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									Wedding Ceremony
The Wedding Ceremony, is what it’s all about right? So let’s face it you need all the help you can get. We
have all your bases covered from order of service,
organizing, seating, readings, decorating and music.
Everything and anything you could possibly fret about
with the wedding ceremony, we have something to
say about it.

    You can marry virtually anywhere including on a
     boat or plane. A registrar, independent marriage
     (or civil union) celebrant or religious celebrant
     (e.g. priest) must conduct the ceremony.
    If you were previously married or in a civil union, your marriage/civil union must have ended (either by
     divorce or by the death of your spouse).
    You may not marry a close relative, e.g. your grandparent, parent, stepparent, uncle/aunt, child,
     sibling, etc. Nor can you currently marry someone of the same gender.
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