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									     The Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce, Hong Kong
           Rm. 2901 Pacific Plaza, 410 Des Voeux West Road, Hong Kong
     Tel : (582) 2857 6126 Fax : (852) 2857 6122, E-mail:

                         Membership Application Form
Part - 1
N.B. : Individual / Professional Members need not to fill up Part – 1.

 Name :

Address :

Type of                                     Nature of
Company                                     Business
BR No.:

Telephone:                         Fax:                       Mobile:

E-mail :                                    Web-Page :

Part – 2

Name of Representative /
Individual / Professional :

HK Residential Address :

Speciality / Skills :
(For Professional)

HK I/D No. :                              E-mail

Telephone :                                        Fax No.:
Part - 3 Type of Membership Applying for and Annual Subscription:

    1. General Member:            HK$3,000.00 (for two years, please see Remarks)                 

    2. Associate Member: HK$2,000.00 (for two years, please see Remarks)                          

    3. Overseas Member : HK$2,000.00 (for two years, please see Remarks)                          

    4. Individual Member: HK$1,000.00 (for two years, please see Remarks)                         

    5. Long Tram Member: HK$30,000.00 (for fifteen years only)                                    

    6. Honorary Member: to be decided by the Executive committee                                  

Documents required :
1. Copy of Valid Business registration or Professional certificate
2. Photo of the company representative / Professional / Individual
3. I.D Copy

Personal Data Collection :
Personal data collected in this form will be used for provision of membership services, publication of directory and
other related services. The data will not be used for any purposes other than specified.

Payment method :
A crossed cheque / cashier order payable to : Mr. FAZLE AZIM SHAOKAT AHMED, for the time being. You may
also directly deposit the fee to Standard Chartered Bank a/c no. 418-0-013632-0 in name of Mr. FAZLE AZIM
SHAOKAT AHMED and forward the deposit slip along with your duly filled up membership application form.

All payment is non-refundable and non-transferable.
Membership is subject to approval.
Except life member all other above mentioned membership subscriptions will be for 2 years for the promotional
period during inauguration time only. Later, it will be renewable annually.

Declaration       :
 On behalf of the company or as an individual/professional, I agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the
Chamber, and the information / instructions supplied may be included in the official publication of the Chamber and
other communications of the Chamber.

Name in Block Letter :                                               Signature:

Date :                          Company Chop (for companies only) :

For Official Use only :
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