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					Here are the steps:

1. Go to

2. You can search for deleted/expired domains in your niche by searching
it in the search bar. For example you want an article in health niche,
search for healthblog in the search bar,
 you'll get several domains in the result.

3. After getting the results, click on the "PR" column to get domains
with high PR.
 Obviously this indicates that the domain contains relevant and high
quality content before it was taken down.

4. Select one domain with high PR and go to to confirm if the
site is indexed.
To see that site is deindexed or not search "" in Google.
And if u don't get any results of this site then its deindexed.

5. Go to the wayback machine website:-

and search for the domain and press 'take me back'

6. If the domain you selected has pages crawled by the wayback machine,
 you will be redirected to a page similar to a calendar with dates on
blue circles,
click that and you will be redirected again to the page showing that
website in early 2010.
 And yes, that website you actually see is not available now.

7. Now you can get read, and copy the articles in the website.

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