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					    To Tweet or Not to Tweet
                               John Moore

July 9th, 2009
 Please turn off any cell phones
 Ask questions

What will we accomplish today
 Understand the nuts and bolts of Twitter
 Get over TOS (Twitter Overwhelm Syndrome)
 Know why you should use Twitter
 Know how and what to Tweet
 Know where to find stuff / people
 Know how not to Tweet
 Have a sense of some of the other Twitter
  tools available
 Have all of your Twitter questions answered

What’s In it For Me?
   Free micro blog and social networking site
   Similar to SMS
   Subscription-based
   Used a gazillion ways
   Approximately 6 million users with 7
    million unique visitors a month

              Let’s Take a Look

What is Twitter?
   Focused functionality
   Text-based and limited
   Companies are welcome
   Jargon
   More frequent updates
   Used as primary communication tool by
    many companies

How is Twitter Different
   Normal Folks
   Businesses
   Celebrities
   Robots
   Politicians
   Feeds

Who Uses Twitter?
   Build brand / affinity
   Promote carefully
   Become known as an expert
   Gain information / resources
   Extend contact
   Build your sphere of influence
   Find new business

How Can Businesses Use Twitter?
   Ignore – “What are you doing?” unless it’s
    really interesting
   What’s holding your interest?
   Be yourself
   Talk to people like they’re people
   Keep the social in social
   Pass on useful resources
   Be interesting

How and What to Tweet
   Don’t spam
   Don’t over-tweet about other content
   Do give credit
   Don’t post confidential information
   Don’t overshare
   Keep the vibe

Twitter Etiquette
 Auto DM spam
 Get rich quick on Twitter
 Gain a bazillion followers on Twitter
 Re-publishing tweets as Facebook updates

John’s Twitter Turnoffs
Does Twitter Have a Future?
 Connect to your friends and contacts first
 Look at who they follow (people surf)
 Search
 3rd party directories (wefollow, grader)

Finding Interesting People to
   Follow first
   @ message people you follow
   Re-tweet interesting things (RT)
   Use relevant hashtags
   Avoid scams

How do I get people to follow me?
   Hashtags
   3rd Party Products (Tweetdeck)
   Mobile
   Twitpics
   Safety tips
    ◦ Use a strong password
    ◦ Block spammers
    ◦ Follow slowly

Advanced Twittering
 Questions
 Comments
 Concerns
 Criticism


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