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					                Remedies for Colds: Homemade and Over-the-Counter

When you’ve got the sniffles, you may experience having a runny nose or a clogged nose – or
both. Whatever the case may be, having the sniffles is rather uncomfortable and irritating and
would often times cause you to keep blowing your nose, compromise your quality of sleep at
bedtime and also sometimes cause your eyes to water or worse, give you headaches.

There are remedies to cure colds and basically, your options are over-the-counter medicines
or homemade cures. The choice is entirely up to you but for the most part, people would often
use homemade remedies first as an immediate response and then shift to over-the-counter
medications once time permits a trip to the pharmacy.

What to Do When You Have a Runny Nose

A runny nose will basically have mucus dripping from your nose and this will have you
constantly blowing your nose or wiping the mucus off to prevent an unsightly spill.

A common runny nose remedy suggested by both medical doctors and herbalists is to take
something warm to soothe your nasal passages.

You can simply take warm water as an initial remedy for your drippy nose. You can also
make a honey and lemon drink or warm ginger tea. These can help decongest the nose as well
as prevent you from being dehydrated.

You may have to stay away from caffeinated and alcoholic drinks while you have colds since
these drinks may increase dehydration.

Over-the-counter medicines on the other hand such as saline solution in sprays or drops and
antihistamines may also help alleviate nasal congestion.

The downside of antihistamines however, is that these may cause you to feel sleepy so avoid
taking these if you plan on driving anywhere or you are at work.

Cures for the Common Cold

There are other cures for the common cold as well. The clear broth of chicken stock has
always been one of the most widely-suggested remedy for colds perhaps because it has anti-
inflammatory effects on the body.

Chicken soup is also said to thin mucus which helps in decongesting nasal passages.

Allergens such as pollen and dust are often the culprits behind people getting the sniffles so
avoiding these can also help you get rid of your colds.

While colds often go away on their own within seven to ten days, if your symptoms are
persistent; you may have to take a quick trip to the doctor’s to determine the root cause of
your colds.

The flu virus may also cause cough and colds and you may have to take other medications to
address this problem.

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Description: Taking warm drinks such as honey and lemon mixed in warm water or ginger tea is an excellent runny nose remedy as these drinks help with decongesting the nasal passages. Chicken soup has also been known to cure the common cold; as well as taking over-the-counter medicines such as saline sprays or antihistamines.