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									Agenda for Meeting

1. Stephanie Mele      Status of donations
Cooks                  Reporting time for cooks on Saturday
                       What Cooks should wear while in the kitchen, hats, gloves, aprons
                       What time to report on Sunday?
                       What time bread should be delivered?
                       What time students are to drop off soft drinks and/or desserts?
                       Runners in the event we run out of something

2. Beth Navari         Signs to be distributed
Advertising            Ad for local newspapers
                       Blurb in local church bulletins
                       Status of scout cook ware
                       What time we can get in on Saturday and Sunday?
                       Make a poster with names of companies that donated items
                       Send thank you cards to the companies

3. Cindee Cramer       Number of tickets pre-sold
Tickets                Ticket sellers at the door

4. Cheryl Tremaine     12 baskets
Chinese Auction        Get tickets from PIMBA committee
                       Make up bags for each basket, list the contents
                       Cost will be 11 for $5 or 2 for $1…make a sign

5. Mary Ann Nicholas 6 adult volunteers will each get a set number of tables they will over see
Volunteers           Each adult will supervise 3 students
                     All are to wear PT wear, hat and gloves

6. Elaine Seaman       3 adults to help with take out order window
Take outs

Dessert Table          Will be managed by 4 adults…see master list

Clean up               Suggest selling left over food to Band parents at a minimal cost
                       Left over drinks are to be saved for future band events-Patty Carlson has room to store it
                       All volunteers are asked to stay and help clean up, remove trash, wash pots, pans, etc..
pots, pans, etc..
First Annual PTBPA Spaghetti Dinner.
*Denotes Chairperson
% Denotes student

          Name              Budget     Tickets   Advertising    Cooks     Chinese Auction   Set up   Server   Clean-up Dessert Table
*Patty Carlson                 x                                                                                 x
Mark Close                                                        x
Chris Connor                                         x                          x
* Bob Cramer                             x                                                    x
* Cindy Cramer                           x                                                    x
Laura Costello                                                                  x
Drew Dicocco                                                      x
Patti Dedomenico                                                                                       x
Lorrie Duewiger                                                Take out
Mark Duewiger                                                  Take out
Darlette Filtz                                                    x                           x        x         x
Mark Filtz                                                        x                           x
Dave Katz                                                         x
Betsy Koehn                                                                                            x
Helga Hanna                                          x            x
Tracy Lauffer                                                                                                                x
*Kim Marks                                                                                                                   x
Stuart Marks                                                      x
Lori Martz                                                        x
Carolyn McElhaney                                                                                                            x
* Stephanie Mele               x                     x            x
Mary Jo Montgomery                                                x                           x        x         x
Terri Mueller                                                                                          x
*Beth Navari                                         x            x
John Navari                                          x            x
*Marianne Nicholas                                                                                     x
Barb Oreski                                                                     x
Elizabeth Palumbi                                                 x
John Palumbi                                                      x
Jeff Plimpton                                                     x
Sandy Rosvanis                                                    x
*Elaine Seaman          Take out
Tu Sofelkanik                          x
* Cheryl Tremaine                  x
Maura Scott                        x
Elaine Vucelich     x
Holly Wimer             Take out
Laura Wisniewski           x
First Annual PTBPA Spaghetti Dinner.

             Name                      Please Initial
Patty Carlson
Mark Close
Mary Corcoran
Bob Cramer
Cindy Cramer
Laura Costello
Drew Dicocco
Chris Connor
Patti DeDomenico
Lorrie Duewiger
Mark Duewiger
Darlette Filtz
Mark Filtz
Dave Katz
Betsy Koehn
Helga Hanna
Tracy Lauffer
Kim Marks
Stuart Marks
Lori Martz
Carolyn McElhaney
Stephanie Mele
Mary Jo Montgomery
Terri Mueller
Beth Navari
Marianne Nicholas
Barb Oreski
John Palumbi
Elizabeth Palumbi
Jeff Plimpton
Sandy Rosvanis
Elaine Seaman
Tu Sofelkanik
Cherly Tremaine
Maura Scott
Dan Vucelich
Elaine Vucelich
Holly Wimer
Laura Wisniewski
Donations          Make a poster to display at the dinner

Person Acquiring   Name of Company
Helga Hanna        McDonalds
Helga Hanna        McDonalds
Patti DiDomenico   Cellones

Patty Carlson      Sgambetti Bakery
Stephanie Mele     Niehl's
Beth Navari        Boy Scout Troop
display at the dinner

           1000 Pats of butter
           Place mats
           55 Loaves of Italian Bread
           25 Loaves of bread, pre-sliced. 18 slices per loaf.
           Will deliver to the firehall on Saturday morning. Call
           with the time.
           Roasters, coffee pot
           Pots, pans, utensils

                                       Committee Chair Person Stephanie Mele


                                                                                            Can be purchased
            NAME OF ITEM                    Qty needed         Cost per item   Total Cost      at any time
Spaghetti Sauce                            36     #10 cans
Pasta                                       200 pounds
Meatballs                                        1,800
Salad Mix
Cherry Tomatoes
Cooking oil                                     2 gallons
Ranch Salad Dressing                            4 gallons
Italian Salad Dressing                          4 gallons
Italian Bread-donation                          Donated
Butter                                           1,000             Donated
Parmasan Cheese                          8 large containers
Drinks-donated by students
Desserts-donated by students
Serving Gloves                                  4 boxes
Dish Detergent                              1 large bottle
Place mats                                      Donated
Trash Bags                                         50
Dinner plates                                    1,000
Dessert plates                                   1,000
Salad bowls                                      1,000
Napkins                                          1,000
Plastic knives                                   1,200
Plastic forks                                    1,200
Stirrers                                          lots
Coffee cups                                      1,200
Tea bags                                          100
Creamer                                    1 large container
Sugar                                           1 pound
Paper Towels                                     3 rolls
Cold drink cups                                  1,000
Salt                                             1,000
Pepper                                           1,000
Take out containers                               300
Plastic bags for butter and bread             250
                        Total cost

Will need roasters, warming tables, utensils, pot holders, aprons, gloves, hats, etc……
The goal is to get as much food and paper products donated as possible.
Suggest 1/2 of the band donate cans of softdrinks, the other half donate desserts…such as cake,
cupcakes and cookies,
Helga Hanna is donating a box
                    Ticket Committee

    Committee Chair Person-Bob and Cindy Cramer


          Please list name and phone number
1 Elaine Vucelich

    1,200 tickets
                 Advertising Committee

    Committee Chair Person-Beth Navari


         Please list name and phone number
1 Helga Hanna
2 Chris Connor

    Need ads in the local newspapers and churchs in Penn Twp.
    Make signs for PTBPA yards and to hang in stores.

          Committee Chair Person-Stephanie Mele


                 Please list name and phone number
        1 Mark Close
        2 Helga Hanna
        3 Laura Wisniewski
        4 John Palumbi
        5 Beth Navari
        6 Jeff Plimpton
        7 Dave Katz
        8 Elaine Seaman-Take out
        9 Sandy Rosvanis
       10 Mary Jo Montgomery
       11 Lori Martz
       12 Darlette Filtz
       13 Mark Filtz
       14 Elizabeth Palumbi
       15 Stuart Marks

Suggest having a master chef that oversees all kitchen duties.
Perhaps have individuals in charge of meatballs, another team in charge
of Salads. Another in charge of drinks, desserts, takes out, etc…..

Will need to prepare pasta and sauce the day before.

          Would like to have 10 to 12 baskets
Soft Drink          Last names ending in

Pepsi               M, H, J                      18
Diet Pepsi          F, V                         5
Coke                P, S                         16
Diet Coke           K, U                         5
Mountain Dew        C, D, N                      12
Diet Mountain Dew   R                            4
Sunkist Orange      W, L, Y                      10
Sprite              T, G                         7
Lemonade            A, B, Z                      10

                                           A-2        K-4         U-1
                                           B-7        L-2         V-1
                                           C-7        M-10        W-7
                                           D-2        N-3         X-0
                                           E-0        O-0         Y-1
                                           F-4        P-10        Z-1
                                           G-2        Q-0
                                           H-6        R-4         87 Students
                                           I-0        S-6
                                           J-2        T-5

                                                             1044 cans of soda
                            Chinese Auction

           Committee Chair Person-Cheryl Tremaine


                 Please list name and phone number
       1 Chris Connor
       2 Maura Scott
       3 Laura Costello
       4 Barb Oreski

           Luci Kamminzind would like to prebuy tickets for the baskets
           She has to work on Sunday

Donations as of 10/5
       1 Marianne Nicholas- Avon theme
       2 Patty Carlson-Lotions, potions and magical powders
        3 Stephanie Mele-Wome Basket
       4 Pimba basket
       5 Patti DiDomenico
       6 Alluring Designs
       7 $75 gift voucher from Levin Furniture…Annie Potter has it.

           Would like to have 10 to 12 baskets
                           Set up, servers, clean up

            Committee Chair Person-Mary Ann Nicholas


                 Please list name and phone number                  Set Up   Serve   Clean Up
        1 Bob Cramer                                                  x
        2 Cindy Cramer                                                x
        3 Barb Oreski                                                           x
        4 Mary Jo Montgomery                                          x         x       x
        5 Darlette Filtz                                              x         x       x
        6 Mark Filtz                                                  x
        7 Patti DiDomenico                                                      x
        8 Betsy Koehn                                                           x
        9 Terri Mueller                                                         x
       10 Patty Carlson                                                                 x

Students will sign up for a 2 hour shift on Friday, November 5th.
They will wear PT shirts, hats and hair pulled up.
1 adult will over see a set number of tables and manage that team of students
Spaghetti Dinner
November 14th.
Level Green Fire Hall


Please print

              Students are to wear PT shirt…not white, hat and pull hair up
              Name tags will be given to you whenever you sign in
Shop at GFS for last minute food on Friday night 11/12
Make a sign listing companies that donated items
Get Raffle tickets from PIMB committee
Make bags for Chinese Auction
Send in volunteer hours list to Drew
Write Thank you cards to companies that donated items
Make a sign listing cost of Chinese Auction tickets
Make a sign in and out sheet for all volunteers

Home Phone number
Cell Phone number

Email address:

Which number is easiest to reach you?                            Home           Cell

What is the best time of day to call you….if necessary            Day         Evening          Anytime         Don't call me (just kidding)

Have you ever helped with a spaghetti dinner before?              Yes            No
If yes, what were your responsiblities?
Would you like to do the same task(s) for this dinner?            Yes            No

Would you like to chair a committee?
If yes, which one? Circle all that apply        Tickets       Advertising     Cooking      Chinese Auction      Set-up, servers, clean up

Which committee(s) would you like to help with? Circle all that apply
                                              Tickets       Advertising       Cooking      Chinese Auction      Set-up, servers, clean up
Clean up will include removing the trash from the hall as needed.

In the event tasks need to be done during the weekday, are you available?                         Yes         No
Tasks MAY include hanging signs in store fronts, picking up non-perishables, etc…

Do know of anybody or any company that would be willing to donate any items? This may include items like napkins, plates,
plastic ware, cheese, Italian bread, etc…..                                                Yes         No

If yes, what company and would you be willing to represent the PTBPA and ask the owner if they are willing to make a
donation?                                                                                   Yes           No

Do you have any questions or comments?

Finally, I would like to personally thank you for volunteering for this fundraiser. Even though we are all very busy, I appreciate
your giving your time and talents for this worthwhile event. I'm sure we will make a few mistakes along the way and we will
learn from them. We will also have a few good laughs as well. I call them "memory makers" Thanks for being part of them.
                                                                                         Sincerely, Patty Carlson

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