The Butterfly Story by 0XUC56


									The Butterfly Story
   By Paige Utley
             Learning Outcomes
   This slideshow was made to teach you about how
   butterflies change as they grow. By the end of this
   slideshow, you will be able to explain how a
   butterfly’s life goes from an egg all the way to a full
   grown butterfly.

Tennessee State Learning Expectations for Science (K-3)
4.3: Recognize that the appearance of plants and animals changes as they
NETS•S Profile for grades K-2
2. Use a variety of media and technology resources for directed and
    independent learning activities. (1,3)
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This is a butterfly.
You see butterflies
outside in the
summer, but where
did the butterfly
come from?
Butterflies hatch
from eggs, but they
don’t come out as
They come out as
Caterpillars eat and
eat. They eat the
leaves of plants.
The caterpillar might
stay on the same
plant for its whole
The caterpillar will
grow very quickly. It
will only stay a
caterpillar for a few
When the caterpillar
is done eating, it
makes a chrysalis.
A chrysalis is a hard
shell that the
caterpillar will live in
for several weeks.
While the caterpillar
is in the chrysalis, it
doesn’t eat at all.
The caterpillar
undergoes a
metamorphosis. Do
you know what that
big word means?
means “change.”
The caterpillar is
changing. It is
changing into a…
Now the butterfly
can move to new
plants. The butterfly
has a tongue
shaped like a straw.
It uses its tongue to
sip flower nectar.
The butterflies can
lay new eggs on a
leaf. Caterpillars will
hatch out of those
eggs, and our
butterfly story will
start again.
 Now you know how butterflies grow
 from eggs, to caterpillars, to butterflies.
 Are you ready to take the butterfly quiz?

Yes, I’m ready         No, I’ll read the story again
              Question 1
What do butterflies start out as when
they hatch?
    A. Little Butterflies
    B. Caterpillars
    C. Beetles
    D. Flies
Great Job!
                 Question 2
What does a caterpillar live in when it is
time for it to change?
     A. A house
     B. A tree
     C. A chrysalis
     D. A flower
            Question 3
What does the word “metamorphosis”
     A. Change
     B. Butterfly
     C. Leaf
     D. Caterpillar
             Question 4
How does a grown up butterfly eat?
      A. With its teeth
      B. With its feet
      C. With its wings
      D. With its tongue
            Question 5
How can a grown up butterfly make new
     A. By laying eggs
     B. By eating leaves
      C. By sipping nectar
      D. By flying away
Good Work!
You have finished
the butterfly story.
Thanks for reading!
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Monarch Egg Photo, Slide 6:
Blue Chrysalis Photo, Slide 10:
Photo by Gary Vestal-Stone for Encyclopedia Britannica
Wet Chrysalis Photo, Slide 11:
Photo by Galveston County Master Gardener Association
Chrysalis Photo, Slide 12:
Monarch on Chrysalis Photo, Slide 13:

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