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									Welcome to the Adams County Manor
      Why A Skilled Nursing Facility Over A Nursing Home?

      Has any of your loved ones reached
      a stage in life where he/she needs
      regular medical assistance or care?
      Most would think of a nursing
      home in such situation. But is there
      really a difference between a
      regular nursing home and a skilled
      nursing facility? Certainly, yes!
                      Skilled nursing facility Vs. Nursing home
If your loved one has reached a point where they are unable to live safely on their own
or they need daily custodial care, you may be thinking of options to take care of them.
Although such care is provided by both Nursing Homes and Skilled Nursing Facilities
the basic difference is the variety of services offered when providing medical
attention. Nursing homes take on only those with mild to moderate needs as there
staff and equipment may not be suitable to provide what is necessary for those with a
higher level of care. In today’s age, people generally group Nursing Homes into a
Institutional style of care with some offering retirement living options.

On the other hand, Skilled Nursing Facilities offer restorative and rehabilitative care to
take care of any variety of medical necessities. They take complete care of your loved
one’s medical needs along with social and emotional requirements. These facilities
have well experienced, on-staff Nurses and Licensed Nursing Assistants as well as
Nursing Administration and Medical Directors that take care of the residents round the
clock. Full meals are provided and length of stay can be long-term or short-term
depending on the goals of the resident.
                                   Payment Options

The level of care your loved one will get is the most important factor to consider when
making this decision but, a just as important factor can be the payment options. Make
sure the facility is dually certified for both Medicare and Medicaid insurance payments
and be sure to ask about what types of Private and Managed Care Insurance options
they accept as well as there Private Pay rate. Clarify this before making any decision.
                    Looking for Skilled nursing facility in Cincinnati?
There are several skilled nursing facilities and nursing homes in Cincinnati, Ohio. If you
are looking for a facility that will cater to your loved one’s individual needs and lay out
a personalized approach to care while maintaining many flexible financial options, you
may want to consider Adams County Manor. The Manor is a 24-Hour, 7-day a week
Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. It is also certified in providing Wound Care
Services, Pain Management, Nutritional home cooked meals, Daily individual and
group activities and Private and Semi-Private rooms all in a comfortable and clean
home-like environment. Our personalized and special approach to care offers your
loved one the ability to have control over the care they receive and the goals to be
met. The Manor is flexible on Payor sources accepting both Medicare and Medicaid,
Managed Care Insurance, Private and Long Term Care insurance, Hospice, and many
other forms of payment. This is a special and fragile time in your loved one’s life and
we urge you not to take their care lightly. Contact us to see what we can offer your
loved one and relax knowing your loved one is receiving Award Winning Care.
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