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									SOME TIMES

Solo Development Opportunities for Four Visual Artists
The Art House is seeking proposals from artists aiming to develop their practice. We are offering:
    An exhibition at the Art House, including an artist talk/performance.
    A week residency at the Art House including:
         o accommodation
         o studio space
         o access to print studio
         o support technician, as part of our commitment to equality.
    5 hours of coaching and mentoring
    1-2-1 session to support you to develop your marketing and develop audiences for your work
    Travel and subsidence expenses- further information on request

We welcome proposals from all types of contemporary practice. If successful then an initial
conversation will explore your aspirations for this programme, and what other support may be available
from the Art House and its partners/associates. We are happy to discuss if any aspect of the offer is not
suitable and needs adapting.

In 2011 all artists successfully developed new artistic opportunities during the programme. This
included additional exhibitions, residencies and commissions, with organizations such as Project Space
Leeds and Dundee Contemporary Art. Artists also developed their skills e.g. in giving an artists’ talk,
marketing and selling work and preparing proposals.

The Art House: Equality and Quality in the Visual Arts
The Art House believes that artists are individuals and the nature of creative success depends on us
supporting them as individuals. For this reason we provide a portfolio of activity, from studios to
exhibitions, from courses to residencies.

The Art House is committed to developing and supporting contemporary art practice and critical debate.
We are accepting proposals from artists at all stages of their development. Exhibitions will be selected
by a panel of curators and arts professionals.

Exhibition openings:
30th May 2012
26th September 2012
30th January 2013
27th March 2013

Open on the evening of the Art Walk and run for 2 months. There is an alternative option of a 1 night
event/performance or showing in studio or other building spaces, if the exhibition space is not suitable
for your practice.
How to apply:
Deadline: 1st April 2012

Please provide the following:
    A proposal of what you would like to achieve through this programme (500 words)
    A statement describing your practice (maximum 500 words).
    CV/
    Visual material directly relating to the proposal such as previous or proposed art work (please
      label images – title, medium, dimensions and year)
    Exhibition timings you cannot participate in.
    If you choose, information on any barriers to achieving your creative aspirations (500 words),
      however gaps in your CV will not affect your application.
    If you are successful then you will need to become a member of the Art House (£18/9).

If you would like assistance with your application or you have questions about our criteria
please contact us. We are happy to receive applications in all formats.

Send proposals to: SOME TIMES, The Art House, Drury Lane, Wakefield, WF1 2TE

To discuss your application contact us on Tel: 01924 312 000 or

Exhibition and Project Space:
Our exhibition space is located in our reception area, it is open plan with natural light. We also exhibit
work in other areas of the building, where it is appropriate to the artist’s practice. For further details
about the exhibition spaces please get in touch. Our residency studio is of high quality and it is also
possible to show work in this space.

Exhibitions at The Art House open on the evening of the Wakefield Art walk, a bi-monthly cultural event
that includes a range of venues including the Hepworth, Wakefield, Westgate Studios and BEAM. The
Art Walk is an established and successful event and attendance at the Art House is between 200-500
people All works will be for sale and The Art House will take a 20%

We aim to present a high quality programme whose selection actively considers if equality of
opportunity and access impacts on an artists’ development. We actively encourage all artists to apply
and if any aspect of our application process is unsuitable then please contact us directly. Equally where
any aspect of our programme is unsuitable please indicate in the proposal. We will develop an
alternative with you, should you be selected. Past adjustments have included artists’ not being in
residence but at a distance and a support technician providing support to make work.

We also welcome applications from artists who are seeking to adapt their practice or return to making
work after a period away, including to care for others. We are also willing to discuss any additional
queries e.g. where payment of expenses may cause difficulty with benefits or support workers need to
be employed for longer hours that normal.

The Art House is based in Wakefield and is uniquely accessible facility for exhibitions, studios,
workshops and residencies. We are happy to also accommodate support workers or helpers where
necessary. Further information is available on our website and disabledgo:

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