Rio Vista Elementary School by fO947L


									                        Rio Vista Elementary School
                        El Monte City School District

              Ms. Cook, M.A. Ed.                    Mrs. O’Leary, M.A. Ed.


                  Appointment Hours: Monday-Friday 2:30-3:30

                              Sixth Grade Course Syllabus

Course Description
Please see the California State Standards. The standards are the foundation of
everything we do in each class. If you would like a copy, please let me know. They
can also be found on the internet at

Class Website
This website will be updated with homework assignments, projects, upcoming
activities, and field trip information. It will also include links to useful websites for
you and your parents. We will give you more information on how to access this
website during class.
You will be required to access our class website at least once a week. If you do not
have internet access at home; you may use the computers in the classroom after

Course Topics

Language Arts
Text: Holt Literature & Language Arts – Introductory Course, Holt Handbook,
Interactive Reading
We will continue to use the reading strategies learned in previous grades but we will
focus more on the elements that make up the fiction and nonfiction you will read in
every day life. We will also study grammar and mechanics in reading and writing.
Our writing will cover expository pieces, narrative pieces and persuasive pieces.
Writing grades are based on the 6+1 writing traits – ideas, organization, voice, word
choice, sentence fluency, conventions and presentation.

Text: Holt Mathematics - Course 1: Numbers to Algebra
Sixth grade math is the foundation of middle school math. We will study decimals,
fractions, algebra, geometry, statistics and problem solving.   We will also continue
the Mad Minute practice at the beginning of every class.

Text: Holt Earth Science, Directed Reading Worksheets
The focus of sixth grade science is Earth Science which includes earthquakes,
volcanoes, oceanography, topography, etc.

Social Studies
Text: Holt California Social Studies – World History: Ancient Civilizations, Standards
Review Workbook
The focus of sixth grade social studies is ancient civilizations which includes early
man, Mesopotamia, Egypt, India, China, Greece, Rome, etc.

Computer Lab
We will be continuing to learn how to effectively use a computer. Some of the
programs we will be using are: Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft
Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox.

We will visit the library at least once a week. Each week you will choose a Reading
Counts book to read, as well as any other books you need to finish classroom

Reading Counts is essential to improving your reading skills. Every student is
responsible to read books designated as Reading Counts books. You are also
required to take the quizzes associated with the books you read. Reading Counts is
part of your reading grade.

You will also have the opportunity to use the new Kindles (e-readers) that our school
has received as part of a national grant.

Music – Mr. Cardon
Music will take place in Room 25 from 12:15-1:00 on Tuesdays, Thursdays and every
other Friday. It is available to students who are following rules and completing
assignments on a regular basis.

Class Work and Homework Policy

Class work and homework are not optional. You must complete each assignment
and turn it in on time. All assignments will be written on the whiteboard at the end
of each day. You are responsible to write them down in your agenda.

Homework must be neat and organized as explained in class. Messy assignments
will be returned and you will be expected to redo them.

You will be responsible to read thirty (30) minutes as part of your language arts
homework and also practice your Mad Minutes five (5) times as part of your math
homework each night.

If you are absent from school it is your responsibility to ask for any missed
assignments. You may not make up homework for an unexcused absence. You will
have one day to make up missed assignments for each day of an excused absence,
so two days of absences equals two days to make up your work.
If you fail to turn in an assignment you will stay after school to finish it. If you are
unable to stay after school a time will be established at a later date.

Please let me know if you are unable to supply these items for yourself. Donations
are always welcome!

   1. Notebook Paper (College-Ruled)
   2. 3-Ring Binder
   3. Page Dividers with Tabs
   4. 4 Spiral Notebooks (1 for each subject)
   5. 4 Pocket Folders (1 for each subject)
   6. Pencils
   7. Pencil Lead for Mechanical Pencils
   8. Erasers
   9. Black Pen
   10. Red Pen (or any color other than black)
   11. Dry Erase Marker
   12. USB Flash Drive (any size)
   13. 2 Boxes of Tissues
   14. Highlighter
   15. Scissors
   16. Index Cards
   17. Glue
   18. 5 Book Covers
   19. Crayons or Colored Pencils
   20. A Bottle of Hand Sanitizer

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