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					     To be used when:

            No obligation for worker to accept shifts
            No obligation to offer worker shifts
            Worker free to work elsewhere
            No fixed hours
            No pattern of hours worked
            Both Club and Worker can cease agreement with no notice.

The type of contract issued will affect employment rights. Issuing the wrong type of contract can
lead to a tribunal claim. Please seek professional legal/HR advice from Empire HR Ltd if you are
not sure which contract to issue. Empire HR Ltd accepts no responsibility if an incorrect form of
contract is used by a Club without the Club first having taken advice from Empire HR Ltd.

                                        CLUB NAME
                                         Ad Hoc Bar Staff Contract
     Dated: [DATE]

     These terms set out the main conditions of the engagement of (NAME) as an ad hoc worker.

     Any changes or amendments will be confirmed in writing within one month of them occurring.

     Position & Duties

     You are engaged as a Bar Person.

     The Club reserves the right to require you to perform other duties from time to time, and it is a
     condition of your engagement that you are prepared to do this.


     Your pay will be £00 per hour. You will be paid on the (DATE) of each month by credit transfer in
     arrears. The Club will review your pay annually as at (DATE) without commitment to increase.


     Your hours of work will vary depending on the operational requirements of the Bar. You will be
     informed of the required hours for each shift.

     You are entitled to a ½ hr break after 6 hours work, which will be unpaid.

     You may be requested to work at weekends and/or evenings.

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The Club reserves the right at its discretion to provide or refuse to give you work. Equally
there is no obligation on your part to accept any work and you are free to turn down such
work if you choose to do so.

You shall not be required to work in excess of the 48-hour limit on average weekly working time,
provided by the Working Time Regulations 1998, unless you have signed a separate opt-out,
agreeing that this limit should not apply.

Time Recording

You are required to complete a timesheet. Completed timesheets must be submitted on a monthly
basis to the Head of Department for authorisation no later than the (DATE) of each month, in order
to ensure receipt of payment at the correct time.

You are solely responsible for your own time recording. The Golf Club strictly forbids you to
complete a timesheet on behalf of another worker/employee or for you to permit another
worker/employee to do so on your behalf.

Place of Work

Your normal place of work is (ADDRESS). However, you may be required to work on a temporary
or permanent basis at any of the Club’s current or future premises within reasonable commuting
distance of your normal place of work.


Your holiday entitlement will depend on the number of hours that you actually work and be pro-
rated on the basis of a full-time entitlement of 28 days' holiday during each holiday year (including
all public holidays) The Club's holiday year runs between (DATE) and (DATE).

If you have taken more holiday than your accrued entitlement at the end of your assignment, the
Club shall be entitled to deduct from any payment due to you the amount equivalent to the excess
amount of holiday taken.

Substance Abuse

It is the policy of the Club to ensure and maintain a safe and healthy working environment for all.
To this end, the Club prohibits possession, personal use or personal sale of alcohol or illegal drugs
“prohibited substances” in the workplace and requires employees, workers and contractors to be
free from such prohibitive substances and their effects upon entering Club premises.

The use of prohibited substances, whether or not during normal working hours, can result in the
inability to perform work satisfactorily or safely. Therefore, the Club reserves the right to conduct
tests (including “with cause” or “on suspicion” OR “random”) to determine whether anyone is under
the influence of prohibited substances. Your acceptance of this contract indicates your agreement
to said test(s) being undertaken. These tests will be performed by suitably qualified persons.
Positive results from or refusal to cooperate with any such tests will result in this agreement being
terminated without notice.

Email and Internet

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The Club reserves the right to access and monitor all messages created, sent, received or stored
on the Club’s systems. These messages are not the private property of employees/workers and as
such there should be no expectation of privacy in any circumstances. The contents of email
messages may be disclosed to other employees /workers and to third parties without your further
permission and at the discretion of the Club. Emails and the internet should not be used to create,
send receive or store any material which is offensive, discriminatory, disruptive or infringes
copyright. Access to the Network is provided for legitimate business purposes on behalf of the
Club only. Occasional personal use must not, in the Club's sole judgment, exceed a reasonable
level or disrupt normal work activities.

Data Protection

You hereby agree that the Club is permitted to hold personal information about yourself as part of
its personnel and other business records and the Club may process such information in the course
of the Club’s business. You also agree that the Club may disclose such information to third parties
in the event that such disclosure is, in the Club’s view, required for the proper conduct of the Club’s
business or that of any subsidiary, associated or holding companies of the Club. This clause
applies to information held, processed or disclosed in any medium.

Search & Security

The Club retains the right to search bags, lockers, outer clothing, etc., if there are reasonable
grounds to suspect the employee/worker may be in possession of Club or other individual’s
property or if the Club suspects that the employee/worker has breached the Substance Abuse
Policy and is in possession of alcohol or illegal drugs “prohibited substances” in the workplace.
You will be entitled to have a work colleague present at any such search, if requested.

Club rules

During each shift you are required at all times to comply with the relevant Club rules, policies and

Dress and Appearance

The image that the Club presents to its clients and customers is important. Accordingly, you are
required to dress smartly during working hours and to wear any Club clothing which has been
supplied to you. Should you turn up for work dressed inappropriately, the Club reserves the right to
send you home without pay.


Where applicable, you must wear the uniform or designated clothing as appropriate during your
working hours.

The Club will supply you with the necessary uniform / designated clothing at the Club’s expense.
You are expected to take care of the uniform / designated clothing and to maintain it in a
reasonable condition. The Club reserves the right to deduct the costs of replacing or repairing any
uniform/designated clothing damaged as a result of your actions from your pay.

You are required to return your uniform / designated clothing in reasonable condition at the end of
your assignment. The Club retains the right to deduct the cost of any uniform / designated clothing
that is not returned, or is returned in a damaged condition due to your actions, from your final pay.

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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

You must you wear any PPE specified by the Club as required.

The Club will supply you with the necessary PPE at the Club’s expense. You are expected to take
care of the PPE and to maintain all items in a reasonable condition.

You will return all PPE at the end of your assignment. The Club reserves the right to deduct from
your final pay the cost of any PPE that is not returned, or is returned in a damaged condition due to
your actions.

Health and Safety

You are required to gain an understanding of the Club’s health and safety procedures, observe
them, and ensure that safety equipment and clothing are always used. The Club’s health and
safety information is displayed on the Club notice board.

Deductions From Wages

The Club has the right to deduct from your pay any sum which you owe to the Club including,
without limitation, any overpayment of pay or expenses, loans made to you by the Club, or any
other item identified in this contract and/or the Employee Handbook as being repayable by you to
the Club. For example, this will cover deductions from wages of overpayments, expenses, loans,
damage caused by you and any other money due from you to the Club.

Where it is intended to make any such deduction, you will be notified of the total amount owed and
of the rate at which and the means by which the Club intends to recover the sum.


You shall not at any time during your assignment (except so far as is necessary and is proper in
the course of your assignment) or at any time after termination of your assignment disclose to any
person any information as to the practice, business dealings or affairs of the Club or any of the
Club’s Customers or Clients or as to any other matters which may come to your knowledge by
reason of your assignment.

Any documents, electronic files etc which belong to the Club or which contain any confidential
information must not be removed from the Club at any time without proper authorisation, and must
be returned to the Club upon request and, in any event, upon the termination of your assignment.

Notice of Termination

If you no longer wish to be considered for work by the Club you should inform (NAME) as soon as

Previous Agreements

This agreement, which is effective from the date of signature, supersedes all other agreements
whether in writing or otherwise.

Applicable Law

This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of Scotland.

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You are asked to acknowledge receipt of these terms. This should be done by signing both copies
of the document and returning one copy, within 7 days from the date detailed at the head



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