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					Long Island Elite Camp for Girls
                                              DATE: July 30- Aug 1, 2012
                                     LOCATION: Dowling College - Brookhaven Campus
                                          July 30 – Check-in begins at 10:00am
                                                     AGES: 10-18
                                            PRICE: $465 overnight residents
                                                  $395 day commuters
                                               PROGRAM DIRECTORS
                           SHELLEY KLAES-BAWCOMBE- Head Coach James Madison University
                          ERIN WELLNER HELLMOLD- Associate Head Coach Georgetown University
                                                  FIELD DIRECTOR
                                      KERRI MCCABE- Head Coach Dowling College

LI Elite Camp brings together top college and high school coaches to teach you the most advanced and latest techniques, strategies and skills in girls
lacrosse. We cater our coaching to all levels of player, from beginners to high school players. Our goal is to bring the player in and give her the
appropriate coaching she needs to improve and enjoy the game. Let us help you take your game to the next level!
*For elite high school players wanting to prepare for collegiate competition, we offer special instruction from an array of college coaches and a special
presentation with an open forum on the college recruiting process. You are invited to bring your questions to our panel of college coaches. We know the
challenges of the college recruiting process and want to provide you with invaluable insight from our experienced coaching staff. Parents are invited to
attend this presentation which will take place on July 31st at the conclusion of the night session (around 8pm).
Program Features
    -    Excellent skill and team strategy instruction
    -    Individual and ability level group instruction
    -    Extensive playing time in competitive situations
    -    Opportunity to showcase your talent while being coached by some of the best college coaches in the country and top local high school coaches
    -    Overnight option to stay in the dorms and interact with the other players in the program
GOALIE SCHOOL – Unlike other camps, we have a specialized goalkeeping staff where goalies receive special training with individualized instruction.
         *Goalies, use our regular enrollment form to sign-up for the Goalie School and bring your gear!
Facilities & Medical Care
All camp sessions are on field turf and natural grass fields. Certified athletic trainers are provided for coverage during all activities and sessions.
Lunch will be provided to all campers.
For more information, please visit www.LAXOLOGY.com
APPLICATION (or register online at www.LAXOLOGY.com)

Mail to:    New York Lacrosse Academy
            P.O. Box 388
            Williston Park, NY 11596
Complete payment is required for discounts and only one discount may be used per customer. A nonrefundable deposit of $150 is required with
applications for regularly priced tuitions. There is a $20 late fee for any registrations received less than two weeks before the start of camp.
Check your Discount
( ) Group Discount – Deduct $25 for each camper in groups of six or more. The first 6 applications must be mailed together and completely paid. –or—
( ) Large Group Discount – Deduct $25 for each camper in groups of ten or more. The first 10 applications must be mailed together and completely
paid. –or—
( ) Sibling Discount – Deduct $25 for siblings. Send complete payment.
Name: _______________________________                     Phone: _______________________________
Address: _____________________________                    E-Mail: ______________________________
City, ST, Zip: _____________________________              Age: ______ H.S. Graduation Year: ______
School: ______________________________                    Club Team: ___________________________
Emergency Contact: ____________________                   Contact Phone: ________________________
Parent E-Mail: _________________________                  Player Position: ________________________
                                                          Roommate Preference: ___________________
Parent/Guardian Release
I hereby authorize the staff of NYLA/Laxology to act for me/my child in their best judgment in any emergency requiring medical attention. I hereby
waive and release the camp from any and all liability for injuries or illness incurred while at camp.

           _________________________________________                     ____________________
                       Signature Parent/Guardian                                    Date
How to Reach Us
(516)873-7735          nylaxacademy@yahoo.com
(540)271-1996          laxology@gmail.com

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