CHILD ABUSE

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                  The Law
 NMSA 32A-4-3. Any person…acting in an official
    capacity who knows or has a reasonable
suspicion that a child is an abused or neglected
  child shall report the matter immediately to:
 A local law enforcement agency;
 The CYF department office in the county
  where the child resides; or
 Tribal law enforcement or social services
  agencies for any Indian child residing in
  Indian country.
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             CHILDREN’S CODE
    Article 4- Child Abuse and Neglect
     B. “abused child” means a child:

1) who has suffered physical abuse or psychological
  abuse inflicted by the child’s parent, guardian, or
                      custodian ;

    2) who has suffered sexual abuse or sexual
exploitation inflicted by the child’s parent, guardian,
                     or custodian;
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     CHILDREN’S CODE continued…
                An abused child is:

3) whose parent, guardian, or custodian has knowingly,
    intentionally, or negligently placed the child in a
situation that may endanger the child’s life or health; or

4) whose parent, guardian, or custodian has knowingly or
    intentionally tortured, cruelly confined or cruelly
                    punished the child.

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              E. “sexual abuse”

includes, but is not limited to, criminal sexual
penetration, as those acts are defined by state
                    law; and

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           F. “sexual exploitation”

           includes, but is not limited to:
       1. Allowing, permitting or encouraging a
          child to engage in prostitution;

2. Allowing, permitting, encouraging or engaging
a child in obscene or pornographic commercial
purposes; as those acts are defined by state law.

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 Pedophile:
    Compulsive sexual interest in children who have
    not reached puberty.
 Hebephile:
    Compulsive sexual interest in adolescents
 Sexually Stupid:
    Actions viewed as romantic

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 1 of 5 girls and 1 of 5 boys
 Enough to fill 1000 sold-out Super Bowls.
 Molester who targets boys will molest 100 boys
  before they are caught – (FBI statistics)
 1 in 20 men have molested a child- USDOJ
 1 out of 10 victims reports molestation

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      Who Are These People??
 90% of sex offenders are known to the child.
 White-collar males- 90%
 Ages 30-40
 Married with Children
 Popular with Children and Parents
 Occupations or specialties with frequent
  one-on-one contact with children.

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        Who Are They At School??
 Voted Favorite Teacher or is popular with
  students and teachers.
 Received Outstanding Teacher Awards.
 Coaches, Drama, Art, Music, and Physical
  Education teachers

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  Recognize Unusual Behavior!
 Spends unusual time with student(s).
 Seems to be overly sensitive to student
  needs and issues.
 Gives unusual (inappropriate) gifts.
 Unusual Attention paid to student(s).

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When reporting, provide the following information:
    Name and age and gender of the child
 Address and phone number of child’s home
        Parent’s place of employment
       Description of suspected abuse
          Current condition of child
                               NM Children’s

                                                                          Beyond a Reasonable Doubt
Preponderance of Evidence

                            to Law Enforcement or NM
                            Children, Youth & Families
                                                          W/in 48 hours
                             Initial agency informs
                                  other agency

                                    POMS and Associates
                            NM Children’s Code continued…

                                 Agencies Conduct Investigation
Preponderance of Evidence

                               Determination of Suspected Abuse

                                                                Abuse Suspected

                                No Abuse
                             Proceedings End
                                                            Criminal Proceeding
                                               POMS and Associates

    Pinching
 Laying Hands on
    Hugging
    Tickling
     Kissing
  Sitting on Lap

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       Child Abuse & Neglect Test
                    True or False
1.   Abused or neglected children may become abusive
     and neglectful parents.
2.   Spanking and other types of physical abuse are
     wrong and considered to be child abuse.
3.   The difference between abuse and neglect is that
     abuse represents an action against a child while
     neglect represents a lack of action for the child.
4.   Abuse may be directed towards only one child in
     the family.
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     Child Abuse and Neglect Test
5. Neglect is most apt to involve children from infancy
    to six years of age.
6. Most abusive and neglectful parents suffer from
    mental illness.
7. Bruises on the elbows, knees, skin or forehead are
    likely to be accidental in a preschooler.
8. Abused children will usually discuss the abuse in an
    effort to stop it.

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      Child Abuse and Neglect Test
9. Early reporting is encouraged so that the child may be
   removed from the home of the abusive parent.
10. You must have evidence of abuse or neglect before
   you report it.
11. If you report abuse or neglect and your suspicions
   are unfounded, you are liable for civil or criminal suit.
12. An anonymous report of abuse and neglect will not
   be investigated.

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     Child Abuse and Neglect Test
13. The identity of the person who reports child abuse or
  neglect is protected under state law.
14. Children will frequently fantasize that they have been
  sexually abused to “get even” with an adult.
15. Abused and neglected children almost always are
  from low-income families.
16. Sexual abuse usually occurs between a child and a

                       POMS and Associates
     Child Abuse and Neglect Test
17. A child may be abused without anyone ever being
  able to know.
18. A child never will enjoy sexual touch.
19. By teaching a child about sexual assault, you may
  frighten the child or cause the child to be sexually
20. A child under 12 years of age should never be left at
  home alone.

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 Any sexual contact with a
student, of any age, is strictly

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