Design 2 posters on A 3 size sheet on any 2 of the by jyW1dSL


									      ST. MARK’S SR. SEC. PUBLIC SCHOOL,
                MEERA BAGH, NEW DELHI – 110041
                            Class IV (2012-2013)

                                         HOLIDAY FUN
                                           CLASS – IV
1)   Design 2 posters on A- 3 size sheet on any 2 of the following topics connected with
a)   Traffic system in Delhi       b) Clean Delhi – Green Delhi
c)   Malls                         d) Places of worship
e)   Amusement parks               f) Eating joints
2)   Make a picture dictionary (Pictionary) ,in a scrapbook.
3)    On A-3 size sheet paste pictures of 3 old and 3 modern Monuments of India and write a
     few lines about each .
4)   On A-3 size sheet, paste pictures and write about any three famous personalities of
5)   Art – Pg. 34 , 35
6)      Green Hand Activity (Vegetable top forest)
    Ask a grown up to cut the top off any root vegetable.
    Arrange the tops close to each other on a tray covered with foil and put gravel around it.
    Pour ½ inch of water on the tray and keep it in a sunny place.
    Water each day so that the roots don’t dry out.
    Bring it to school after holidays.

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