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									                             Syllabus BA 411

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Text Book
Annual Editions: Marketing 10/11
Walker and Mullins

QUIZZES: 80 Points
      There will be daily quizzes. The lowest two scores will be dropped. There are no
make-up quizzes. Quizzes have two purposes.
      1. Quizzes are to encourage class attendance. Current quiz questions come from
          information already discussed in class.
      2. Quizzes give students experience with the type of questions that you will see
          on a mid-term.

Exams: 300 points
        I have scheduled two mid-term examinations. Each will cover only the material
since the last exam. Each is worth 150 points.
Exam #1: July 6th                             Exam #2: July 27th

Article presentation: 25 Points
       With a partner, you will be required to present an article from the text book

Current Event Presentation: 25 Points
        You will have the opportunity to present a current event with a partner. This will
be a 5 to 10 minute power point presentation covering a recent event in marketing.
Current events can be found in any business section of practically any newspaper and
online at,,,,, et cetera.
I do not want a current event about the vagaries of the stock market.

Marketing Plan: 160 Points

        Your marketing plan will be presented in 4 parts. Each part consists of a written
portion and an in-class presentation. Each part will be worth 40 points. We will use the
presentation to discuss your company as a class.
Part I Company Analysis                                                  June 28th
Part II Competitors, Conditions, Customer                                July 11th
Part III Target Market, Marketing Mix                                    July 19th
Part IV Recommendations, Executive summary, Costs                        July 29th
Assignments: 40 points

        You will have two 20 point assignments. The first is called my hometown and
will be a demographic assessment of your home town if you are from the United States or
a town that you are familiar with if you are not from the US.

        The second assignment will be done as a group. It will be a positioning map for
your company if applicable. If it is not applicable, it will be a positioning map for a local

Group Participation

        You will be graded on group participation after each section of the report. This
will be an evaluation by the other group members on how well and how much you have
participated. It is up to you to make sure your group feels you are pulling your own

 A       A-      B+       B       B-      C+      C      C-      D+      D       D-      F
93%     90%     87.5%    83%     80%     77%     73%    70%     67%     63%     60%      

Since you will be working in groups, it is important that you become a useful member of
your group. If your group does not feel that you have done your part, your grade will be
adjusted accordingly.

You can NOT get an A in this class unless you attend 90% of the class sessions.
You can NOT get a B in this class unless you attend 80% of the class sessions.
You can NOT get a C in this class unless you attend 70% of the class sessions.
You can NOT get a D in this class unless you attend 60% of the class sessions.

Keep in mind that the calendar is not set in stone. It is not a social contract. Changes
may be made to the calendar as circumstances dictate. This is true of all the information
posted here. If you skip class you are responsible to find out about any changes that
might have occurred.

      Date             Group    Description         Article Presentation/Current Event
    June 20th                   Review of Marketing The Next 25 Years
                                Chapters 2 & 18
    June 21st          Form     An introduction to
                     Groups &   Marketing Planning
June 22nd               An introduction to
                        Marketing Planning
June 23rd               Analyzing the
                        Current Situation
June 27th               Analyzing the          Halo Effect
                        Current Situation      Abozenadah, Hattan
                                               Renard, Stephanie

                                             Current Event

June 28th    Part I     Understanding
            Marketing   markets and
              Plan      customers
June 29th               Planning             The Big Opportunity
                        Segmentation,         McPherson,Mindy
                        Targeting and         Maciel,Denisse
                                             Current Event

                                              Xie,Qing (Nic)
                                              Van Houten,Jeffrey
June 30th   My Home     Product and Brand    Gen Y sits on top of Consumer Food
             Town       Strategy             Chain
                                              Zu, Xiaojian
                                              Han, Zhuying

                                             Current Event

July 4th
July 5th                Walker and Mullins   How China Will Change Your
                        Chapter #1           Business

                                             Current Event

July 6th                Walker and Mullins   Hot Stuff
                        Chapter #2            Alsagour,Waleed

                                               Current Event

 July 7th   Test #1
July 11th      Part II    Walker and Mullins
             Marketing    Chapter #3
July 12th                 Walker and Mullins   6 Strategies Marketers use to get kids
                          Chapter #4           to want stuff bad

                                                Xie,Qing (Nic)
                                                Van Houten,Jeffrey

July 13th   Positioning   Walker and Mullins    Current Event
                          Chapter #5
                                                 Mercer, Edward

July 14th                 Walker and Mullins   Boost your bottom line by taking the
                          Chapter #6           Guesswork Out of Pricing

                                               Current Event
July 18th                 Walker and Mullins   How to reach the new consumer
                          Chapter #7             Mercer, Edward

                                                Current Event
July 19st     Part III    Walker and Mullins
             Marketing    Chapter #8
July 20th                 Walker and Mullins    Tweeting for Profit
                          Chapter #9            Page,Josh
                                              Current Event

July 21st   Heinz Day
July 25th                Walker and Mullins   Current Event
                         Chapter #10           Almarzoogi,Adel
July 26th                Walker and Mullins    Current Event
                         Chapters 11 & 12          Zu, Xiaojian
                                                   Han, Zhuying

July 27th   Test #2 (written marketing plan due)
July 28th   Marketing Plan Presentations

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