single        Line Couplings, Hydraulic Quick      Swivel Joints                        and Retaining Rings
and Double Bolt Clamps, Spiral      Connects, Return Line Fittings,
Clamps, T-Bolt Clamps, “StayPut”    Plugs and Caps, Swivel Adapters,
Wire Clamps, Tools and              Hydraulic Couplings, Hydraulic
Accessories                         Filters and Heads

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                                              HOSE COUPLINGS, FITTINGS, CLAMPS AND ACCESSORIES
                                              Ground Joint Fittings
Ground Joint Viton®                                                                        Interlocking
Seal Couplings                                                                             U-Bolt Clamps
Recommended use                                                                            Recommended use
• High pressure, steam, air, water.                                                        • Secures hose on interlocking hose
Recommended clamp
• Interlocking U-bolt.
Working pressure
Hose Size       Design             Safety
  (In.)          W.P.              Factor
     11⁄2      15,000 psi          4 x W.P.
     13⁄4      12,500 psi          4 x W.P.
     11⁄2      12,500 psi          4 x W.P.
     11⁄4      12,500 psi          4 x W.P.
     11⁄2      12,500 psi          4 x W.P.
     21⁄2      12,500 psi          4 x W.P.   All Hose Stem and Male Stems,
                                              including the cast 11⁄4″, 11⁄2″ and 2″ are
                                              machined with a serration design.
The Ground Joint Viton Seal Coupling
provides a metal-to-metal mating area
for strength plus a steam approved
DuPont Viton O-ring on the stem as
a secondary seal for a superior leak
proof connection.
• The coupling passes the 1000 hour                                                        The Interlocking U-bolt Clamp wraps
  MIL-H-29210 Steam Resistance Test                                                        360° around the hose and fitting
  and strict hydrostatic tests with the                                                    creating what can be considered
  wing nut tightened only by hand.                                                         an adjustable ferrule.
• The O-ring fills in the dents and
  scratches caused by everyday wear
  and tear eliminating costly leaks.                                                       • The 360° design provides superior
• Machined stems eliminate leaks                                                             retention.
  caused by the parting line of “as                                                        • Only nine clamps are needed to
  cast” hose ends.                                                                           cover all hoses ranging from 1⁄2″
Viton Seal Stems are available with                                                          thru 2″ diameters.
male and female NPT ends.                                                                  • The clamps do not crack when
• NPT ends allow for easy installation                                                       tightened with an air wrench and
  of metal hose or other connections          A round knurled Ground Joint Nut is            are easy to assemble since all the
  requiring a thread end instead of a         available in 3⁄4″ and 1″. It is useful for     nuts are one one side.
  hose end.                                   applications where less bulk and a low       The Ground Joint Viton Seal Fittings
                                              profile is desirable. Since the coupling     are interchangeable with the old style
                                              is tightened by hand, the nut does not       ground joint, and U-bolt clamps inter-
                                              need bulky “handles” on the wing nut.        change with most interlocking stems.




                                                                                           Viton is a registered trademark of the DuPont Co.

                                                          1-800-686-5801 FAX: 1-877-941-4673
                                          HOSE COUPLINGS, FITTINGS, CLAMPS AND ACCESSORIES

                                   Ground Joint Seal Couplings
Female Set                   Interlocking (cont.)           Double                       Viton® Seal Male End
(with wing nut)                Hose x
                                                            Spud                         (Viton Seal x Male NPT)
GF Series                    NPT Size (In.)    Part No.     GDB Series                   GJMS Series
                             Steel                            Hose
                             11⁄2 x 1⁄2        MS1          Size (In.)    Part No.
                             11⁄2 x 3⁄4        MS8x12
                             13⁄4 x 1⁄2        MS12x8       Steel
                             13⁄4 x 3⁄4        MS6             11⁄2        GDB31         Size (In.)           Part No.
  Hose                                                      1 13⁄4         GDB13
                             13⁄4 x 1        MS12x16           11⁄4        GDB13         Steel
Size (In.)       Part No.
                                1 x 3⁄4      MS16x12                                        13⁄4              GJMS-3
   1 ⁄41
                  GF1           1x1          MS11              11⁄4        GDB23
                                                               11⁄2        GDB23            11⁄4              GJMS-4
   13⁄8           GF3        Machined Ductile Iron                                          11⁄2              GJMS-6
   11⁄2           GF6                                          21⁄4        GDB28
                             11⁄4 x 11⁄4     MS16                                           21⁄4              GJMS-8
1 13⁄4            GF26       11⁄2 x 11⁄2     MS21              21⁄2        GDB33
  11⁄4            GF36          2x2          MS26              31⁄4        GDB38
  11⁄4            GF51       21⁄2 x 21⁄2     MS31
   11⁄2           GF61          3x3          MS36                                        Viton® O-ring
   21⁄4           GF81          4x4          MS46           Wing Nut                     VO Series
   21⁄2           GF96                                      BA Series
   31⁄4           GF111                                                                               Size (In.)         Part No.
   41⁄4           GF141
                             Female Spud
                             GBC Series                       Hose                                       1 ⁄2
   61⁄4           GF201                                     Size (In.)    Part No.                       13⁄4             VO-3
                                                            Machined Ductile Iron                        11⁄4             VO-4
Hose Stem                                                     11⁄4         BA2                           11⁄4             VO-5
GBA Series                                                    13⁄8         CB                            11⁄2             VO-6
                               Hose                           11⁄2         B2                            21⁄4             VO-8
                             Size (In.)       Part No.
                                                            1 13⁄4         B12
                             Steel                            11⁄4         B12
                                11⁄4           GBC            11⁄4         B17
  Hose                          13⁄8           GCC                                       Female Set
Size (In.)       Part No.       11⁄2           GB3             11⁄2        B17           (with knurled nut)
                                                               21⁄4        B27           RGJF Series
   11⁄4           GBA        1 13⁄4            GB8             21⁄2        B32
   13⁄8           GCA          11⁄4            GB13
   11⁄2           GB1                                          31⁄4        B37
                             Machined Ductile Iron             41⁄4        B47
1 13⁄4            GB6          11⁄4         GB18               61⁄4        B67
  11⁄4            GB11         11⁄2         GB23
  11⁄4            GB16         21⁄4         GB28                                           Hose
   11⁄2           GB21          21⁄2           GB33         Low Profile                  Size (In.)           Part No.
   21⁄4           GB26          31⁄4           GB38         Nut                              1 ⁄2
   21⁄2           GB31          41⁄4           GB48                                          13⁄4               RGJF-3
                                61⁄4           GB68
                                                            RGN Series
   31⁄4           GB36                                                                       11⁄4               RGJF-4
   41⁄4           GB46                                        Hose
   61⁄4           GB66                                      Size (In.)    Part No.
                             Male Spud
                             GM Series
                                                            Steel                        Viton® Seal Hose Stem
Interlocking                                                   11⁄2        RGN-2         GJS Series
                                                               13⁄4        RGN-3
Male System                                                    11⁄4        RGN-3
MS Series

                               Hose                         Viton® Seal Female End
                             Size (In.)       Part No.      (Viton® Seal x Female NPT)   Size (In.)           Part No.
  Hose x                                                    GJFS Series
NPT Size (In.)    Part No.   Steel                                                       Steel
                                13⁄8           GMC                                          11⁄2        GJS-2
Steel                           11⁄2           GM3                                          13⁄4        GJS-3
11⁄4 x 1⁄8        MS4x2      1 13⁄4            GM8                                          11⁄4        GJS-4
11⁄4 x 1⁄4        MSA           11⁄4           GM13
                                                              Hose                       Machined Ductile Iron
11⁄4 x 3⁄8        MSB        Machined Ductile Iron          Size (In.)    Part No.          11⁄4        GJS-5
13⁄8 x 1⁄4        MS6x4        11⁄4         GM18                                            11⁄2        GJS-6
13⁄8   x   3
            ⁄8    MSC          11⁄2         GM23            Steel                           21⁄4        GJS-8
13⁄8   x   1
            ⁄2    MS6x8        21⁄4         GM28
                                                                ⁄4        GJFS-3
11⁄2   x   1
            ⁄4    MS8x4         2 ⁄2
11⁄2   x   3
            ⁄8    MS8x6                                                                  Viton is a registered trademark of the
                                31⁄4           GM38                                      DuPont Co.

                                                                      1-800-686-5801 FAX: 1-877-941-4673
                                                   HOSE COUPLINGS, FITTINGS, CLAMPS AND ACCESSORIES
                                       Ground Joint Seal Couplings —                                         continued
Interlocking                                       Double                                                       Whip Check
Hose Mender                                        U-Bolt                                                       Safety Cable
M Series                                           IC Series                                                    WC Series

                                                   Hose O.D.     Hose O.D.        Hose               Part
               Hose                                 Min. (In.)   Max. (In.)     Size (In.)           No.
             Size (In.)        Part No.               15⁄161       11⁄211             11⁄2           IC-4L
             Steel                                    11⁄211       111⁄16             11⁄2           IC-4L                         Hose
                11⁄2             M1                   19⁄161       211⁄16             11⁄4           IC-5L                       Size (In.)      Part No.
                13⁄4             M6                   115⁄16       23⁄161             11⁄2           IC-6L
                                                      23⁄161       23⁄811             11⁄2           IC-6L                             1 ⁄2
                11⁄4             M11
                                                      211⁄32       211⁄16             21⁄2           IC-8L                             13⁄4           WC-3
                11⁄4             M16                                                                                                   11⁄2           WC-4
                11⁄2             M21                  211⁄16       215⁄16             21⁄2           IC-8L
                                                                                                                                       11⁄4           WC-5
                21⁄4             M26
                                                                                                                                       11⁄2           WC-6
                                                                                                                                       21⁄2           WC-8
Single                                             U-Bolt
                                                   IC Series                                                   Warning
IC Series                                                                                                      Labels
                                                                                                               LAB Series
                                                   Hose O.D.     Hose O.D.        Hose              Part
Hose O.D.       Hose O.D.        Hose       Part    Min. (In.)   Max. (In.)     Size (In.)          No.
Min. (In.)      Max. (In.)     Size (In.)   No.       35⁄161        33⁄4                3           IC-12S
       ⁄16             11⁄32       1
                                    ⁄2      IC-2      311⁄16        41⁄8                3           IC-12                          Hose
      ⁄32              13⁄82       3
                                    ⁄4      IC-3      41⁄161        41⁄2                3           IC-12L                       Size (In.)      Part No.
                                                      45⁄161        43⁄4                4           IC-16S                             1 ⁄2
                                                      411⁄16        51⁄8                4           IC-16                              13⁄4       LAB-1
                                                      51⁄161        51⁄2                4           IC-16L                             11⁄2       LAB-1
                                                                                                                                       11⁄4       LAB-2
                                                                                                                                       11⁄2       LAB-2
                                                                                                                                       21⁄2       LAB-2

                                             Miscellaneous Quick Connects
Sand Blast Couplings                               Threaded Couplings                                          Nozzle Holders
Also available in Brass                            (Aluminum)                                                  ANH Series
These fittings are designed for use on             ASC Series
Sand Blast and Cement Placing hose.
Supplied with screws.                                                           NPT
                                                                              Size (In.)       Part No.
                                                                                 1 ⁄4
1. Ends of hose must be cut square to                                            11⁄2           ASC150           Hose         Hose             Part
   fit snug against metal end.                                                                                 Size (In.)    O.D. (In.)        No.
2. Holding hose tight to end of fitting,                                                                          13⁄4         11⁄26          ANH750
   insert screws and turn in full,                 Quick Couplings                                                13⁄4         17⁄86          ANH100
   putting screw 180° from first to                ASB Series                                                     11⁄4         25⁄32          ANH125
   insure best centering.                                                                                         11⁄2         23⁄88          ANH150
3. After all screws have been placed,
   check tube opposite screws to be
   sure screws have not penetrated
   completely through.                                                                                                       WARNING:
                                                                                                                       FOR WATER SERVICE ONLY.
                                                                                                                          NOT TO BE USED FOR
                                                     Hose          Hose                      Part                           STEAM SERVICE.
                                                   Size (In.)     O.D. (In.)                 No.                  NOTE: Safety Clips are same size for
                                                                                                                 both 2-lug & 4-lug Universal Couplings.
                                                      13⁄4           11⁄26              ASB750
                                                                                                                          Use Safety Clips on all
                                                      13⁄4           17⁄86              ASB100                      Universal Coupling applications.
                                                      11⁄4           25⁄32              ASB125
                                                      11⁄2           23⁄88              ASB150


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