Teacher Directory by 35HFP4XV


									The Institute for Excellence Charter School 3-4
                234 Sicklerville Road
               Sicklerville, NJ 08081
        856.537.3150 Main Office    t.b.d. Fax
           “Promoting Excellence in the Whole Child”

  STAFF MEMBER                                                     EMAIL                    PHONE #
            Ms. Alwan                              ralwan@tifecs.charter.k12.nj.us                  126
   Special Ed/Gifted + Talented
   Ms. Capone- Basic Skills                      MCapone@tifecs.charter.k12.nj.us                   120
     Ms. Carullo- Nurse                          KCarullo@tifecs.charter.k12.nj.us                  109
   Ms. Cochran- 3rd Grade                        scochran@tifecs.charter.k12.nj.us                  105
        Ms. DiCiano                              NDiCiano@tifecs.charter.k12.nj.us                  127
         School Counselor
   Ms. DiVenti- 3rd Grade                         ddiventi@tifecs.charter.k12.nj.us                 106
         Ms. Eme                                   meme@tifecs.charter.k12.nj.us                    102
      Confidential Secretary
    Ms. Estevez- Spanish                         SEstevez@tifecs.charter.k12.nj.us                  120
   Mr. Guerrieri- 4th Grade                      NGuerrieri@tifecs.charter.k12.nj.us                103
Mr. Hamlet- Technology/Media                      dhamlet@tifecs.charter.k12.nj.us                  120
           Mr. Haydak-                           MHaydak@tifecs.charter.k12.nj.us                   120
        Physical Education
   Ms. Henry-Food Service                                                                           121
   Ms. Knecht- 3rd Grade                           cknecht@tifecs.charter.k12.nj.us                 104
    Ms. Long- 4th Grade                            DLong@tifecs.charter.k12.nj.us                   123
   Ms. Madden- 4th Grade                          lmadden@tifecs.charter.k12.nj.us                  108
    Ms. Meslar- 4th Grade                          cmeslar@tifecs.charter.k12.nj.us                 125
       Mr. Mistretta-                            bmistretta@tifecs.charter.k12.nj.us                101
   Principal/Assistant Director
 Mr. Richardson, Mr. Morine                    mrichardson@tifecs.charter.k12.nj.us                 122
              Custodial                          cmorine@tifecs.charter.k12.nj.us
    Mr. Simpson- Music                          dsimpson@tifecs.charter.k12.nj.us                   120
   Ms. Trimper- 3rd Grade                       ctrimper@tifecs.charter.k12.nj.us                   107
     Ms. Williams- Art                         NWilliams@tifecs.charter.k12.nj.us                   120
Ms. Schenke- Classroom Aide                      KSchenke@tifecs.charter.k12.nj.us

   Diane Osbourne                               Benjamin M. Fox                 Brian Mistretta
  Principal/Assistant Director                         CSA / Director         Principal/Assistant Director
        TIFECS K-2                                                                   TIFECS 3 & 4

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