Accommodation Fee Comparison Chart by leader6


									Accommodation Fee Chart                                                              Last updated 17-Jul-12
Subject to change. Accommodation complexes are not owned by the University of the Sunshine Coast.
Complete details are available in the student manuals online at the following URL’s:
Varsity Apartments:

                              UniCentral                                 Varsity Apartments
Cost for one semester         AU 173.00/wk x 21 wks.                     AU 165.00 per wk x 20 wks.
 Bond (refundable at end of   AU 692                                     AU 660.00
semester less cleaning fee
if no damages)
Deposit                       Two week’s rent, AU346                     AU 255.00 includes their first week’s rent, plus admin
                              (ID and connection fee, phone              fees, ID card fees and communication fee
                              deposit payable upon arrival)
Cleaning                      Common areas only, every 2 weeks           Common areas only, every 2 weeks
Cleaning fee prior to exit    AU 120.00 deducted from bond               AU 90.00 deducted from bond
Telephone                     .45 per call (can use calling card         $40 connection fee for phone & Internet included in
                              instead)                                   deposit
                              Calls free within complex
                              No connection fee

Laundry                       Washer/dryer/ironing board free in         Coin operated launderette on premises. Cost is AU 2.60
                              each apartment                             per load for each, washer & dryer
Check out policy              Students may choose not to be              Students must be present for pre-departure inspection. If
                              present for the pre-departure              is departing on Sat., Sun.or Mon., pre-departure
                              inspection and stay until the day of       inspection takes place on Friday prior. Students must
                              departure.                                 vacate apt. that Friday & find alternative accommodation
                                                                         until departure.
Photo ID                      AU 20                                      AU 20 (included in deposit)
Internet                      Has wireless service near pool & in        Wireless not available as yet.
                              recreation hall.
                              AU 38 connection fee                       AU 40 to cover telephone and internet
                              Paid upon arrival.                         connection and intranet link with university –
                                                                         paid with deposit.
                              Optional Internet cable AU 10.00
     Per month                1 gig AU 30, 3 gigs AU 40, 20 gigs         Contact Varsity Apts. directly
Credit card fees              Visa & MasterCard 3%                       2.5% (MasterCard & Visa)
                              AX 4.9%
Linen packs                   AU270 new, AU 180 freshly                  AU 250 new, AU 150 “pre-loved,” for purchase
                              laundered, AU 18.50/wk with a min.         AU 18 wk for rental
                              4 wks rental required
Guests                        1 nt. free if staying in student’s room,   1st nt free in student’s room,
                              AU 25 extra nights (must be pre-           w/permission of mgmt. Contact Varsity for extra night
                              approved)                                  fee.
Free Events & Activities      Free Welcome Barbeque                      none
                              Free Sausage & Sizzle Nights
Recreational Fees             Lights for night tennis and basketball     Night Lights: no charge
                              AU2.00 for 30 min. & pool tables           Equipment: Students leave key as deposit until equipment
                              AU 2.00 per game                           returned
Fines                         None                                       Fees apply if rent is late and if students break the house
                                                                         rules (such as glass in pool.) Fines vary from $15 - $50.

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