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Finding No Competition Related Keywords


									SUBJECT: [FIRSTNAME], No Competition On These Keywords?


If you have been looking into pay per click advertising
programs, you may have heard about the importance of keywords.
You are often advised to choose high costing, related keywords.
After all, they tend to be the most successful ones. While this
is true, you may be concerned with the cost of advertising,
particular with popular keywords. What would you say if there
was a way that you could still use pay per click advertising to
your advantage, but without having to pay more than you could
afford? There is and that way involves using semi-related

Before examining how semi-related keywords can help you use pay
per click advertising at a lower cost, it is first important
that you know what semi-related keywords are. When signing up
with a pay per click program, you need to choose keyword that
you would like your advertisements to be associated with. For
the largest success, you are urged to choose keywords that have
a direct relationship to your business or the products that you
sell. For instance, if you were running a business that sold
nursery supplies, a popular keyword phrase would be that of
“crib bedding.” Since crib bedding is a highly searched
keyword, it costs a relatively decent amount of money. Choosing
a semi-rated keyword phrase, such as “crib sheets,” is likely to
reduce the amount of competition that you have, but still
produce results.

If you are interested in finding semi-related keywords or
keyword phrases, you will want to research them just like you
would research popular keyword phrases. You will want to use
keyword research tools or keyword suggestion tools, like the one
that can be found at Keeping with the
above mentioned example, of nursery supplies, you may want to
perform a keyword search with the word “crib.” When using the
above mentioned tool, you will see that the most searched phrase
is “crib bedding.” Your search results will start with the most
popular keywords and then descend from there. You will want to
start choosing keywords or keyword phrases from the middle of
the list. These are keywords that are not as popular, but they
can still be considered related keywords, semi-related keywords.

Although you might assume that using semi-related keywords, with
pay per click advertising, will have a negative impact on your
advertisements, namely their results, this isn’t the case. In
fact, using semi-related keywords may improve your overall
results. This is due to the lack of competition. Many business
owners assume that they need to choose the most popular, most
successful, and highest costing keywords. While this will bring
success, it also brings a large amount of competition. Having a
lack of competition may increase the number of websites that
your advertisements are shown on. This will, in turn, increase
your chances of receiving a click through, which is when
internet users actually click on your advertisements, instead of
just glancing at them.

As you may have already assumed, keywords that are considered
semi-related or non-competition keywords cost less money. The
cost of semi-related, no competition keywords are just one of
the many reasons why you should consider using them, even if it
is just on a trial basis. In fact, using these low competition
keywords is a great way to “test the waters.” If you are unsure
as to whether or not you should join a pay per click program,
this is a great way to experiment. You can see if you get the
results that you were hoping for, without having to go broke
paying for them.

Although using no competition keywords and semi-related keywords
is a great way to save money with pay per click advertising, it
isn’t your only option. Most pay per click programs allow you
to set a daily limit for yourself. This means that you can
actively participate in a pay per click program, without
exceeding your advertising budget.

To your success,

P.S. Despite what you believe, you do not have to choose popular
or high paying keywords to benefit from pay per click

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