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									E-S@fety Homework Project

What is the homework about?
How will you access and complete the
       Homework will be e-mailed to your school address , send the work
       home, complete and e-mail to your teacher.

       Paper Copy:
       Collect a paper copy from your teacher, complete and hand to your
    What is the homework about?
• The homework is split into 3 Tasks.

               Task 1:
               Questions all about E-Safety to re-cap and see what you have learnt
               in your lessons.

               Task 2:
              E-Safety activities to get you thinking about what you can and should
              do if there is a problem.

               Task 3:
               Designing and producing a resource all about E-Safety
                                 TASK 1:
• 6 Questions which need to be answered

                             Q1: You need to explain in your own words what E-Safety
                             is – remember to use full sentences and make sure you
                             explain yourself clearly!

Q2: You need to explain in your own words what a Social Networking
site is – remember to use full sentences and make sure you explain
yourself clearly, if you have forgotten use the internet!

                         Q3: You need to list 5 different brands of Social
                         Networking site i.e. Facebook
                             TASK 1:

             Q4: You need to identify 3 different security settings that are used on
             Social Networking Site for example setting your profile to private. For
             each you must explain why it is used/needed. Make sure your answers
             are clearly explained.

                      Q5: You need to explain what this logo means and where you
                      have seen it.

Q6: Most Social Networking sites now have a Report Abuse button – why do you
think this is? You need to explain in your own words. Think about Cyber bullying and
the increased dangers that Social Networking can bring i.e. Ashleigh Hall
   TASK 2:

Q1: Really simple – read the paragraph and match the
correct word to the empty space.
                                   TASK 2:

Q2: You need to list as many technologies or devices which can be used
to cyber bully someone for example: Mobile Phones, E-mail etc
                TASK 2:
Q3: This task is all about the information you should or shouldn’t put
out online about yourself. In the first column is a list of information. In
the second column you need to explain what people can do to keep
this information private online and why its important.

Try to think of different examples for each:

Name: Could be protected by using a nickname or alias. This is
important to keep private as people could use your name to research
you and find out more information about such as where you go to
                                   TASK 3:

     You can produce it on         or on         – but must be handed in along with

                        the booklet by either e-mail or in person!

Q1: This is your opportunity to be creative and show off what your skills and knowledge by
producing a leaflet on the topic of E-Safety.

Audience – Yours and Your Friends Parents        Purpose – To inform them about E-Safety
Q1: Your leaflet should include all of the following.
Think you are finished?

 Before handing your work in (in person or by e-mail) make sure you,
 read and tick each of the tasks off using this check list.
                                Final Steps…
Mark                                                Criteria
        A quality piece of Independent learning which was handed in on time and has been completed to
        a high standard. All Tasks have been completed in detail showing thought and care. The leaflet
 1      for parents has been extremely well designed and implemented. The leaflet is full of relevant,
        correct and appropriate images and information. Clear understanding of the task and the whole
        topic has been shown by the student.
        A good piece of independent learning which was handed in on time and has been completed to a
        good standard. Tasks have been fully completed in most cases with care and thought. The leaflet
 2      for parents has homework you complete for ICT has a 1 – 5 grading so you can
       Each piece ofbeen designed well and put into action. The information contained in the leaflet see
        is on whole relevant, correct and
                                              what some appropriate images and information. A you
       whatawe are looking for and includeswill get you better marks. Make suregood look
        understanding of the task has been shown by the student.
           this before starting your work, it which was either handed of what we expect
       at satisfactory piece of independent learningwill give you an idea in on time or a little late. from
       you! of the tasks have been completed, others have been left, on a whole satisfactory effort has
 3      gone into answering Tasks 1 and 2. The leaflet for parents has been rushed and is sparse in
        content and images but there is enough to see that some understanding of the task and topic has
        been gained by the student.
        Unsatisfactory piece of independent learning which was either handed in on time or very late. All
        tasks have been rushed or missed out completely, showing poor understanding and a huge lack
 4      of time and effort. The leaflet for parents shows little design or content and is mostly unfinished
        or not attempted.
        Unacceptable piece of Independent learning which has either not been attempted or handed in,
        irrelevant whether it was handed in on time or late.
                         Ready to hand in?
  •   If you think you have completed all your homework to the best of your ability and
      have checked over your work, you are ready to hand in.

  •   You can do this either, by: -

                 E-Mail:                                     In Person:
                                                      Hand the work to your teacher:
       E-mail the work to your teacher:
                                                  Mrs Hill – Room 26
Mrs Hill – Yhill@Manorcollege.org.uk
                                                  Mr O’Neill – Room 25
Mr O’Neill – Coneill@Manorcollege.org.uk
                                                  Mrs Whitehead – Room 12
Mrs Whitehead – Kwhitehead@Manorcollege.org.uk
                                                  Mrs Wilson – Room 12
Mrs Wilson – Lwilson@Manorcollege.org.uk
                                                  Miss Davies – Room 38
Miss Davies – Jdavies@Manorcollege.org.uk
                                                  Mr Golightly – Room 37
Mr Golightly – Rgolightly@Manorcollege.org.uk
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