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									                                                Bradfield Farms Homeowners Association
                                                        Board of Directors Meeting Agenda
                                                          August 22, 2011 – 7:30 p.m.

The Bradfield Farms Homeowners Association Board of Director’s Responsibility is To Preserve, Maintain,
Protect, and Enhance the Value of our Real Estate.

Roll Call - Elected Directors      Committee Chairs (Attendance Optional)
   Bill Colyer, President             Activities – Nisa Kalambaheti              Swim Team – Cyndi Amfaldern
   Mike Train, 1 Vice-President       ARC – Carl Scavotto                        Welcome – Tammy Kea
   Janet Cassill, 2 Vice President    Clubhouse – Mark Manchette                     Coordinators
   Bob Kline, Treasurer               Communications – Doug Morris               Special Projects – Bill Kline
   Melinda Hile, Secretary            Neighborhood Watch – Eve Mucci             Tennis – Jeremy Young

Bradfield Farms Homeowners Association Board of Directors uses an agenda in an effort to complete necessary
business in a timely manner. Agenda items are forwarded to the President in advance. Additional items may be
added by Residents in Good Standing at the Resident’s Concerns section of the agenda, and discussed after the
published items. Individuals with time constraints may request an early agenda placement in advance.

7:00 – Executive Session
     Homeowner Hearings

7:30 – Convene Regular Meeting
Welcome, Recognition of Homeowners & Guests
Consent Items
These are the various reports distributed by e-mail to the Board members for review prior to the meeting, and an
affirmative vote signifies acceptance as written. Some points may warrant discussion prior to voting. It includes all
Committee reports, Secretary’s & Treasurer’s reports, and the AMG report with financial updates and status of service
Old Business
    Pool umbrellas will be exchanged / replaced by our supplier to meet original order specification. Nine (9)
       have been returned and replacements have been shipped.
    Clubhouse remodel and new furniture uipdate – Mike Train
    Other
New Business
    Approve renewal of pool management contract with US Aquatics for the 2012 Season at the 2010-2011 rate.
    Other

Adjourn to Executive Session
Purpose of Executive Session is to discuss personnel matters, enforcement actions, and contract

Next Meeting Date – Next meeting of the Bradfield Farms Homeowners Directors is Monday, September 26, 2011 @
7:30 p.m. at the Peacock Lane Clubhouse. Board business can, and will, be conducted by e-mail between meetings,
as usual.

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