Volume 6, Number 10 by 0XUC56


									Volume 8, Number 10                                                     OCTOBER 2003

                   The Nugget
                   The Newsletter of the Mother Lode DX/Contest Club

MEETING LOCATION                              forwarded to all DXers (mailing lists,
This month’s meeting will be Noon, 11         etc.). So by all means feel free to
October at the Round Table Pizza in           forward this on. 73 Bernie, W3UR
Martel, CA.
                                              UPDATE ON THE MLDXCC CQWW PHONE MULTI-
VP, Dick, K6LRN is still working on the       Bill, K6KM has generously offered to
program, but assures me he will have          host a MLDXCC effort in the up-coming
another good one for us.                      CQWW Phone Contest 24-26 October at his
                                              super station.     I have compiled the
INFO FROM THE DXCC DESK                       following list of names and calls that
The ARRL DXCC Desk has received a             expressed    interest   in    operating,
number   of  requests   (emails,  phone       presented in no special order:
calls, etc.) from DXers asking "if we         Bill, W6QD
got their DXCC applications". As most         Jim, WX6V
of you know the deadline for the 2003         Ron, KC6CMS
annual listing was September 30th. With       George, KI6CG
this   in   mind   many    last  minute       Jeff, KW6I
submissions have been made, including         Rick, W6SR
yours truly (58 QSOs). It takes the           Help!! This is a bare-bones crew.     We
staff "3-5 days to get the mail opened        need to man two rigs, for 24 hrs a day!
and mail-logged", says N7NG, Wayne            We also could use a travel trailer for
Mills. Wayne asks that those who have         a crash pad for the resting op’s. Can
recently submitted cards to the DXCC          u help the club put in first class
Desk allow five days "to get their            effort? If so, contact Rick W6SR (530)
calls up on the web site". It might be        672-2885 or samoian@directcon.net
a good idea to hold of on asking "did
you get my application" until late next       FROM THE PREZ:
week. This will allow the staff more          CQP for 2003 is history. Thanks to all
time to "get the job done".                   from the MLDXCC who took the time to
                                              work the contest. The bands didn’t let
3C0V OPERATION FORCED TO QRT!                 us down either. Please remember when
10/6/03, 15:00 EST, I just received           you send your logs in to list the
word from OD5NJ, Gaby, who is the pilot       Mother Lode DX/Contest Club for club
station for 3C0V. Gaby received a 10          credit. Personally I had a fantastic
second phone call from EA5BYP, Elmo,          time working at W6SR’s Mega-station.
who   reported   "that    the     military    Always a learning experience and thanks
soldiers   allowed   only     the    three    to Rick for helping the new guy in the
operators to go back to Spain". There         club along (me)….
are four team members and it seems that
DJ9ZB, Franz; EA5FO, Victor; and EA5YN,       Now for some good news.     We have CQ
Vicente; were released. It appears that       World Wide SSB is coming up October 25-
Elmo will be remaining on the island as       26. Bill K6KM has graciously offered
the phone call was cut off. I don't           the use of his station to the club IF
know how the guys were being sent back        we can bring a full crew up there for
home (via plane or boat).                     the contest. Rumor has it that he has
If we get anymore details I will pass         quite   a   nice   setup   and   anyone
them on. Gaby has asked that this be

The MLDXCC Newsletter                                                          Page 1
interested in SSB contesting should try     MLDXCC PROFILE OF THE MONTH
to make this trip. Currently we have 4      None this month, come on people, get
members committed and would like at         em’ to me!
least 2 more operators for a balanced
load. See if you can fit this into your     EDITOR’S MESSAGE
schedule and perhaps we can get the         Well I have been busy around here but
club call (K6AO) back on the air. (It’s     I’ll be darned if I know exactly what-
not just for Field Day you know!)           all I have been doing the last month.
Details   will   be finalized   at  our     It must be an age thing, ya’ think?
October meeting.                            But a couple of major things were X-off
                                            my “to-do list” this past month.          The
Now for the bad news.    The club is in     third tower (with a C-3 on top) now has
financial crisis. Our Secretary Gary        an operational rotor, and I now have a
KI6T can provide greater detail but the     real 160M antenna.           A top loaded
biggest financial burden for us is the      vertical that seems to play very well,
newsletter and the next is insurance.       now all we need is some decent low-band
At the last meeting we heard a comment      conditions.
concerning at least one accident that       The   160    meter    vertical    was    only
occurred during a prior club Field Day      possible after performing a chainsaw
event and everyone present agreed that      massacre on several Oak trees, and with
insurance,   although   costly,   was   a   a lot of help from N6JV. Oh, I almost
necessity.   The   club   came   to   the   forgot about eating a lot of Oak chips,
decision that starting next year, club      from working with the saw over our
membership dues will remain at $15,         heads.     I wonder if that counts as
which will include Internet access to       adding fiber to your diet? Yuck!
the club newsletter only. For those         And   of    course,    what’s   a   vertical
wanting hardcopy newsletters mailed to      without radials?      Nothing that’s what!
them we are asking for an additional        So I added more wire to the ground
$10 donation to defray costs. That’s a      system, I think I am nearing 5,500’ of
yearly donation and I believe it’s          wire in the ol’ radial field. Is that
still one heck of a deal as Rick turns      sick or what?
out a first rate Newsletter.          Now   When I looked into rotating the third
before     you     start      impeachment   tower (requiring 400 feet of rotor
proceedings on me let me say that           cable)    I   was    not    happy   when    I
anyone that finds this change to be a       discovered that, per the manufacturer,
true financial burden, please let us        I need (2-#12 and 6-#16) rotor cable.
know at renewal time and “someone” will     This is the most expensive rotor cable
help out. Please do not let your            made, and sells for $.80/ft or $360 +
membership lapse because of this. It        shipping.      Nope, I don’t think so.
seems reasonable to scrutinize our          Being the cheap person I am, I began
greatest expenses and to look for cost      searching for other options.          What I
cutting where possible while still          found was a 1983 CQ magazine article by
providing the same services.. And NO, I     K5QY that addressed this very problem,
can’t be recalled!                          and it may help you too. The reason I
                                            needed the heavy gage (and expensive)
Meeting reminder: October meeting is at     cable was to reduce IR loss (too much
RT   Pizza   in   Martel   @   12:00LT.     resistance) that causes the brake to
November’s meeting is at Rick W6SR’s at     hang-up and/or the motor to loose
12:00LT,and bring ur XYL/YL all food,       torque and turn slowly, if at all.
soft drinks, beer and wine, provided.       What the K5QY article suggested (and
Please RSVP, so we have enough food and     what I did) was to move the motor
drink for everyone.                         start-and-run capacitor from inside the
Also, PACIFICON is approaching, October     control     box   to     the   rotor,     and
17-19 at the San Ramon Marriott.    FMI     paralleled the unused capacitor wires
go to www.pacificon.org                     with the existing wires to the motor
                                            leads.      I also used a heavy-duty
That’s all for me. I have to deal with      replacement capacitor, 105-125uF @ 125V
post-CQP depression now… de Ron –           and connected it to terminals 4 and 8
KG6CMS                                      at the rotor.     Using this modification

The MLDXCC Newsletter                                                            Page 2
allowed me to use a much cheaper (2-       The meeting was adjourned at 1:47 PM.
#14s and 6-#18 wire) cable, and to save    Respectfully submitted, Gary Stilwell,
$.41/ft, or $164 bucks on the project.     KI6T, Secretary
Not exactly chump change! The brake on
the rotor works FB, the rotor has          TREASURER’S REPORT
plenty of torque, and it turns 360         Beginning Balance 09/01/03     $308.62
degrees in less than 60 seconds!    Oh,    Income:   Dues                  $15.00
don’t forget to weatherproof all the                 Newsletter Fund       $10.00
connections with RTV.    Contact me if               Badges                $34.50
you’re interested in the article and I     Expenses: CQ-P Plaque           $35.00
will get you a copy.                                 Badges                $28.96
As I’m writing this, 2:30PM on Sunday,               Newsletter(4mo.)     $140.00
Ron, KG6CMs is in the shack banging        Ending Balance 09/30/03       $164.16
away at CQP, and he’s nearing the 900 Q
mark. Go Ron! 73 fer now, CU all the       MLDXCC BUDGET, 2004 (Estimated)
11th. de Rick W6SR                         Estimated Income:
                                           Memberships   (1)             $ 499.50
THE SECRETARY/TREASURER’S REPORT           New members            5          75.00
SECRETARY’S REPORT                         Nugget Ads            1           30.00
Our monthly meeting, held at Round Top     Badge Sales           5           12.50
Pizza in Jackson on September 20, 2003,    Newsletter Mail Fund     (2)     100.00
was called to order by President Ron       Deficit                            9.00
St.Jean, KG6CMS at 12:30 PM.               Total                           $726.00

Ron announced that our weekly repeater     Estimated Expenses:
net is on hold pending more interest.      Newsletter                      420.00
We are also encouraging members to get     E-mail Savings        (3)      (120.00)
on the repeater (147.165) on Wednesday,    P.O. Box                         24.00
October 1 at 7:30 PM to discuss            Insurance                       332.00
upcoming CQ-P.                             CQ-Plaque                        35.00
                                           Joint Meeting Rent               35.00
Our Treasurer, Gary Stilwell, KI6T,        Total                          $726.00
announced that with the approval of the
Board, he had paid out $35. to the NCCC    I present a basic, balanced, budget for
for a CQ-P plaque.                         2004 (Grey Davis or who-ever wins
                                           Tuesday please take note!). There are,
President Ron announced the following      however, several areas where some very
schedule     for     upcoming    officer   important assumptions were made:
Nominating    Committee   appointed   in      (1) Memberships:      Currently  37,
October                                           budget based on 90% renewal
Nominations in November. Elections at         (2) Newsletter Mail Fund: Assume 10
December meeting                                  signups at $10 each
The Club is still in need on a                (3) E-mail   savings:     Assume  27
replacement tower from Field Day.                 members will opt for Newsletter
                                                  by E-mail
K6KM has offered his station for a Club
contest effort in the CQ WW phone          Respectfully submitted, Gary Stilwell,
contest.                                   KI6T, Secretary/Treasurer
Our November 8 meeting will be a W6SR’s
QTH in Shingle Springs.                    COMING EVENTS
                                           Support the Amador ARC’s swap meet!!
Dick   Wilson,   K6LRN,    moved   that:   October 11 at the Wal-Mart’s parking
“Authority is given to charge $10.00 to    lot in Martell.
those members desiring to receive their
newsletter thru the mail.”         KI6CG   Foothill Flea Market
seconded the motion and it passed.         2nd Saturday of each month from March
                                           through October at Foothill College,
                                           Los Altos.

The MLDXCC Newsletter                                                       Page 3
Livermore Swap Meet
1st Sunday of each month at Las Positas          K6A (K6TA & K6KO)902 CW + 770 SSB X 57
College in Livermore, 7:00 AM to noon,           for 242,535
all year.    Talk in 147.045 from the
west 145.35 from the east.       Contact         WX6V   655 CW + 246 SSB X 57 for 147,049
Cliff Chiba, KF6EII, (209) 835-6715,
email larkswap@usa.com.                          W6ISO 24 CW + 882 SSB X 57 for 104,652
Placerville Swap Meet – every third
Sunday, 3970 B Missouri Flat Rd #3,              K6GT   640 CW + 578 SSB X 58 for 178,408
Placerville.    7:00 AM to 11:00 AM.
Talk-in on 146.865 – PL 142.2, 440.700           N6RER 1137 SSB X 58 for 131,892
+ PL 88.5. No fee, free parking. Hwy.
50 East, take Missouri Flat off-ramp.            W6RKC 324 CW + 140 SSB X 51 for 63,852
Go over Hwy. to 2nd light, into shopping
center in front of Radio Shack.                  KI6PG 180 SSB X 36 for 12,960

                                                 N6JV 620 CW X 54 for 100, 440
             STUFF FER SALE                      Sub-total   (subject    to    revision)
I still have a National NCL-2000 10-80M          =1,766,720
power amplifier that needs a good home.
It is in very good physical condition            Thanks and congratulations to all.
and   is   100%   electrically.     The          Also heard and worked in ‘test were
amplifier has full power output and              W6VFA,   N6XI,  KG6CMS,   &   KI6T  plus
comes with a brand-new 8122 spare tube.          prospective member AA6G…if I worked you
Asking $500/offer.   de Rick W6SR (530-          and you’re not on the list, it’s late
672-2885) or samoian@directcon.net               and I have neither roster or logs
CONTEST FEEDBACK                                 How about posting results and war
VP/CC Report, October 2003                       stories to the MLDX/CC reflector?? When
Idle thought whilst reading email and            you do your post to the 3830 reflector,
wearing out ‘delete’ key with ‘Spam’;            edit the copy you receive in your inbox
if the spamers came up with a way to             and post it to the reflector.
make your antenna or tower grow as they          Is everyone prepared for SS?? Anyone
“promise” for “other things” in their            need any help, suggestions??      If you
ads. I can see it now…with our ‘new and          need practice or want to simulate
improved herbal recipe, you can turn             contest to set up your contest s/w,
that wimpy dipole into raging beast              etc., NCCC is having practice sessions
that will have Eu and Asia begging for           on Thursday evening for about a half
mercy, etc’.                                     hour before net at 9 PM local. See NCCC
                                                 reflector for frequencies & other info.
Some preliminary scores from CQP just            NCCC members can check out info on the
completed:                                       ‘members only’ page on the NCCC web
WK6I 1 CW + 608 SSB X 55 for 67,045              site: nccc.cc.
                                                 Pacificon is October 17, 18 & 19 at San
AE6Y 149 CW + 246 SSB X 51 for 47,889            Ramon-note new venue. See Mt Diablo
points                                           Radio Club web site for info or follow
                                                 links from ARRL Pacific Division   web
N6TV 1543 (CW only) X 56 for 259,224             site.
points                                           Have you signed up for Logbook of the
                                                 World?? How is it working for you?? How
K6LRN + K6TKD         670 CW + 1183 SSB X        long did it take to get info from the
57 for 249,432       (missed Utah, of all        League??
                                                 Sweepstakes: CW on November 1 & 2, SSB
ND6S   843 Qs for 93,280                         on   15   &  16.   Rules   &   info at
                                                 arrl.org…click on contests
W6RFF 395   x   49   for   58,065   (all   low   CQ Worldwide SSB; October 25 & 26
power CW)                                        CQ Worldwide CW: November 29 & 30.

The MLDXCC Newsletter                                                              Page 4
                                          Check NCJ, CQ, and QST/ARRL for full
UP-COMING CONTESTS                        rules and other details. Please, send
Oceania DX Contest, CW 0800Z, Oct 11 -    me your scores; at k6lrn@arrl.net
0800Z, Oct 12                             CU.73, Dick, K6LRN VP/CC
EU Autumn Sprint, CW 1500Z - 1859Z, Oct
11                                               *****4 2 5 D X N E W S ****
Pennsylvania QSO Party 1600Z, Oct 11 -    4U_UN - Bob, N4CD reports that Pedro,
0500Z, Oct 12 and 1300Z - 2200Z, Oct 12   HK3JJH will be operating from the
FISTS Fall Sprint 1700Z - 2100Z, Oct 11   United Nations HQ (4U1UN) "for two days
Iberoamericano Contest 2000Z, Oct 11 -    sometime between 8 and 16 October".
2000Z, Oct 12                             BQ9 - The BQ9P operators expect to
North American Sprint, RTTY 0000Z -       arrive on Pratas Island [425DXN 647]
0400Z, Oct 12                             around noon (local time) on 7 October.
YLRL Anniversary Party, SSB 1400Z, Oct    They plan to set up the low band
15 - 0200Z, Oct 17                        antenna and one yagi for 10, 15 and
JARTS WW RTTY Contest 0000Z, Oct 18 -     metres before sunset. QSL via KU9C.
2400Z, Oct 19                             [TNX JI6KVR]
ARCI Fall QSO Party 1200Z, Oct 18 -       F    -    Franck/F5JOT,    Daniel/F5LGQ,
2400Z, Oct 19                             Claude/F6CKH and Jean-Paul/F6GNG will
Worked All Germany Contest 1500Z, Oct     operate SSB and CW as homecall/p from
18 - 1459Z, Oct 19                        Cezembre Island (EU-157, DIFM MA-008)
W/VE Islands QSO Party 1600Z, Oct 18 -    on 3-5 October. QSL via home calls.
2359Z, Oct 19                             [TNX F5JOT]
Asia-Pacific Sprint, CW 0000Z - 0200Z,    FK - Yoshi, JA7AQR will be active as
Oct 19 RSGB 21/28 MHz Contest, CW 0700Z   FK/JA7AQR from Mare Island (OC-033,
- 1900Z, Oct 19                           DIFO FK-013), New Caledonia until 6
Illinois QSO Party 1800Z, Oct 19 -        October. Look for him on 40-10 metre
0200Z, Oct 20                             SSB and RTTY. QSL via home call, direct
CQ Worldwide DX Contest, SSB 0000Z, Oct   (Yoshihiro Tanaka, 1-10-6 Minamihara,
25 - 2400Z, Oct 26                        Yamagata, 990-2413 Japan) or bureau.
10-10 Int. Fall Contest, CW 0001Z, Oct    [TNX JA1ELY]
25 - 2400Z, Oct 26 November,              I - Special event station II8PAX will
IPA Contest, CW 0600Z - 1000Z, Nov 1      be activated by ARI Pompei on 7 October
and 1400Z - 1800Z, Nov 1                  to celebrate the visit of Pope John
Ukrainian DX Contest 1200Z, Nov 1 -       Paul II. QSL via IZ8CLM, direct or
1200Z, Nov 2                              bureau. [TNX IW8EOB]
ARRL Sweepstakes Contest, CW 2100Z, Nov   KH0 - Look for KH0/JA1DM (QSL via home
1 - 0300Z, Nov 3                          call), KH0T (QSL via JA1SGU), KH0V (QSL
North American Collegiate ARC             via JJ1KZI) and NH0B (QSL via JI1JMK)
Championship, CW 2100Z, Nov 1 - 0300Z,    to be active on 40-6 metres SSB, CW and
Nov 3                                     RTTY from Saipan, Northern Mariana
QRP ARCI Running of the QRP Bulls         Islands (OC-086) on 10-13 October. [TNX
2100Z, Nov 1 - 0300Z, Nov 3               JA1SGU]
IPA Contest, SSB 0600Z - 1000Z, Nov 2     KH2 - Aki Fujimoto, JR1VAY reports he
and 1400Z - 1800Z, Nov 2                  will be active as AH2J from Guam on 3-6
High Speed Club CW Contest 0900Z -        October. QSL via home call through the
1100Z, Nov 2 and 1500Z - 1700Z, Nov 2     JARL bureau.
DARC 10-Meter Digital Contest 1100Z -     LU   -    GACW   (http://gacw.no-ip.org)
1700Z, Nov 2                              members Alberto/LU1DZ, Hector/LU6UO and
WAE DX Contest, RTTY 0000Z, Nov 8 -       Fernando/LW2DX will be active (on 160-6
2359Z, Nov 9                              metres CW with some SSB) as homecall/P
Japan Int. DX Contest, Phone 0700Z, Nov   from the rare San Juan Province of
8 - 1300Z, Nov 9                          Argentina until 6 October. QSL via
SARL Field Day Contest 1000Z, Nov 8 -     operator's instructions. [TNX LU6EF]
1000Z, Nov 9                              PA - Martin, VE3MR will be active again
OK/OM DX Contest, CW 1200Z, Nov 8 -       as PA9MR from IOTA EU-146 on 7-25
1200Z, Nov 9                              October. QSL via VE3MR. [TNX The Daily

The MLDXCC Newsletter                                                      Page 5
SP - Other two special event stations         bureau (until July 2004). [TNX JA1ELY]
will be active from Poland until 31           VK9 TOUR ---> Some confusion seems to
October to celebrate Pope John Paul           exist about the dates of the YLs'
II's Silver Jubilee. They are SO25JP          forthcoming DXpeditions [425DXN 631].
(QSL via SP9W) and HF25JP (QSL via            They will be on Christmas Island (OC-
SP9PKZ). [TNX SP9W and SP9GKM]                002) as VK9XYL on 13-27 October and on
T2 - After Samoa (5W0MW) and Tokelau          Cocos   Keeling     Islands    (OC-003)   as
(ZK3MW) Willi, DJ7RJ was expected to          VK9CYL on 27 October-10 November. QSL
operate from Vanuatu [425DXN 644].            to VK3DYL. (Gwen Tilson, 3 Gould Court,
However, he is now reported to be on          Mt. Waverley, Victoria 3149, Australia)
his way to Tuvalu, where he hopes to          Direct cards enclosing old style IRCs,
arrive around 10 October and stay until       insufficient postage or no SAE will be
the 24th. QSL via home call. [TNX AA1M]       returned via the bureau. E-QSLs will
XU - Shirow, JF6DEA will be active as         not    be     accepted.      [TNX    VK3DYL,
XU7ACD from Cambodia on 3-6 October.          http://www.qsl.net/vk3dyl]
Look for him on 6 metres as well as on        The new officers and directors of the
40-10 metres. QSL direct to JH6QIL            Clipperton               DX             Club
(Shin-Ichi Kusumoto, 1777-289 Nishi-          (http://cdxc.free.fr/)                   are
Mochida, Aira-cho, Kagoshima, 899-5431        Yannick/F6FYD (President), Joel/F5IPW
Japan).     Further      information     at   (Vice-President),           Jean-Louis/F9DK
http://www.ham-net.net/vu-dx/          [TNX   (Vice-President),                Gerard/F2JD
JF6DEA]                                       (Treasurer),               Mauricette/F8BPN
YJ - Mike, KM9D (YJ0AMY) and Jan,             (Secretary).     Other     Board    members,
KF4TUG (YJ0ATU) expect to be active on        charged with various repsonsabilities,
10-160 metres CW and SSB from Tegua           include F2VX, F4AJQ, F5CQ, F5CWU, F5IL,
Island (OC-110) [425DXN 647], Vanuatu         F5LMJ,    F5OGL,    F5XL,    F6ANA,   F6BFH,
until around 12 October. QSL via OM2SA.       F6JOB, F8CIQ and G0LMX. [TNX F8BPN]
[TNX The Daily DX]                            INDEXA    --->    The   International     DX
ZK1_sc - Henrik, OZ6TL will be active         Association (INDEXA) has announced its
as ZK1TLA from Rarotonga (OC-013),            directors and officers for the 2003-
South Cook Islands between 11 October         2004    term:      Judy     Roush,     AA7UC
and 6 November. He plans to operate CW,       (President);     Bill     "Pick"    Pickard,
SSB, RTTY and PSK31 in his spare time.        WA5PAE (Vice-President); Bill Jennings,
[TNX The Daily DX]                            W4UNP     (Secretary-Treasurer);       Franz
ZL - Chas, ZL3CED will be active as           Langner, DJ9ZB (Director); Ron Wright,
ZL6FF between 20 UTC on 10 October and        ZL1AMO (Director); Richard Grant, W9RG
8 UTC on the 11th, During the Oceania         (Director); Nellie Saltiel de Lazard,
DX Contest he will use his home call.         XE1CI (Director). INDEXA is a non-
He will operate CW only on 10, 15, 20,        profit organization that is dedicated
30 and 40 metres. QSL via home call,          to supporting rare and semi-rare DX
direct or bureau. [TNX ZL3CED]                while promoting goodwill among amateur
ZL8 - Jacky, ZL3CW (F2CW) will be             radio operators of the world. For more
active again as ZM8CW from Raoul Island       information,           please          visit
in the Kermadecs (OC-039) on 10-18            http://www.indexa.org or contact Bill
October. This is not a DXpedition and         Jennings, W4UNP (P.O. Box 607, Rock
Jacky will operate in his spare time.         Hill, SC 29731, USA). [TNX AA7UC]
QSL via ZL1AMO. [TNX ZL1AMO]                  OCEANIA DX CONTEST ---> The Phone
PACIFIC    TOUR     --->     Anci,    JA2ZL   Contest will take place from 8 UTC on 4
(www4.ocn.ne.jp/~ja2zl) will be active        October through 8 UTC on the 5th; the
as ZK2ZY from Niue (OC-040) on 18-24          CW Contest will be held on 11-12
October and as 5W0ZY from Samoa (OC-          October. The aim of the contest is to
097)    on   25-28    October,     probably   promote HF contacts with stations in
including an entry in the CQ WW DX SSB        the Oceania region (VK, ZL, Pacific
Contest. He will operate on 12-80             Islands and other locations within the
metres (SSB, CW and RTTY from ZK2, SSB        IARU "Worked All Continents" Oceania
only from 5W), using 100 watts, dipoles       boundary). Full details are available
and beams. QSL via JA2ZL either direct        at      http://www.oceaniadxcontest.com/
(Anci Yamada, 17-8-2 Takirocho, Tajima,       PIRATE ---> Scott, K7ZO is the QSL
507-0813 Japan) or through the JARL           manager for Joe, NK7U and has received

The MLDXCC Newsletter                                                             Page 6
around 40 cards for QSOs made with             (YI9T, YI/S57CQ, 5B4/S57CQ, T9/S57CQ,
TA0/NK7U    on   9   August    2002.   "This   9A/S57CQ) go to S57DX (Slavko Celarc,
operation was a pirate/slim", he says.         Ob Igriscu 8, 1360 Vrhnika, Slovenia).
There are also a few cards for TA9/NN7E        [TNX S57DX]
via NK7U on 22 November 2002: "this            VK9XAB ---> Andy, G3AB made 10,800 QSOs
operation may or may not be a pirate,          as VK9XAB during his recent 7-day stay
but NK7U is not the QSL manager if it          on Christmas Island. Direct QSLs are
is a good one".                                being mailed now. Two weeks were spent
QSL 7Q7RS ---> The QSL manager for             in Indonesia prior to the VK9 activity
Sigfrido, 7Q7RS is IW9BBX. Cards can be        where Andy was pleased to meet up with
sent either direct (Antonello Scauso,          many well-known YB DXers in Jakarta.
P.O. Box 34, 98057 Milazzo - ME, Italy)        Some photos will be appearing soon on
or through the bureau. [TNX IK8PGM]            http://www.g3ab.net [TNX G3AB]
QSL PJ2P ---> The proper QSL route for         W/VE ISLANDS QSO PARTY ---> This year
the      PJ2P        (http://www.pj2t.org)     event it will be held on 18-19 October.
operation from Curacao in the CQ/RJ WW         Full   details    can   be   found    at
RTTY Contest this past weekend is KQ3F.        http://www.eng.mu.edu/usislands/usvetes
They operated in the M/S Low Power             t.html [TNX VA3RJ]
category. [TNX K8ND]
note that the new QSL manager for              W1AW Propagation Forecast Bulletin 40
bureau cards only is IK2DIA. Direct            ARLP040 From Tad Cook, K7RA Seattle, WA
requests should still be sent to I2YSB.        October 3, 2003 To all radio amateurs
QSL YI1BGD/5 ---> "There has been a lot        SB PROP ARL ARLP040 ARLP040 Propagation
of confusion regarding Hasan, YI1BGD/5         de K7RA This has been a good week for
and his operation out of Basrah since          HF propagation. Not only have we moved
before   2002/2003",     Cliff    Underhill,   into fall with its associated good HF
G0MMI says. He has been unable to reply        propagation around the equinox, but
to any direct card received so far             this week also saw rising sunspot and
[425DXN 637], but on 30 September it           solar flux values coupled with quieter
was confirmed via Diya, YI1DZ that             geomagnetic conditions. Average daily
Hasan would like Cliff to be his QSL           sunspot numbers rose from the week
manager. Logs are expected to arrive           previous by 33 points to 125. The
"in the near future" and cards have            average daily solar flux for the week
still to be printed, so please be              was nearly 15 points higher at 133.6.
patient. Also please note that Cliff           Excepting   the   first   day  of   the
can accept direct cards only, at least         reporting week, when the planetary A
"for the foreseeable future", as he has        index was 28, these numbers settled
pulled out of the RSGB QSL Bureau.             down to average only 12--nearly 15
QSL ZW8M ---> Moreira, CT1AHU reports          points lower than the previous week.
that the first batch of direct cards           The quietest days were Sunday through
for the May 2003 ZW8M operation from           Tuesday, September 28-30. Even at high
Mexiana Island (SA-042) was mailed on          latitudes, conditions were stable, with
30 September. [TNX CT1END] QSL VIA             Alaska's college A index at four on two
I2YSB ---> Silvano is the QSL manager          of the days. We are now within a solar
for 5U7B, 5U7DW, 5U7JK, 5U7JW and              wind, but it is moderate and probably
5U7RW. QSL direct only to Silvano              won't cause any upset, at least for the
Borsa, P.O. Box 45, 27036 Mortara - PV,        next few days. Predicted planetary A
Italy. On-line logs for 5U7B, 5U7DW,           index   for   Friday   through  Sunday,
5U7JW   and    5U7RW   are   available    at   October 3-5, is 12, 10 and 10. On
http://digilander.libero.it/i2ysb       [TNX   Monday it could rise to 15, then higher
I2YSB]                                         numbers are predicted, a planetary A
QSL VIA S57DX ---> Dane, S57CQ has left        index of 20 for October 7-8. Solar flux
Iraq, where he operated as YI/S57CQ            is expected around 120-125 over the
(some 3100 QSOs) and YI9T (some 1500           next week. Let's look at the numbers
QSOs); both calls are acceptable for           for the third quarter of 2003, which
DXCC credit. Dane is now in Guinea-            just ended: Average daily sunspots for
Bissau (J5) until mid October. All QSL         July 1 through September 30 were 110.2,
requests for his previous operations           slightly   higher   than  the  previous

The MLDXCC Newsletter                                                           Page 7
quarter. From the third quarter of 2002        http://spaceweather.com/archive.php     .
through the current quarter the average        I've contacted my representatives in
daily   sunspot    numbers     were   193.5,   the Senate and House and found that, as
152.7, 120.3, 107.3 and 110.2. That            expected, staff members really had no
reflects a definite downward trend with        idea what the obscure sounding Space
levels relatively unchanged from the           Environment Center does. The only hope
last   quarter    to   the    current   one.   is that when the House and Senate
Average daily solar flux for the same          committees work out that portion of the
five quarters were 178.1, 164.2, 134.3,        budget,   funding  for   the   SEC   will
124.2 and 120.8. No doubt about a              somehow be preserved. You might contact
smooth      downward       slide      there.   your representatives to inquire about
Propagation this fall will surely not          this.    Members     of    the     Senate
be as good as last year's as these             Appropriations Committee are listed on
numbers continue. Over the past three          the      committee's       Web       site
months, July through September, average        http://appropriations.senate.gov/ . For
monthly sunspot numbers were 132.8,            more information on propagation and an
114.3 and 82.6. Average solar flux             explanation of the numbers used in this
numbers for those same months were             bulletin see the Propagation page on
127.1, 122.1 and 112.2. Grim news              the         ARRL        Web          site
emerged recently concerning the NOAA           http://www.arrl.org/tis/info/propagatio
Space Environment Center in Colorado,          n.html . Sunspot numbers for September
where most of the data for these               25 through October 1 were 122, 127,
bulletins originates. I suspect due to         137, 139, 108, 116 and 126, with a mean
some misunderstanding about their work,        of 125. The 10.7-cm flux was 132.6,
the   Senate   Appropriations      Committee   131.1, 129.7, 137, 135.1, 133 and
wants     to    eliminate       the    Space   136.8, with a mean of 133.6. Estimated
Environment Center's budget for fiscal         planetary A indices were 28, 17, 9, 6,
year   2004,   which    officially     began   7, 7 and 10, with a mean of 12.
October 1. The Senate Appropriations
Committee said in a report that NOAA's
work should only be terrestrial and not
extend to space, so it's proposing to
cut all funding for the SEC. The House
appropriations bill proposes cutting
funding by 40 percent, even in the wake
of severe cuts during the fiscal year
just ended. The funny thing about the
Senate report is that all of the
effects of solar flares and sunspots
that concern us are here on Earth.
Claiming that NOAA should ignore the
sun because it is in space seems silly,
since the same standard doesn't apply
to     NOAA's     conventional       weather
forecasting. The SEC is a small part of
NOAA, with an annual budget of just 8
million dollars. There's a story on
this subject on the ARRL Web site (see
''Space Environment Center Funding in
0/03/3/).      The       Seattle       Post-
Intelligencer    ran   a    story   in   its
October              2              editions
142217_space02.html,     and    there's   an
item      on     the       September      20
SpaceWeather.com Web page, available in
the     archive      for       that     date

The MLDXCC Newsletter                                                            Page 8
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