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The best way to get traffic to your website is to be at the top
of the results page of a search engine. Since there can only be
one at the top for every search query, your being actually there
is next to impossible with the millions of sites and billions of
articles contained within the internet.

However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t strive to be part
of the top ten in a results page. A good way, to rise through
the rankings of search results is by having an article in each
page of your website that contains at least 250++ words. This
article should contain keyword and relevant content about your
website or your product.

Link exchange programs are like merchant clans or chambers of
commerce and industry. By being part of a link exchange program,
you agree to display the links of other partner sites in your
website. The links that will be placed in your website are those
links that lead to other websites that are in the same category
as your website. For example, if you have a gaming website, then
most of your links will be other gaming sites as well. In return
for placing their links on your site, they will reciprocate by
placing a link on their webpage to your site. How does this
increase traffic to your site? If in a search query, one of your
partner sites shows up but yours does not, the searcher is
redirected to that site. If your partner site does not have the
product or idea needed by the searcher, then the searcher will
probably click on the link to a partner site. There’s no
guarantee that the link will be yours, but it gives you a

Banner exchanges work much like link exchanges but you will
need more space on your website to accommodate other website
banners. If you are obsessive when it comes to the cosmetics of
your website, then you probably won’t want this one. With so
many banners flying around, you can get to look like the United
Nations. Be that as it may, a potential active link is still one
point in favor of your site being visited by someone.
Ezine article writing and newsletters are another way to herd
some website traffic in your direction. You write hundreds, even
thousands, of articles to saturate the web. Embedded within
these articles are links to your website. Having all those
articles around is much like having mini-websites scattered all
over strategic places. With these articles, you can also give
the reader an option to subscribe to your newsletters. If they
accept, then you are right at their front door ready to make
your sales pitch (email presentations in this case).

If you want it all to yourself, you can turn your site into
something similar to Wikipedia. The only difference is that you
have merchandise to sell on each page of your website while
Wikipedia does not. Using this method, you are guaranteed a top
ten placement in any search engine in the internet. Of course,
this would mean a lot of work. But if you really want good
money, then you have to give good effort.

To your success,

P.S. The methods for increasing website traffic I mentioned in
this article are just some of the many other ways available in
the internet. The most successful are those that entail
newsletters and ezine articles and link exchanges with other
websites. You decide which method

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