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									                    2010 AIA/CES Registered Provider Application

Thank you for your interest in the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Continuing Education Systems (CES)
Registered Provider program.

The AIA requires that registered architect members earn 18 Learning Unit (LUs) hours of continuing education annually
(eight hours of which must be related to Health, Safety, and Welfare topics and four of those eight in Sustainable
Design) to remain in good standing.

Architectural boards in 40 states, 10 Canadian Provinces, and 19 countries have implemented mandatory continuing
education (MCE) for re-licensure. Statistically, architects hold multiple state licenses. Most states with MCE
requirements recognize the AIA/CES as the primary source of professional development for their licensed architects.
This allows AIA members to present their AIA/CES transcripts (and non-members AIA/CES Certificates of Completion)
to licensing boards to satisfy state requirements.

Becoming an AIA/CES Registered Provider requires a system-wide, top-down commitment to quality professional
continuing education and sound administration. The AIA/CES offers providers of professional continuing education
myriad opportunities to award CES Learning Units (LUs) and provide valuable information and guidance, while
bypassing the time-consuming process of registering their courses with individual states.

You are required to fill out all parts of this application and submit a copy of your course including any handout
materials relevant to your course. The course you submit as a sample will not be registered by us. You will
have to register courses online using a Course Registration Form A once you are approved as a provider.

Once you submit your application package, please allow six weeks for processing. Do not schedule CES
courses or represent your organization as an AIA/CES Provider until you have received a Provider Number,
username, and password. Be sure to review the Provider Menu that is available online once you are approved.
Due to the course requirements, we cannot honor retroactive credit on courses offered before materials are
reviewed and your application approved.

Upon acceptance into the CES Provider Program, your Point of Contact (POC) and Alternate Point of Contact will
receive a Registered Provider number, username, and password via email to access the Provider Menu (including blank
registration and reporting forms). The POC and Alternate POC will be added to the CES Provider Connection list serve
to receive periodic policy, procedure, and State MCE updates, as well as information on opportunities to participate in
AIA/CES events and activities.

Please contact us if we can offer further assistance. We look forward to working with you.


Ms. Sara Thomas                                                  Mr. Bryan Miller
Manager, CES                                                     Associate, CES
Telephone: 1-800-242-3837 Option 3                               Telephone: 1-800-242-3837 Option 3
E-mail:                                              Email:

@2010 AIA/CES 2010 Application                                                                                      Page 1
2010 AIA/CES Registered Provider Benefits Overview
All AIA/CES Providers receive these benefits:

   Authorization to publicize the organization as an approved provider and courses as “Registered with the AIA/CES”
   License to use the official AIA/CES logo to promote educational activities
    Link to your web site from the AIA/CES Provider Directory and AIA/CES Course Directory on the AIA Web site
   Advertise courses in the CES Course Directory on the AIA Web site, the largest international listing of courses
    specifically targeted to the design and building industry
   Password access to online services, forms, templates, provider manual, and AIA/CES logos and templates.
   Receive CES Provider Connection e-mail list serve newsletter and announcements
   Discounted rates to the CES Provider workshops and other specially-targeted training courses and events

See regional breakdown on page 5

Basic – (Annual Fee: $1,500.00) A provider authorized to offer face-to-face continuing education courses in one AIA
designated region. Basic providers are not eligible to offer distance learning.

Regional – (Annual Fee: $1,900.00) A provider authorized to offer face-to-face continuing education courses in two AIA
designated regions. Regional providers are not eligible to offer distance learning.

Passport - (Annual Fee: $3,400.00) A provider authorized to offer face-to-face and distance learning courses nationally
and internationally.

Professional provider– (Annual Fee: $800.00) A provider authorized to offer face-to-face and distance learning
nationally and internationally. This provider category is reserved for academic institutions, government agencies, and
nonprofit associations, construction, engineering, design, and consulting firms. In addition, this category also applies to
any organization that will offer a one-time continuing education course or event (for example, a conference) within a one-
year renewal cycle.

Platform provider - (Annual Fee: $5,000.00) An umbrella provider that charges other companies or organizations a
service fee for developing, maintaining, or hosting their online continuing education courses. A platform provider takes
responsibility (on behalf of the companies or organizations it serves) for adhering to CES guidelines, which include course
registration, participant credit reporting, and record keeping. A platform provider is authorized to offer face-to-face and
distance learning courses nationally and internationally.

Architecture Firm Provider – A provider that is an architecture firm in which a principal or owner is an AIA member. In
addition, there are two types of architecture firm providers (internal and external).

         Internal - (Annual Fee: $300.00) An architecture firm authorized to offer face-to-face and distance learning
         courses to their firm employees only, regardless of their location.

         External - (Annual Fee: $600.00) An architecture firm authorized to offer face-to-face and distance learning
         courses nationally and internationally both internally to their employees, regardless of their location, and
         externally to others.

Before applying, Providers should consider completing the free Program Organizational Assessment tool found at to evaluate the current status of your Professional Development Program. To find qualified
speakers for any of your program needs, also consider browsing the National Speakers Registry at

                                                          POINT OF CONTACT INFORMATION

                                   Company/Organization Name
List the information as
you wish it to appear in
CES Provider listings.             Point of Contact                                       Alternate Point of Contact

The Point of Contact will
be the individual listed           POC Email Address                                      Alternate Email Address
under the CES Provider
list on the AIA’s website
                                   POC Telephone Number                                   Alternate Telephone Number
and receive materials and
updates from AIA/CES.
                                   Fax Number
Including your e-mail
address will ensure
receipt of the CES                 Mailing Address
Provider Connection, a
monthly electronic
newsletter for CES                 City, State, Zip                                       Province/Country
Providers. All members of
your organization may
receive Provider                   Web site Address
Connection at no charge
by e-mail request.
                              On a separate piece of paper, provide complete responses to these questions.

AND CONTENT                   1. Who within your company or organization will select and/or develop the content for your courses, and
                                 what are their qualifications?
Demonstrate that you
have an effective process     2. How will you survey architects to determine their educational needs for your topics, and how will they be
in place to determine            involved in the course development and design process?
needs, develop and
design courses based on       3. How will you design and structure your courses so that the content and materials are consistent with
adult learning principles,       your learning objectives, time requirements will be met, and how will you ensure that instructors deliver
and that you understand          courses consistent with CES policy?
the importance of
evaluating and improving      4.     How will you decide who will be selected to deliver registered AIA/CES courses?
your courses.
                              5. How will you evaluate and make improvements to your educational courses?
                              6. If you are offering courses at multiple locations, how will your Point of Contact administer and maintain
                                 the central (6-year) document retention system?
Demonstrate that you
have a system in place to     7. How will your representatives report attendance of AIA members and distribute Certificates of
administer the logistics of      Completion to non-AIA members?
the course and will market
your courses according to     8. How will your Point of Contact instruct others in your organization on the policies and procedures and
AIA/CES policies and             communicate updates and changes that govern the AIA/CES program?
                              9. Provide a brief description of your business.
HEALTH, SAFETY, AND                Health, Safety, Welfare
                                   Health, safety, and welfare in architecture are hereafter defined as anything that relates to the
AIA membership annual              structural integrity or soundness of a building or building site. HSW protects the public and may be
requirement – 18 LU contact        defined and required by law.
hours, eight (8) of which must
be earned in the area of health,   Examples:
safety, and welfare. Of those
8 HSW at least 4 must be in        Health: Aspects of architecture that have salutary effects among users of buildings or sites and
the areas of sustainable           address environmental issues. Examples would be appropriate air temperature, humidity, and quality;
design.                            adequate provisions for personal hygiene; and non-toxic materials or finishes.

Individual state MCE               Safety: Aspects of architecture intended to limit or prevent accidental injury or death among users of
requirements for HSW vary.         buildings or sites. Examples would be the provision of fire-rated egress enclosures, automatic
See                                sprinkler systems, and stairs with correct rise-to-run proportions. for the
contact information for state
licensing boards.
                                   Welfare: Aspects of architecture that engender positive emotional responses among, or enable equal
                                   access by, users of building or sites. Examples would be spaces whose scale, proportions, materials,
A minimum of 75% of course         and color are pleasing for the intended use; spaces that afford natural light and views of nature; and
content must relate to HSW in      provisions for users with disabilities.
order for course to qualify for
HSW.                                I understand that once approved, we will register courses as HSW or regular LU courses and I
                                   acknowledge the difference.

                                   Sustainable Design
                                   Sustainable design is achieved through an integrated design and delivery process that enhances the
                                   natural and built environment by using energy sensibly with a goal toward carbon neutrality, improves
                                   air and water quality, protects and preserves water and other resources, and creates environments,
SUSTAIANBLE DESIGN                 communities and buildings that are livable,
                                   comfortable, productive, diverse, safe and beautiful to stir our imagination.
AIA membership annual
requirement – 18 LU contact        Sustainable Design Qualifying Topics
hours, eight (8) of which must
be earned in the area of health,   The basis for a course’s content qualifying for sustainable design learning units is found in the AIA
safety, and welfare. Of those 8    COTE Top Ten and the Sustainability Discussion Group’s (SDiG), 50>>50. The COTE Top Ten is the
HSW at least 4 must be in the      Committee on the Environment’s (COTE) measure of sustainable design. The 50>>50 represent a
areas of sustainable design.       product of the Institute’s Sustainability Discussion Group. For full information about each of the
                                   50>>50content areas, please refer to the AIA publication, 50 >>50, found at
Individual state MCE
requirements for HSW vary.
See                                Sustainable Design Program Qualification for the
contact information for state      Each program must meet the requirement of having at least 75 percent of the content and
licensing boards.                  instructional time designed to cover sustainable design content areas. You will be asked to certify that
                                   on the Course Registration Form A when submitting the course for approval. Some topics such as
A minimum of 75% of course         environmental education and staff training will normally not qualify for HSW. If your course or program
content must relate to SD in       is in these or related areas, it must clearly articulate the content, educational basis and rationale for
order for course to qualify for    requesting sustainable design program designation.
                                   Sustainable Design and Health, Safety and Welfare (HSW)
                                   Topics that qualify for sustainable design within AIA/CES all deal with or affect the health, safety and
                                   welfare of the public and our communities and as a result all learning units qualified as “sustainable
                                   design learning” shall simultaneously be approved as HSW learning. Each program must meet the

criterion that at least 75 percent of the session is spent on sustainable design topics, as defined.
 I understand that once approved, we will register courses as SD/HSW/LU, HSW/LU or general LU
courses and I acknowledge the difference.

Learning Objectives
AIA/CES requires that all providers submit learning objectives for each program they register. There is
a minimum requirement of 4 learning objectives per hour for continuing education courses. Please
note that if your course is HSW or Sustainable Design 3 of 4 learning objectives must be to that effect.

A learning objective is an explicit statement that clearly expresses what the student will be
able to do after taking a course. It is an observable and measurable student outcome statement.
A learning objective identifies what behavior(s) a student must demonstrate in order for the instructor
to know that the planned learning took place.

Learning objectives also benefit students by helping them clarify their personal goals for a course and
give them a framework against which to measure their own success. Learning objectives should be
concise and concrete so they are open to limited interpretation.

A Learning Objective is Made Up of 3 Parts:
Describes what participants will be able to do as a consequence of taking a course.
(example: calculate)

Describes conditions under which the student will perform the behavior.
(example: using the sample course residential project...)

Describes the criteria you will use to evaluate student performance.
(example: the total cost of materials)

Combine the behavior, condition, and criteria and you have a official learning objective!

EXAMPLE: Participants will be able to calculate the total cost of materials using the sample course
residential project.

 I understand what a learning objective is, and I will submit 4 learning objectives for each hour of a

         Indicate (by region) where you intend to offer educational courses:

 New England (Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont)
 Middle Atlantic (New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania)
 East North Central (Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin)
 West North Central (Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota)
 South Atlantic (Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, South
Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Puerto Rico)
 East South Central (Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, Tennessee)
 West South Central (Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas)

                                   Pacific Northwest (Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, Wyoming)
                                   Pacific Southwest (Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah)

PROVIDER LEVEL                    Number of Regions: __________________

Determine in which regions you     Canada                  Mexico                   Distance Education
plan to offer educational          European Union          Other International (South East Asia, South America, etc.)

Passport and
Organizations may offer
Distance Education and
participate in AIA
National activities.

Regional Providers may
participate in AIA National
activities when the activity is
held in the region(s) where
Provider Point of Contact is
located and educational
courses are offered.

Provider Course Summary
Only one provider course summary needs to be submitted with the application. All others received will be disregarded.
This course summary is meant to provide us information about the course you submitted for review with your application. Once
approved, we recommend that you develop one for each course/event you plan to register.

Provider Name:

Course Title:

Length: _______ _                 Credits:_______                     HSW:_______                 SD:________
           Hours                       Learning Units                        Yes/No                     Yes/No

Learning Objectives: These should match the learning objectives in the course you submitted. At the end of this course,
the participants will be able to (list at least four (4) per one-hour course).

Facilitator Qualifications (include name and qualifications for each):

Method of Delivery:

Audio/Visual required:

Cost to participants:

Point of Contact:

Provider applicants – attach a copy of materials (CD ROM, workbook, handouts, speaker notes, etc.) for a course
you are prepared to offer for CES credit. Note, we will assume that courses and materials submitted will be in
the exact format you wish to deliver them for AIA/CES credit.

AIA/CES Registered Provider Topic Codes (MUST REVIEW)

Check at least 1 but not more than 5 categories that best represent the topics your organization will offer
for CES credit. This information is used for marketing your courses free online at under Find Courses.

MASTERSPEC® Divisions                                        AIA Member Community Networks
___D01 Gen. Requirements
___D02 Sitework                                           ___N01 Building Performance
___D03 Concrete                                           ___N02 Building Science
___D04 Masonry                                            ___N03 Construction Management
___D05 Metals                                             ___N04 Corporate Architects
___D06 Woods and Plastics                                 ___N05 Design (Committee on)
___D07 Thermal and Moisture                               ___N06 Design for Aging
___D08 Doors and Windows                                  ___N07Design-Build
___D09 Finishes                                           ___N08 Diversity
___D10 Specialties                                        ___N09 Education (Architecture in)
___D11 Equipment                                          ___N10 Environment
___D12 Furnishings                                        ___N11 Facility Management
___D13 Special Construction                               ___N12 Healthcare Architecture
___D14 Conveying Systems                                  ___N13 Historic Resources
___D15 Mechanical                                         ___N14 Housing & Residential Architecture
___D16 Electrical                                         ___N15 Inter-faith Forum on Religion, Arts, and
Special Topics                                            ___N16 Interiors                                            ___N17 International Practice
                                                          ___N18 Justice Facilities
___T01 Accessibility/ADA                                  ___N19 Practice Management
___T02 Acoustics                                          ___N20 Public Architects
___T03 Adaptive Re-use                                    ___N21 Regional and Urban Design
___T04 Codes/Regulations/Standards                        ___N22 Small Projects Forum
___T05 Energy Efficiency                                  ___N23 Technology & Architectural Practice
___T06 Ethics
___T07 Liability/Risk Management                          Format
___T08 Livable Communities
___T09 Mold/Moisture                                      ___Z01 Distance Education
___T10 Natural Hazards (Earthquake, Flood,                ___Z02 Case Studies
___T11 Project Management                                 Other (additional topics will be considered)
___T12 Security                                           _______________________________________
___T13 Software                                           _______________________________________
___T14 Specification Writing                              _______________________________________
___T15 Sustainability/Green Building                      _______________________________________
      To be completed by the Point of Contact and reviewed by the Alternate Point of Contact.
            Submit a copy of this completed and signed checklist with your application.

 I have completed all the contact information required on page 3.
 I have provided complete responses to the 9 questions on page 3 on another piece of paper.
 I have read and understand what constitutes an HSW designation in an AIA/CES course.
 I have read and understand what constitutes a SD designation in an AIA/CES course.
 I have checked off the regions in which I will be offering AIA/CES Courses. I have totaled the number of regions
in the blank on page 6.
 I have filled in or developed a Provider Course Summary page with the required information that corresponds to
the course I have submitted for review. A Provider Course Summary will be developed for all courses for marketing
 I have attached a sample of ONE course.
 For powerpoint presentations, I included a copy of the course with the quality assurance slides which are
downloaded from
 I have selected at least one (1) but no more than five (5) Topic Codes that relate to course topics we will be
 I have selected the appropriate fee level for my Provider type described on page 2 of this application.
 I have included a check or included all credit card information required for processing the proper payment for our
Provider level based on the fee schedule on page 2.
 I have read and signed the Quality Assurance Statement at the end of this application.
 I have reviewed the MCE chart at and understand the AIA and MCE
     requirements for the states in which we will provide education.
 I verify that each course will be at least 1 hour of educational activity with at least 50 minutes in educational
instruction, and at most 10 minutes in question and answer.
 I verify that our courses are strictly educational, and non-proprietary in nature.

I have completed this application and understand all the requirements for administering AIA/CES courses
and attendance.

______________________________________________                                  ___________________________
Signature – Point of Contact                                                    Date

______________________________________________                                  ____________________________
Signature – Alternate Point of Contact                                          Date

                 This must be signed and dated or your application will be considered incomplete.
                            2010 AIA/CES Registered Provider Application
                            Payment will be processed once approved. Please select the Provider level you are applying for.
                            See page 2 (Provider Benefits) of this application to determine the appropriate Provider type.
                            Regional breakdown is listed on page 5 for Platform, Passport, Regional, and Basic levels
TO BE CONSIDERED BASED         Platform $5,000.00
ON REGION(S) AND/OR            Passport $3,400.00
INTENT TO DELIVER              Regional $1,900.00
DISTANCE EDUCATION.            Basic $1,500.00
                               Professional Organization $800.00
                               ____ Non-Profit Association
PAYMENT                        ____ Accredited College/University
RENEWAL IS BASED ON            ____ Government Agency
                               AIA Architectural External Firm $600.00
                               AIA Architectural Internal Firm $300.00
                               Additional Firm Office Provider - $50 annually for each ________(number of offices)
PROVIDER NUMBER,                Check # _________ payable to AIA/CES
COURSE ADMINISTRATION           MasterCard                        Visa                       American Express
COURSE WITH CES RECORDS     ______________________________________________________________________________________
ON AN ONLINE COURSE         Card Number                                                      Exp. Date
                            Name on Card                                               Authorized Signature (Required)
RETURN APPLICATION AND      ______________________________________________________________________________________
PAYMENT TO:                 Billing Address (if different from Company Address) City        State          Zip Code
                            *Renewal reminders will be emailed to Point of Contact and Alternate Point of Contact through the
WASHINGTON, DC 20006-5292   Provider Connection beginning in September each year.

FACSIMILE: 202-626-7425
                            Quality Assurance Statement
                              I agree to read and abide by the AIA/CES policies and procedures outlined in the current
CES OFFICE USE ONLY:          AIA/CES Provider Manual, and I understand that it is my responsibility to read, understand, and
                              disseminate all information regarding our participation with members of my organization
                              involved with the AIA/CES program. Further, I understand that other companies or
                              organizations may not pay me for use of my AIA/CES Provider number without prior approval
                              from AIA/CES. I understand that my organization is responsible for the quality assurance of any
                              educational course(s) reported under our assigned Provider Number, that our courses are
                              subject to quality audit, and that we may be removed from the system (forfeiting paid fees) if we
                              are non-compliant.

                              POC Name (please print)

                              POC Signature                                                         Date
                              Applications will not be processed without an authorized signature.

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