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									                   Foot Pain Can be Induced by Different Factors

A certain pain or discomfort on your foot area may hamper your ability to do some things.
Not only that, if it is not treated immediately or if the cause is not established early, it may
lead to more serious problems in the future. That’s why it is important that you do not take
your foot pain for granted.

The Signs

Sore feet are characterized by pain or discomfort on your lower extremities. Some people who
have it may find it difficult to walk, flex, or rotate their feet without feeling the pain. Some
may even have a severe symptom that they are not able to move their feet at all.

The Causes

There are many known causes of foot pain. The most common of which is an injury or
trauma. Any form of inflammation or swelling on the foot area would induce pain. How mild
or severe the pain would be depends on the graveness of the cause. If it is an acute or repeated
injury, the pain may no longer be manageable without the help of a medical professional.
Mild injuries, however, may allow you to go ahead with the normal course of your day-to-day
activities. For as long as you do not injure that part of the foot again, it will heal on its own.
Our bodies are designed to recuperate in itself if the injury is not too severe.

Muscle strain, sprain, cuts, bruises, and fractures are some of the injuries that may cause your
foot to ache. If any of the ligaments, joints, bones, or tissues in the foot area become swollen
or damaged, you will definitely feel the searing pain in the area.

Other than having an injury, being unkind to your feet may also be part of what causes sore
feet. Standing for far too long, walking long distances, wearing uncomfortable pair of shoes,
and an ingrown toenail are known grounds for foot pain. You have, therefore, to take care of
your feet in order to ensure its health.

There are also viral and bacterial infections, diseases, and nutritional factors that may affect
your foot. Athlete’s foot, which is a fungal infection, may cause your feet to sore. Diabetes,
which inhibits your body to ably move glucose towards your cells, may also cause
inflammation in your lower extremities. A high sodium diet, meanwhile, may also cause fluid
retention in your legs and feet.

It is important that you do not take your foot pain for granted. For all you know, it may be a
sign of an existing health condition that is yet to be diagnosed by a medical professional.

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