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Dear Partner_


									Dear Partner,

       My name is Monica Szauka and as Head of the European Programs department in
SPANISH & INTERNSHIP CONSULTANT Ltd and I am writing to you in order to
introduce our organisation and to outline some of the activities that we undertake within the
Euro zone.
       SPANISH & INTERNSHIP CONSULTANT is a young company established in
December 2007 and located in Malaga, south of Spain.
Over the past 2 years our professionals have showed a rich experience in organizing
placements in internship companies in Malaga for European young people from many
European countries (such as Romania, Italy, France, Lithuania, etc) and in management of
meetings for European experts.
We are trying to develop and improve mobility programmes by promoting them throughout
Europe, increasing their quality and variety.

                             Services which may be of interest

If you are looking for a Spanish Partner for the Call Proposal 2010 our organisations will be
happy to support you in mobility projects (LDV or Erasmus) so you might consider us as a
new Spanish partner with considerable experience.
    We organise training placements in internship companies in Malaga for young students
       or workers who would like to immerse themselves in the Spanish language and
       culture while improving their professional career prospects within the framework of
       the Leonardo da Vinci or Erasmus programs.
    In 2009 special interest in hosting students in training showed architecture companies,
       restaurants and hotels from tourist sector in Malaga.
    We arrange working visits or meetings for European experts who are interested in
       establishing links with and cooperating with business partners in the Malaga region.
       A coordinator/interpreter can set up the meetings and be on hand to provide support
       when needed.
The Technological Park of Andalusia host more than 300 companies that are interested to get
       in touch with European institutions and companies.
   We organize “cultural-tourist Malaga tours” with guide for groups or persons who
   need a companion to visit the tourist attraction in Malaga: “tapas” nights, flamenco
   places, museums and other interesting places.

   If you would like to find out more our activities please visit our web page or you may contact our European programs
department directly by e-mail:

Kind regards,

Monica Szauka,

 Head of European Programs Department
SIC, Spanish & Internship Consultant

  Tel/fax: +34 952 223 799


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