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Best Weapon to woo consumers and touch their heart

United States of America, Jul 16, 2012 -- Those tiny short-lived mostly
non-glamorous ad films with catchy one-liners infiltrate our lives every time we
switch on the television set and these ad films touch our heart and win it at times. The
newspaper insertions on an idle Sunday morning talking about products or services,
at times, moves away our focus from reading a crispy story to those superbly written
brand communications. Advertising even in its new format through the internet world
keeps wooing us, irrespective of ethnicity, origin, caste, creed or sex and adds a
splash of color in our lives.

Advertising makes us aware of different products and services that are available in
the market and helps us to make an informed choice. While the purists would think of
it as just a method to promote consumer goods and services, advertising has its plus
points as well when one sees it from a creative point of view. Think of a world where
there is no choice and options, where everything is departmentalized and set
accordingly. It would become such a boring place! There would be no competition
among various manufacturers, marketers and it would be just a controlled
atmosphere. There would be no choice for the consumer to infer and everything
would seem so much out of place-as there would be nothing to review and no
information would be available to the customers.

This stern view gives way to a more moderate view where advertising is moderately
regulated and it confirms to some code of ethics. This would be a more realistic
approach since advertising relates to the pulse of the consumer and advertising
agencies do a lot of research on what consumers want. Like the advertising line of
Nike "Just Do It" has made its place in public memory. This shows the potential that
advertising has to engage the public and make them want to buy their product.

The kind of society would reflect in the kind of advertising we get and the type of
products which are advertised. In the present times, we should ensure that the
advertisements adhere to some policy guidelines which are not misleading the public
or not advertising products harmful to health. If such a code of conduct is followed
rigorously, advertisements would just act as tools to help make public an informed

But there arises a different question of how advertising affects the children and
teenagers whose minds are easily impressionable, who constitute an important part in

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                                   the family decision making process, but lack the maturity of taking a totally unbiased
                                   and correct decision. Hence, some European countries have banned advertising
                                   targeted for children. Such kind of regulation becomes important as one cannot allow
                                   a free for all kind of situation which breeds misinformation and is thus detrimental to
                                   the interest of the general public. Advertisers have to walk a tight rope where they
                                   have to balance the aspirations and targets of their clients to the well being and the
                                   consideration of general public for whose consumption these advertisements are

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