IMPACT OF TECHNOLOGY ON HUMAN LIFE

                                              CHAPTER I


A. Background

           We know that in fact since the first human technology is already there or already using the

    technology. Someone is using technology for rational human beings. With his mind he wanted to

    get out of trouble, wants to live better, safer, and so on. Technological developments occur

    because a person uses his wits and his wits to solve any problems.

           On the one hand, the development of world science and technology is so amazing that it

    has brought tremendous benefits to the advancement of human civilization. The types of work that

    had previously demanded considerable physical abilities, are now comparatively device can be

    replaced by automated machines, Similarly, the discovery of new formulations of computer

    capacity, as has been able to shift the position of the human brain's ability in various fields of

    science and human activity . In short the progress of science and technology that we have achieved

    today has really been recognized and felt to give a lot of convenience and comfort for human life.

    Contribution of science and technology on civilization and human welfare can not be denied. But

    humans are not kidding myself to the fact that science and technology wreak havoc and misery for


           Even if the technology is capable of revealing all the secret veil of nature and life, does not

    mean the technology is synonymous with truth. Because science and technology is only capable of

    displaying true. Human truth must be more than just objective reality. Truth must also include an

    element of justice. Of course science does not recognize moral humanity, because science can

    never be a standard of truth or the solution of human problems.

B. B. formulation of the problem

           Base of the above background, it is the formulation of the problem in writing this paper is:

    What is the impact of technology on human life?
                                         CHAPTER II

       According to Iskandar Alisyahbana (1980) Technology has been known to humans since

millions of years ago because of the encouragement to live a more comfortable, more prosperous

and more prosperous. So since the beginning of civilization in fact had no technology, although

the term "technology has not been used. The term "technology" comes from "techne" or the way

and "logos" or knowledge. So the technology literally means the knowledge of the way.

Understanding of the technology itself is a way of doing things according to human needs with the

help of reason and tools, so that seemed to extend, strengthen or make more powerful members of

the body, senses and the human brain.

       Meanwhile, according to Jacques Ellul (1967: xxv 1967) gives the meaning of technology

as a "whole method is rational leads and has a characteristic efficiency in every sphere of human

activity". Understanding technology in general is:

a. processes that increase the value-added

b. products used and produced to facilitate and improve performance

c. Structure or system in which the process and the product was developed and used

       While the impact is a result brought about by something. So the impact of technology is

the result generated by a technology, it could also be due to either bad consequences in human life.

Advances in technology is something that we can not avoid in this life, because of advances in

technology will run in accordance with kemajuanm science.

Each innovation was created to provide positive benefits to human life. Provides many facilities,

as well as new ways of doing human activities. Specialized in the field of community technology

already enjoy many benefits brought by the innovations that have been produced in the last


       However, although initially created to generate positive benefits, on the other hand it also

also allows the used to the negative. Therefore, in this paper we make an impact, positive and

negative impacts of technological advances in human life.

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