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									The Occupational Therapy Team
     Rehab on the Move
Occupational Therapy at Rehab on the Move
      Occupational Therapists at Rehab on the Move use relevant
      activities to assist you towards a more independent life.

      Rehab on the Move can offer you appointments at home, in your
      local community or in our consulting rooms located in Pymble on
      Sydney’s North Shore.

      All Occupational Therapists at Rehab on the Move are certified
      members of Occupational Therapy Australia. They actively
      participate in professional development, attending courses and
      conferences to keep up to date with the latest research and best
Meet The Occupational Therapy Team :

      Roslyn Fenton – Team Leader
               Roslyn has over 20 years of experience working as an
      Occupational Therapist in Australia and in the UK.
      After graduating from Sydney University in 1990 Roslyn developed expertise
      in assessment and treatment of a variety of neurological conditions
      including Cerebral Palsy, Stroke, acquired and traumatic brain injury and
      age related conditions.
      Roslyn has post graduate training in Bobath Neurodevelopment
      treatment. Her breadth of experience includes work in hospitals and
      community settings.
Sue Sweeney -
          Sue has been a valuable member of the team for eight years and
has over 20 year experience of working with people with neurological
conditional living in the community.
Sue has a special interest in Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and
working with people with intellectual disabilities.
 Areas of expertise include; functional daily living assessment, care needs
assessment, equipment prescription, home access and modification, carer
training and manual handling.
Laura McInnes -
            Laura works as a therapy assistant and really enjoys helping
clients to reach their full potential.
She draws from over 10 years of working in Rehabilitation in the UK and is
skilled in understanding the challenges of striving towards an independent
Laura’s role is to carry out treatment programs prescribed by an
Occupational Therapist. With a keen interest in art, Laura enjoys assisting
with the art class in the Body and Brain Fitness Group.
Contact Rehab on the Move :
      Location: 1228 Pacific Highway
                Pymble NSW 2073
      Phone: 1300 733 513 or 9440 1333
      Fax: 02 9440 1777
      Visit us @ :

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