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problem Do not compare your stretch marks to other scars on the body

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									  Stretch marks form in the body due to various
causes. These may be a result of losing weight
 , growth spurt or pregnancy. Stretch marks are
   basically scars that have healed over time. It
can form all over the body or just a certain area,
   depending on which is affected by it. Even if
   they seem harmless, these lines do not look
 pleasing and makes the skin look ugly which is
 why there are a lot of people who wants to get
                    rid of these.

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 Since the skin only has a certain limit for stretching, it can tear once it
reaches maximum level As mentioned, these causes of marks to form
involve great stretching of the skin If it is unable to accommodate it, it will
be forced to tear apart These will eventually heal and form the scars you
know as the stretch marks You may be familiar with the way that
wounds form and heal through time
 Stretch marks work in the same way The reason why these are not that
evident is because it forms in the dermal or inner layer of the skin Even if
stretch mark creams are available, completely eliminating these marks
may not be an easy job Stretch mark removal creams are considered a
good option to remove these marks on the skin There are different
methods by which the stretch marks are removed
 Some creams exfoliate the skin or lighten up the skin tone As a result,
the skin is even out making these lines less obvious You will see that the
white lines are not that noticeable anymore A good way to minimize the
stretch marks is to lighten the skin tone
 These marks are very noticeable because these are far from your normal
skin color If you are able to make the stretch marks and the skin color
near, then it will not be seen anymore One more thing is that skin cell
regeneration is stimulated by these stretch mark creams so that healing
of the scars will be faster Creams are formulated to increase the
elasticity of the skin
 This works as a preventive measure for future stretch marks to form
Particularly for pregnant women, stretch mark creams help to minimize
the stretch marks that will form on the skin Make sure to regularly apply
the creams on thighs, buttocks and the best stretch mark cream stomach
especially to keep it elastic Even if you are a loyal user of these
creams, it does not give any guarantee that all of your stretch marks will
be removed
 Due to the fact that it is present in the dermal layer, there are special
procedures that will be more effective You can try microdermabrasion or
laser treatment which have been found to be a better solution to this
problem Do not compare your stretch marks to other scars on the body
Remember their difference
 Always choose a practical way of making them less obvious With a
stretch mark cream, it will be enough to lighten the skin and make the
marks less obvious to the naked eye If you find this article helpful,
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best stretch mark cream

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