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									      Grote 101

         Module 15
Electrical Connections and
‘Connect & Protect’ with Grote Electrical
     Connections and Accessories
• Grote Industries is the only full line lighting,
  Harness, Warning and Hazard and Electrical
  Connection and Accessory supplier to the OEM,
  OES, Heavy Duty and Traditional aftermarket
  sales channels
• Over 3500 SKU’s in 3main categories:
   Electrical components and connectors
   Support and Protective products
   Coiled Air and Suspension products
What is an Electrical Connection and
• Electrical: A product that is used to help
  conduct/supply power from a power source (ie)
  vehicle battery to another piece of equipment
  requiring power to function
• Support and Protective: Products that support
  and protect parts of a vehicles electrical system
  from moisture, chemicals, corrosion, abrasion
  and road hazards
      Product Coverage and
• Grote Industries currently stocks and distributes
  over 3500 SKU’s in 2 main categories covering
  12 sub-categories
• A complete, self-contained catalog with all parts,
  descriptions and technical information is
• All products also available on Grote website
         Wire and Cable Options
•   Wire and cable is constructed of different materials and comes in many
    different configurations and sizes.
•   Primary Wire is a combination of primary wires normally protected by a
    PVC or rubber jacket material.
•   Battery Cable is made up of several bundles of multi-strand copper that
    can be twisted together (Rope Strand) or bundled parallel.
•   Trailer Cable is a combination of multiple primary wires jacketed into one
    larger bundle.
•   Choose the proper cable and wire for the repair, maintenance or installation
    procedure. Special attention is to be paid to length of wire run (or circuit
    length) and amperage draw. These factors contribute to determining gauge
    size of wire/cable required. (See chart on following page)
Selecting the proper gauge size.
The flexibility of the wire and cable may vary from one manufacturer to
the next. Consider the temperature rating and jacket material
construction as well as the type of stranding and bundling of the wires.
SAE J1128
This standard covers low voltage primary cable intended for use at a
nominal system voltage of 60 V DC (25 V AC) or less in surface vehicle
electrical systems. Tests qualify cables for normal applications with
limited exposure to fluids and physical abuse.

Choosing the right insulation for the wire/cable is also important as it
can affect the overall performance and lifespan of the vehicle. There
are several styles of jackets used in the industry.
  Grote offers a wide variety of
         wire and cable
General Thermo Plastic Wire (GPT)
* 14 GA is used most often in HD and Automotive market.
Parallel Bonded Wire
Jacketed Brake Cable
Portable Extension Cable- Type SJ00W
Trailer Cable
* All ABS Power Cords and ABS Trailer Cable jackets are Green. ABS ECU requires 9.8 volts, 8 GA blue wire is dedicated to ABS
Electronic Control Unit (ECU).

Battery Cable - Type SGR
* SGR Cable vs. SGT (PVC) SGR (CPE) has a 23 degree higher jacket rating. When running battery cable near a high-heat
engine compartment, SGR is a premium product that ensures optimum results.

Welding Cable
* Made from fine stranded copper with a water resistant thermoplastic rubber compound jacket. Ideal product for routing cables
where a tight fit or flexing is needed.
• All Grote terminals and connectors are
  constructed of copper, and are electro
  tin-plated to ensure maximum electrical
  conductivity after crimping unless
  otherwise stated. All terminals are color
  coded by wire range for easy wire
     Terminals and Connectors (cont’d)

Terminal and Connector Identification
• Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) and Nylon
  insulated connectors are Color coded for
  quick wire identification. The National
  Electrical Manufacturers Association’s
  (NEMA) Standard for Color coding is as
Terminal and Connector
       Insulation types defined
Types of Terminals and Connectors - Insulations
• Un-insulated – ideal for indoor/non exposed applications
• Vinyl (PVC) – general purpose applications
• Nylon – ideal for higher temperature, excellent dielectric strength
• Heat Shrinkable – excellent for a complete seal from moisture/dirt
• Heat Shrink and Solder – excellent for a complete seal from moisture/dirt with no
• Heat Shrink Crimp, Solder and Seal – superior connection
• OEM Weather Pack Terminals – OEM specific application
• OEM Metric-Pack Series - OEM specific application
                 Die-Cast Battery Connectors
• Copper die-cast and bright tin plating significantly exceeds SAE J163
       conductivity standards
 • Ultra-smooth, pit-free cast surface minimizes damage from harmful
       materials and corrosion
• Includes 5/16” battery bolts and shoulder nuts; fasteners included
• Clamps are marked for easy identification
 • Listed by UL STD. 486A and C UL® US when applied with Hex
       Crimp 84-9082
 • Made in North America; available in retail and bulk packages
• Grote’s trailer connectors (sockets), tractor/vehicle (plugs) and
  communication products ensure optimum connectivity of power
  delivery systems and components.
• Both plugs and sockets come in a variety of materials that
  include, die cast moulds, nylon, and PVC.
• Each connection point is marked with a code or color identifying
  the recommended color of wire to attach. This is done to ensure
  that when the plug and socket are mated the similar wires are
  matched up.
• Switches are used to allow electric current to flow when closed. When
  opened, they prevent current flow. Common switch types include
  push/pull, rocker, toggle, push button & ignition starter switches.

• Grote has a number of switches to fit a wide variety of applications and
  needs. Select the proper switch for the specific application for best
  results and performance.
        Support and Protective
• Grote supplies high quality, made-in-North America cable ties. We
  offer an extensive line of cable ties to suit a variety of needs and
  application types.
• Grote’s cable tie offering also includes a selection of ‘Specialty ties’
  that are specified and utilized by a number of OEM’s and these are
  available through Grote’s aftermarket distribution channels.
• Grote’s cable ties are made of general purpose Polyamide nylon
  and meet several regulations and criteria including ROHS,
  C UL®US and UL. In specific cases, we offer cable ties that also
  meet with Military specifications for those specific needs
             Support and Protective
EFS and Specialty Ties
Grote distributes specialty EFS (Electrical Fastener Systems) cable ties. These ties are unique to the
aftermarket but are currently being used at the OES and OE in the productions of Light Duty, Heavy
Duty and Custom vehicles. These products offer alternatives to the mainstream cable tie offering.
Metal clamps and various mounting clamps can be eliminated by using 1 or more of the specialty ties
Dual Clamp Ties - Releasable
• Used to separate parallel wires, hoses or cables
• Comes with a 1/4” mount in the center to allow for permanent mount
• Both sides are releasable – allows for hassle free changes to wire or hoses
• Available in 13” and 19” lengths
• OEM specified part for most major OES tractor builders
Button Head and Fir Tree Ties
• Used in OEM applications where mounting options are limited or specified to a mounting hole
• Extremely lightweight, reducing weight on a tractor/trailer
What is Heat Shrink Tubing?
• Heat shrink tubing has become one of the most popular forms of
  environmentally sealing electrical connections in the automotive and
  trucking industries. It offers superior protection from abrasion, moisture,
  vibration, heat and harmful chemicals. It protects electrical connections from
  strain and pull-out problems.
• Heat shrink tubing is constructed of an extruded polyolefin material. It is
  manufactured in many different shapes, lengths and wall thicknesses.
  Several forms of tubing are flame retardant and meet Military, RoHs, CSA
  and UL specifications.
Heat Shrink Tubing (cont’d)
Nylon Split Flex Tubing
• Made of lightweight, black nylon material, with grey striping
• Continuous operating temperature -40°C (-40°F) to 149°C (300°F)
• FMVSS 302 Flame Rating

Black Polyethylene Split Flex Tubing
• Made of lightweight black polyethylene (PE) material
• Provides excellent abrasion and chemical protection and allows flexible routing of
wire, cable and hoses
• Split opening allows for easy installation of wires
• The split snaps closed after installation to maintain its protective properties
                   Non Metallic Loom
• Used to protect wire harnesses, fuel lines, battery cables, control rods, vacuum lines
and anywhere extreme heat or harsh chemicals are present
• Constructed with the highest grade PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) yarn and filled
with PET monofilament
• Asphalt coating resists oil, fuel, water, and other harsh chemicals
• Provides superior abrasion protection and crush resistance
• Extremely flexible and excellent for shock and noise reduction
• Continuous operating temperature -60°C (-76°F) to 163°C (325°F)
• Made in North America
• Custom lengths and split options available by request
• CAT type equipment use asphalt coated loom due to heat and extreme use
                  Spiral Wrap
• Black spiral wrap is U.V. resistant
• Protects wire and cable from abrasion and allows flexible
routing options
• Available in black and natural
• Fed spec: LP390 (black and natural)
• HD use to wrap straight power cords and coiled airlines in
single bundle, replacement or build own power cord and
coiled air wrap
  • Professional results come from using the right tools and
    product's for the repair, maintenance and installation
    procedures on a vehicle
  • Grote offers a wide variety of tools for the Professionals

                      Variety of Heat Shrink tools

Ratchet Heat Shrink
Crimping Tool                                        OEM Packard Style Crimp tool
•   All air brake assemblies used to connect the air brake systems from one
    vehicle to another are equipped with detachable fittings and spring guards.
•   Grote offers a complete line of Coiled Air products including coiled air hose
    sets and individual lines, glad hands, seals, anodized glad hand extension
    pieces, replacement screens and filters as well as a complimentary offering
    of suspension parts including pogo sticks, springs and retention clamps.
Coiled Air Products – FMVSS
        Connect & Protect with Electrical
     Connections and Accessories from Grote

 Everything you need for the repair, maintenance or installation
  procedures on a vehicles lighting, harness and electrical systems
  is available from Grote
 From the front of the trailer to the rear, Grote carries the products
  you need to meet the demands of your customers
 Contact your local Grote Technical Specialist for more
  information or for a detailed review of your lighting, harness and
  Electrical Connections and Connections requirements and
                                Thank you

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