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									                SEO and Social Media – The Perfect Mix for B2B Marketing

In B2B marketing it is important for marketers to integrate their SEO and social media strategies in
order to effectively reach out to their prospects and customers. Integrating both these strategies can
help marketers share content effectively and also generate quick responses for them. Also, the viral
nature of social media networks can enable marketers to drive more prospects to the website.

By driving intent-driven prospects to websites, marketers will be able to identify what interests the
prospects, which in turn can be leveraged to create relevant listings that will appear on top of the
Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

This helps B2B marketers to be visible in the competitive online market place and aid prospective
customers to find the information they want on the Internet as well. This cycle of activities, when
implemented via automated tools, can be implemented effortlessly and more effectively.

Here are some of the areas where social media and SEO could be effectively for lead generation and
lead nurturing.

        On Twitter - Use the company’s corporate (Twitter) profile to follow the other company and
        the concerned executive’s Twitter profile. If the company is looking for a solution similar to
        yours, there is a high chance of getting a follow back, if you do, don’t forget to thank them by
        sending a direct message. If the marketing automation solution used provides data on the
        intent of the Enterprise visitor, then you can look within your lead nurturing resources (case
        studies, research paper, white paper etc.) and share the relevant link that matches the
        intent/interest expressed by the Lead on your site.

        On LinkedIn - LinkedIn now allows you to follow companies you want to, so go to the corporate
        company profile of your Lead and start following them. Companies keep a tab on who is
        following them on this professional network.

Some additional must-haves for merging SEO and social media strategies are:

        Have a Corporate Twitter account, which is actively updated and has a decent number of
        Own and drive a LinkedIn Group, which is on the industry space you function in or on the niche
        technology you offer. Ensure, that there is enough buzz happening in this group.
        Have a genuine and detailed LinkedIn profile in place. Remember on social media people
        usually connect with your virtual persona, it is important to create an honest one.
        Be quick with your responses.

Marketing automation tools can enable marketers to engage their leads effortlessly and efficiently.
Although multiple medium can be used to engage audiences, it is important to choose only that will
provide the reader with an engaging experience.

Leveraging marketing automation for these initiatives will enable you to successfully execute a B2B
marketing campaign and enjoy economic benefits sooner.

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