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									The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County
By Mark Twain

Mark Twain
“When I was born I was a member of a firm of twins, and one disappeared”
     Not a twin
     Two personalities
         o Born Samuel Langhorn Clemens
         o Pen name – Mark Twain
     Lived on Mississippi
     Father died; was forced to leave childhood at eleven years of age
         o Forced to begin working
     Riverboat pilot
     Eventually moved to San Francisco when the Civil War closed the
       Mississippi River
     Moved to Connecticut when married

   Setting –
      o rural towns
      o sometimes became just as important as the characters

   Characters –
      o small-town residents
      o shown in everyday lives and everyday tasks
      o spoke with regional dialect
      o gave clear picture as to what town would be like

   Narrator
      o Educated outsider

   Women writers of Local Color Fiction
     o Dealt with the conflict between traditional values and changing
Garrulous – talkative (p. 484)
     “Our garrulous neighbor went on with his story, ever pausing for breath.”

Conjecture – to form an opinion without definite evidence; to guess (p. 484)
     “Not really sure, I conjectured that she meant more than she said.”

Dilapidated – fallen into ruin or decay; shabby (p.484)
      “Pigeons flew through the holes in the dilapidated roof.”

Interminable – seemingly endless (p. 485)
      “Though the dull speech lasted only fifteen minutes, it seemed

Enterprising – showing energy and initiative, especially in beginning new projects
(p. 488)
       “The enterprising class planned to raise money in a new way – by having a
         silent auction.”

Literary Elements
Dialect – a variation of a language spoken by a particular group, often within a
specific region and time.
       Differ from standard form of language in the following:
            o Vocabulary
            o Pronunciation
            o Grammar
       Sometimes difficult and hard to understand

Comic devices – the use of techniques to create humor
     Exaggeration

Frame story – a story within a story

Setting – time and place of story

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