Nobody Asks the Donkey by nilsenj


									Nobody Asks the Donkey

Value: God’s Faithfulness

Sydney the Donkey and Muriel the sheep walked along the rough Egyptian road trying to keep up with the
crowd. Everyone was all in a rush and upset and pushing and yelling ever since Moses finally got the
Pharaoh to let the Israelites go and Moses had the Hebrew nation pack up everything and march toward to
the Red Sea and to freedom.

“Well this was an unexpected trip.†Muriel said running a bit to keep away from the switch her master
was using to keep the animals moving.

“What are you complaining about?†Sydney responded. “Look at all the junk I have on my back.
They make me carry everything.â€

“Well why don’t you just dump it on the road? You are a donkey, people expect you to be
stubborn.†The helpful sheep advised.

“Well it’s not that bad. Besides that is what God created me to do and if it makes me useful, then I
will have a place in the Promised Land.†Sydney said optimistically.

“What is that?’ Muriel asked.

“That is where we are going silly.†The donkey informed his friend. “This isn’t just a vacation
trip you know. God did all those amazing miracles back there to get us out of slavery and to take His people
to the Promised Land, which they say, is like paradise. This is the trip to get there Muriel. Pretty exciting
huh?’ Sydney answered her.

“Oh oh, trouble.†Muriel remarked and she knew what she was talking about. Just ahead, the caravan
came to the edge of the Red Sea and they were grinding to a halt. “This is terrible, Sydney†Muriel said
in a panic. “Look at that river. You can’t even see the other side and it is churning and flowing. It
must be a mile deep. Nobody can cross that. Look at Moses just staring at it. He didn’t have a plan for
this. I knew it. This is just what the mistress of our family said all along. Moses should have left us in
slavery. At least we wouldn’t be backed up to the sea ready to be slaughtered by Pharaoh’s army.â€
And then Muriel started to cry which is a pretty unpleasant thing to listen to a sheep do.

“Haven’t you been paying any attention all this time?†Sydney said nudging the weeping sheep so
maybe she would stop crying. “Remember what God did to Pharaoh when he wouldn’t let us go?
He sent plague after plague. The sun went out, the sea turned to blood, frogs and locusts covered the land.
That was all God’s doing because he loves us so much, he couldn’t stand to see us in slavery.†The
donkey said in his honking donkey voice.
“How do you know God will save us from this? This is hopeless. All of the humans are upset and
panicking. If you are so smart, how come none of them know what you know?†Muriel said critically
continuing to sniffle.

“Well, nobody asks a donkey what he thinks about things.†Sydney said sounding somewhat hurt that
he was never consulted. “It is amazing to me the people of God continue to not trust Him. Look at all
those miracles and through all of that, none of those horrible things happened to us. God kept the homes
and land of His people from all the plagues. Even that last one where he killed the first born of every human
and animal. God made sure our masters knew how to avoid that disaster. I am glad because my brother
Melvin is the first born and I would have hated to see him go like that.â€

Suddenly the panic in the crowd got much worse. The people were screaming, “Pharaoh’s army is
right behind us. They are almost here!†The children running around crying and bumping in to things and
being stepped on by the adults.

“Come here children†Sydney said to the panicking children. But all they heard was a “BRAY’
from his donkey face. But they seemed to understand because they hid under his legs to keep from being

“Any room for a sheep under there?†Muriel said shyly. Sydney scooted the five year old into her
brother’s lap and Muriel snuggled in and all the children hugged her warm fir.

“Sydney, I am afraid.†Muriel said softly so the children wouldn’t cry.

“Get ready, Muriel. I don’t know what God is going to do but he won’t let his people die like
this. God is faithful. He sent Moses from far away to save us from slavery. Some day a great Messiah will
come and take all of his people to paradise. I hope that includes slightly smelly donkeys and scared little
sheep like you Muriel.†The donkey laughed.

“Well, that is someday. For now the army of Pharaoh will be here any minute and I hear Egyptians like
lamb stew quite a lot.†She said and then she started to cried again. The children started to cry because she
was crying and everybody was upset.

“You have to trust in the faithfulness of God you silly sheep.†The donkey scolded. “Look, see at
what Moses is doing?â€

Muriel peeked around Sydney’s legs and when she did, the children peeked too. Because they were on a
ridge, they could see Moses standing in front of the raging Red Sea facing it with his chest out. Then, he
lifted his staff and spoke some words they could not make out. All of a sudden, the sea began to crash and
twist and change and a valley opened up and pulled apart to make a huge pathway that was completely dry.
Moses signaled and God’s people started crossing it to safety, to salvation and to the Promised Land.

“I am sorry I was such a big baby, Sydney.†Muriel apologized letting the youngest children ride on her
back as they entered the parted sea. “You are my friend and you were right all along about God’s
faithfulness.†She apologized.

“Well,†Sydney said warmly. “Its ok, I am used to it. After all, nobody ever asks the donkey.â€

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