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									Top Changes to Look Out For in iOS 6
Last month Apple held their annual WWDC at Moscone West in San Francisco, CA.
During the conference they announced iOS 6, the latest update to their operating system
for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. iOS 6 is looking to be one of the biggest updates yet
to Apple’s operating system, boasting multiple changes, new features and even a whole
new App. There is no official release date yet, but many expect that it will be released
alongside the iPhone 5 later this year (it has been rumoured that Apple will announce
the iPhone 5 on August 7th, 2012 – so keep an eye out).

The new 6.0 firmware brings some great –but-much-needed- improvements to Siri, a
complete overhaul to Maps, much more Facebook Integration, plus changes in
PhotoStreams, Facetime, Safari and the Mail and Phone Apps. On top of all of this we
have Passbook – a completely new App from Apple. So, let’s take a look at what I think
are the top changes to look out for in the upcoming 6.0 firmware update…

Siri was first introduced in the 5.0 firmware update, its Apple’s “intelligent personal
assistant that helps you get things done just by asking it”. It has the ability to schedule
                                                          appointments in your calendar,
                                                          send text messages or e-mails,
                                                          place phone calls and it could
                                                          even look up businesses and
                                                          locations (but only in the United
                                                          States). All pretty impressive,
                                                          even though somewhat basic
                                                          stuff. In iOS 6 that’s all about to
                                                          change. With the iOS 6 update,
                                                          Siri will be able to provide
                                                          information on a much larger
                                                          scale, including things like
                                                          sports statistics, movie reviews
and even the ability to open your apps for you. Siri has also broadened its reach and will
be able to provide information about businesses and locations to people in the UK and
other European countries – it’s no longer limited to the United States.

This is probably the update that I’m looking forward to the most. In the past, the maps
app has always been powered by Google Maps... but not anymore! Apple are now
providing all of the Map data themselves. The whole interface looks a lot cleaner and
easier to navigate than its predecessor.

                                            The new Map app also benefits from visual
                                            and audio turn-by-turn navigation! This looks
                                            awesome, and it’s completely free as it’s part
                                            of the iOS!

                                            If any of you have tried to use the current
                                            Google powered Maps app as a GPS navigation
                                            system, then I’m sure you’re aware that it just
                                            doesn’t work. You have to keep touching the
                                            target button to get your position back on the
                                            screen and then try and work out where you
                                            are, there is no visual or audio instruction on
                                            when to turn or anything like that. So Apple’s
                                            version already has a huge one-up on the
                                            Google version if it’s for that reason alone.

Passbook is the all new App that’s
coming to iOS 6, and it could be a real
game-changer if all of the retail outlets
get on-board.

This App basically stores all sorts of
things that you might previously of found
cluttering up your wallet. Things like
cinema tickets, coupon codes, store
loyalty cards and even airline boarding

Apple noted that Passbook will
automatically display your passes on the
lock screen at the appropriate time or location. For example, as you enter the airport it
would display your boarding pass on the lock screen, so all your passes are always to
hand. I’m looking forward to giving this one a go, hopefully there is at least one
company near me that will make use of this technology!

The rest…
There are a few changes that are coming in iOS 6 that I haven’t mentioned here, these
are just what I consider to be the top changes to look out for in iOS 6. What are your
thoughts? What are you looking forward to the most in iOS 6? What would you like to
see in iOS 7?

Unlocking the iPhone 6.0 Firmware
Lots of people have been asking me if it’s possible to unlock the iPhone 4S on the 6.0
firmware yet, the answer is no – because at the moment the 6.0 firmware hasn’t been
released as a final version. It’s still in beta testing, we won’t see an unlock for 6.0 at least
until the final version of the iOS has been released.

If you want to keep up to date on the iPhone 4S 6.0 unlock status, then you should keep
an eye out at http://www.unlockiphoneww.com/unlocking/iphone-4s/

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