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ASSISTANT TEACHER TEST                                        ISSUE DATE: 10-21-02
ADMINISTRATION                                                REVISED:     9-12-11

Individuals who wish to apply for the position of Assistant Teacher in the Jackson County
School District must pass the Assistant Teacher Examination, as provided for in Policy
GBAM. Each individual will be allowed a maximum of three (3) attempts at passage of this
exam in any 36 month period. Individuals will not be considered eligible for employment as
an Assistant Teacher until they have passed the exam. After three unsuccessful attempts at
passage of the Assistant Teacher Examination, an individual must wait until the expiration of
the 36 month period in order to take the exam again.

       *In accordance with the provisions of the “No Child Left Behind Act” of 2001 and
requirements of the Mississippi Department of Education, any assistant teacher hired in a
position supported by Title 1 funds shall meet one of the following requirements:

       1.     Completed at least two (2) years of study (48 semester hours) at an
              institution of higher learning, or;

       2.     Obtained an associate’s degree(or higher); or

       3.     Met a rigorous standard of quality as determined by a formal assessment.
              The Mississippi Department of Education has approved ACT WorkKeys to meet
              this requirement (Reading for Information, applied Mathematics, and writing

These requirements of the MDE and No Child Left Behind Act apply to all paraprofessionals
in schoolwide Title 1 schools, regardless of the funding source for the position. The
requirements are in effect from January 8, 2002 and shall apply to those paraprofessionals
employed prior to that date by January 8, 2006.

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