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									                                                              JOB PROFILE

This job profile is a guide to the work you will initially be required to undertake. It may be reviewed
from time to time to meet changing circumstances.

JOB TITLE            Academy Business                                                  DATE           March 2012
NAME                                                                                   SALARY SCALE   PO 6

STAFF FOR              Admin / Finance staff                                           STAFF TO       Headteacher
WHOM                                                                                   WHOM
RESPONSIBLE                                                                            RESPONSIBLE

JOB                            To support the Headteacher and Deputy Headteachers in managing
PURPOSE                         efficiently and effectively the Academy financial, physical and human

                               Accounting and Governance
TO BE                          Financial planning management and procurement
RESPONSIBL                     Management of Human Resources and Safeguarding
E FOR                          Management of Administration
                               Management of facilities and Health & Safety.

                           To be company secretary to John Smeaton Community Academy
                            organising the work of the governing body to ensure it meets its statutory
                            responsibilities as a company and an exempt charity and providing
                            effective governance for the Academy
                         To work with governing body members and the Headteacher to ensure
                            meeting papers are distributed in time and that agendas cover everything
                            necessary to the appropriate terms of reference.
                         To attend meetings of the full governing body and sub committee
                            meetings as required.
                     Financial Resource Management
                         To work with the Academy accounts and auditors to produce the company
                            accounts, ensuring compliance with company law and all requirements of
                            YPLA/ other agencies in relation to Academy schools.
                         To provide strategic leadership of financial planning and deployment for
                            funds, working closely with the Headteacher and members of the
                            Academy leadership team.
                         To manage the Academy’s financial systems and procedures
                         To ensure the Academy follows the law and best practice for the
                            procurement and monitoring of contracts.
                         To ensure appropriate insurance cover is in place and to carry out regular
                            risk assessment of the Academy’s business
                         To seek and increase investment generation
                         To liaise with outside agencies on financial issues
                         To act as first point of contact for JSCA’s bank
                         Prompt and efficient completion of all company Academy returns including
                            VAT returns
                         To negotiate manage and monitor agreements for the provision of
                            support services VAT returns
                     Human Resources
                         To ensure that HR issues are properly managed within the Academy and
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                          policies and procedures comply with employment legislation and guidance
                        To ensure the Academy meets its statutory responsibilities as an
                          employer working with Teachers pensions and Local Government Pension
                          schemes, the Academy payroll provider and HMRC
                        To ensure the Academy complies with legal requirements and guidance
                          on the safeguarding of children in relation to CRB checks and safe
                          employment practices including the maintenance of our accurate up to
                          date Single Central Register.
                        To manage recruitment, absence, pensions, staff files, contracts, pay
                   Health & Safety
                        Act as the Academy’s Health & Safety Co coordinator and Fire Officer
                        Plan, instigate and maintain records of fire practices and alarm tests
                        Ensure the Academy’s written health & Safety policy statement is clearly
                          communicated and available to all people
                        Ensure the Health & Safety policy is implemented at all times put into
                          practice and is subject to review and assessment at regular intervals or as
                          situations change
                        Enable regular consultation with people on Health & Safety issues
                        Ensure systems are in place to enable the identification of hazards and
                          risk assessments
                        Ensure systems are in place for effective monitoring measuring and
                          reporting of Health & Safety issues to the Headteacher / Senior
                          Leadership team, Governors and where appropriate the Health & Safety
                        To assist with the supervision of students out of lesson times, including
                          before and after College, break and lunchtime.
                        Ensure the maximum level of security
                        To manage the PFI contract in particular interface with FM company
                          monitoring contract and service delivery
                        Managing PFI budget
                        Managing any variation orders
                        Maximising PFI opportunities
                        To manage an effective administration service to students staff and
                        Manage support staff holidays to ensure a continuous service throughout
                          the year
                        To motivate and develop team work and good practice in order to achieve
                          first rate standards of delivery
                        Co-ordinate the work of all support staff
                        Any other duties as appropriate to the post

Any special conditions of service: No smoking policy.

SIGNED (Postholder)………………………………………………DATE …………………….
SIGNED (Line Manager) …………………………………………. DATE …………………….

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