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									                     HTC Desire C deals: Within Your Tight Budget
   Yeah, again an entry-level smartphone has erupted out of nowhere. But, it’s a
    product of HTC’s profound desires and the quest to churn out an affordable
    product without compromising on crucial attributes, so it gets imperative to have a
    look at it.

   HTC Desire C sits at the bottom of the smartphone market, but we can’t just
    dismiss the device thanks to the Desire branding it carries. Let’s have a recap of
    the Desire lineup. First, the HTC Desire was a fabulous smartphone back in 2010,
    and even now we can see many individuals carrying this device. However, users
    were taken back by the release of the Desire HD. Interestingly; both devices were
    flagship models at the time of their release. Going against the tradition, the Desire
    C is a budget offering, which, obviously, surprise us. Still, the Desire name excites
    us anyway.

   The “C” here probably means compact, but we are not much concerned about the
    nomenclature of the smartphones. Also, the device seems similar as all devices
    from the kitty of the Taiwanese mobile manufacturer tend to possess similar facial
    features. Nonetheless, the device hits the right chords, and can fool anyone into
    believing that it’s an expensive tool (of course, don’t try to fool a geek). HTC has
    been kind enough to churn out a sturdier product, but cruel enough to dampen our
    spirits by incorporating a plastic cover. What a letdown! Pop the hood and you get
    to see everything in red color, literally! We have hired Sherlock Holmes to find the
    reason behind this (Ah, just kidding).

   Ignoring the bright red interiors, let’s evaluate the dimensions. The smartphone,
    we must profess, is comfortable to hold (even for clumsy ones like us). No need to
   The single-core 600MHz CPU pumps-up the device and as you can understand we
    would like to steer clear of mentioning anything about it. Something is better not
    discussed. 512 MB RAM is existing, and it do help to speed up the show a bit.
    Micro SD card facilitates memory expansion, up to 32GB.

   The screen resolution is intolerable, and asks for frequent zooming to see the text
    precisely. However, this has become a standard for smartphones in this segment.
    The 5MP snapper seemed exciting at the outset, but before long we found out the
    absence of Flash. Regrettably, the camera is restricted in terms of clicking great
    pictures. The Android Ice Cream sandwich is the show-stealer here, with the Sense
    UI sitting on top of it. This twosome makes for smooth and swift user experience.

   HTC Desire C deals might sweeten your shopping experience. But, where can we
    look for them? As for any commodity, online world has shot to fame, since there
    are many shopping portals out there. You will certainly find some HTC Desire C
    deals that go well with your budget and needs as well.

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   Don’t let the name misguide you, HTC Desire C is not a high-end offering but a
    budget offering. HTC Desire C deals and htc desire v deals are still getting a lot of

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